Privacy News Update, Nov 2018

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11/30: Sidewalk Labs claims its Toronto ‘smart neighborhood’ will create more than 9,000 jobs

11/30: Google internal revolt grows as search-engine Spartacuses prepare strike over China

11/30: Facebook used people’s data as a bargaining chip, emails and court filings suggest

11/29: GCHQ pushes for ‘virtual crocodile clips’ on chat apps – the ability to silently slip into private encrypted comms

11/28: Secret Facebook-FBI ruling must be made public, ACLU and EFF say

11/27: Employees say Google must drop China search project Dragonfly

11/27: Be Warned: Customer Service Agents Can See What You’re Typing in Real Time

11/26: Dystopia Now: Insurance Company Secretly Spying On Sleep Apnea Patients

11/25: Who owns your medical data? Most likely not you

11/24: Camera traps designed for animals are now invading human privacy

11/23: Privacy search engines take on Google

11/21: MuckRock Release ALPR Dataset Covering 200 Gov’t Agencies And 2.5 Billion License Plate Records

11/21: The City of the Future Is a Data-Collection Machine

11/21: Creepy or Not, Face Scans Are Speeding up Airport Security

11/21: Assessing Snowden’s legacy, five years on

11/21: Talk about a cache flow problem: This JavaScript can snoop on other browser tabs to work out what you’re visiting

11/20: “The End of Trust” – EFF/McSweeney’s collaboration on privacy and surveillance – is in stores and free to download now!

11/20: The data firms hired by ICE to hunt people down raise alarm about a hidden surveillance industry

11/18: You Know What? Go Ahead and Use the Hotel Wi-Fi

11/17: The Next Data Mine Is Your Bedroom

11/16: Facebook Filed A Patent To Predict Your Household’s Demographics Based On Family Photos

11/16: Your Drone Can Give Cops a Surprising Amount of Your Data

11/15: Google’s Past Data Use Could Impede Health Care Push

11/14: Microsoft covertly collects personal data from enterprise Office ProPlus users

11/14: Most Free VPN Mobile Apps Offer Little-to-No Privacy, Might Spy on Their Users

11/12: Voice tech like Alexa and Siri hasn’t found its true calling yet: Inside the voice assistant ‘revolution’

11/10: Scan your fingerprint, get a beer: Testing CLEAR’s biometric tech at a Seahawks game

11/5: Silicon Valley Doesn’t Want the U.S. to Get Too Hasty About Regulation

11/3: AT&T CEO: State net neutrality and privacy laws are a “total disaster”{READ: ASSHOLE!}

11/15: Palantir, the Peter Thiel-backed company that sold data to ICE and NYPD, has a CEO who is a ‘self-described socialist’

11/15: Sick of Facebook stalking you? This startup wants to reinvent personalization

11/15: Google: Our DeepMind health slurp is completely kosher

11/15: Creepy or super creepy? That is the question Mozilla’s throwing at IoT Christmas pressies

11/14: Google Home and Amazon Echo Can Store Your Voice Recordings. Here’s When They Could Be Used Against You.

11/14: Alexa, cough up those always-on Echo audio recordings, says double-murder trial judge

11/14: Google swallows up DeepMind Health and abolishes ‘independent board’

11/9: Bruce Schneier: You want real IoT security? Have Uncle Sam start putting boots to asses

11/9: The DEA and ICE are hiding surveillance cameras in streetlights

11/9: Berners-Lee takes flak for ‘hippie manifesto’ that only Google and Facebook could love

11/8: 5 privacy settings you should change in Windows 10

11/8: As if connected toys weren’t creepy enough, kids’ data could be used against them in future

11/8: Google vows to take claims of sexual assault, harassment seriously, just like privacy

11/7: How your privacy gets cooked by those restaurant waitlist apps

11/2: Proposed data privacy law could send company execs to prison for 20 years

11/1: ‘Privacy is a human right’: Big cheese Sat-Nad lays out Microsoft’s stall at Future Decoded

10/31: Beware the IoT spy in your office or home via smart furniture, warns NSA

10/31: Supreme Court raises eyebrows at Google’s cozy $8.5m legal deal

10/30: New Signal privacy feature removes sender ID from metadata

10/24: Google Is Putting More Privacy Controls Directly in Search

10/23: Stepping Into an Amazon Store Helps It Get Inside Your Head

10/21: Butchering the Fourth Amendment


Local (PNW):

11/15: King County Council recognizes Automated Fingerprint Information System

11/7: Kirkland council reviews preliminary budget(‘Smart’ cities program)

10/9: Seattle invites public to comment on its surveillance technologies


Govt (Fed):

11/29: Congress still wants answers from Amazon about its facial recognition tech

11/9: After the midterm elections, the odds improve a little for a US data privacy law

11/7: With Dems in control of the House, now is the time for states to pressure Congress to act on privacy

11/5: US draft bill moots locking up execs who lie about privacy violations

11/1: Senator’s data privacy law draft could put CEOs in jail for lying

10/31: Feds Also Using ‘Reverse Warrants’ To Gather Location/Identifying Info On Thousands Of Non-Suspects

10/30: Pentagon Wants to Predict Anti-Trump Protests Using Social Media Surveillance

10/18: Federal officials say drones present an emergent cybersecurity risk


Govt (States & Cities):

11/14: Police think Alexa may have witnessed a New Hampshire double slaying – now they want Amazon to turn her over

10/23: Very Few Police Departments Have Rules for Undercover Cops on Facebook

Policy & Opinion:

11/16: Surveillance Kills Freedom By Killing Experimentation

11/14: The Cybersecurity 202: Amazon is now at the center of a debate over public safety versus privacy



11/30: Mobile app to spy on thy neighbour? (India)

11/30: Electric vehicle makers serving up customer location data to China on a silver platter

11/29: High Court agrees to hear full legal challenge of Blighty’s Snooper’s Charter (UK)

11/27: Euro consumer groups: We think Android tracking is illegal

11/26: The Cybersecurity 202: British parliament turns up heat on Facebook over privacy practices

11/26: Facebook spooked after MPs seize documents for privacy breach probe (UK)

11/23: Facial recognition system mistakes bus ad for jaywalker (China)

11/22: Tech sector unites in attempt to avoid Oz’s anti-crypto push, again

11/22: New EU border security pilot program is all kinds of creepy.

11/19: Using a free VPN? Why not skip the middleman and just send your data to President Xi? (China)

11/16: ‘Unjustifiably excessive’: Not even London cops can follow law with their rubbish gang database

11/14: Oz telcos’ club asks: Why the hell do Australia Post, rando councils, or Taxi Services Commission want comms metadata?

11/11: Alarm over talks to implant UK employees with microchips

11/8: UK watchdog shows how political parties exploit Facebook, personal data

11/8: Civil rights group says Oracles, Tapads and Experians get let off for wanton info-sucking (UK)

11/7: Watchdog slams political data slurpers’ ‘disturbing disregard’ for voters’ privacy (UK)

11/6: Facebook referred to Ireland’s data watchdog over targeting methods

11/6: UK neighbors accuse Tate Modern of invading their privacy

10/30: D.O.Eh: Here’s the new privacy law Canada can’t really enforce



11/20: Can you trust an AI data trust not to slurp your data?

11/15: Up to three million kids’ GPS watches can be tracked by parents… and any miscreant: Flaws spill pick-and-choose catalog for perverts

11/4: Oi! Not encrypting RPC traffic? IETF bods would like to change that



11/1: How politicians acquire and use your voter data(video)

10/13: More and More Movies Are Reflecting Our Fear of the Internet

Privacy News Update, 7-2 (2 of 2)

hopefully this catches things up. have a great Fourth and emphasize FREEDOM – it’s what the 4th *means*…..!


7/2: Springfield hospital among hundreds with multiple privacy complaints

6/30: Uber is going to start tracking how people drive through its app

6/30: Document spells out FBI rules to get journalists’ phone records -article

6/30: US Courts wiretap report: Smartphones impact, encryption confounds

6/29: How to see everything Google knows about you

6/28: Hillary Clinton backs controversial encryption commission in new tech-policy agenda

6/27: A scientist installed cameras around ‘no trespassing’ signs at a beach to see how people reacted and was pleasantly surprised

6/27: Google beats children’s web privacy appeal, Viacom to face one claim

6/26: Transit Agency Ends Audio Recording on Light Rail Vehicles

6/26: Browse Free or Die? New Hampshire Library Is at Privacy Fore

6/23: Warrantless breath tests are okay after drunken driving arrests — but warrantless blood tests are not

6/22: Mark Zuckerberg covers his webcam with tape, and so should you

6/21: With facial recognition tech on the rise, is it time to delete all your selfies?

6/21: Internet-rights groups launch protest over expanded FBI hacking powers

6/18: How Apple plans on making features smarter while balancing privacy

6/17: Foggy on Police Transparency

6/16: What the FBI isn’t saying about its facial recognition capabilities

6/16: Consumer Groups Say AT&T, Comcast Violate Privacy Law By Hoovering Up Cable Box Data Without Full User Consent

6/16 There Is No Such Thing as Private Data

6/16: Fed watchdog raises questions about FBI facial recognition accuracy, privacy

6/14: 1 in 3 shoppers will never use beacons in stores

6/11: Amazon Will Sell You a Super Cheap Phone (At the Cost of Your Soul)

6/10: Your password is definitely going to get stolen so please do this to protect yourself

6/10: How to Fix Your Privacy on Android

6/6: This is how Silicon Valley’s most secretive startup makes money

6/6: Tesla may be sharing data with the government to help advance regulation on autopilot vehicles

6/5: Edward Snowden responds to NSA correspondences released to the public

6/3: FTC Warns of Security and Privacy Risks in IoT Devices

6/3: How to Lock Down Your Privacy Settings on iOS

6/2: Your Data Is Forever

6/2: Google voice search is recording conversations people have around their phones — here’s how to delete the files

6/1: Stung By Yelp Reviews, Health Providers Spill Patient Secrets

6/1: Security researchers stop disclosing vulnerabilities after FBI raid on fellow researcher

6/1: Facebook reportedly plans to make it impossible for the police to read your messages

5/27: FBI raids dental software researcher who discovered private patient data on public server

5/24: FTC commissioner: Mandating encryption backdoors ‘is a terrible idea’

5/17: It’s trivially easy to identify you based on records of your calls and texts

5/16: New batch of Snowden’s leaked NSA docs are now available to the public

5/16: If You Clicked Anything Online, Google Probably Knows About It

4/27: Thank Snowden, As NSA Estimates He Singlehandedly Sped Up Encryption Adoption By 7 Years



6/30: Portland Redditors Rally Around “Drone Man,” Who Plans to Monitor More Homeless People From the Sky

6/29: Hobo Pirates Fire Gunshot at Drone Filming Their Willamette River Boat Camp

6/14: Seattle, cloudy with a chance of technology upgrades

6/13: Judge blocks Seattle from disclosing FBI surveillance info

5/6: Unmanned drone smashes into Seattle home

4/15: Oregon Department of Justice Civil Rights Chief Intends to Sue His Agency Over Black Lives Matter Surveillance



7/1: US Customs Wants Foreigners to Provide Social Media Details When Entering the US

7/1: Leak Reveals Secret FBI Guidelines That Basically Give Them Free Rein To Spy On Journalists And Sources

6/29: Should Border Agents Scroll Through Foreigners’ Facebook Profiles?

6/30: House Committee Report Slams Proposed Encryption Legislation

6/28: U.S. senator, opposing FBI email data grabs, places hold on spy bill

6/28: States Offer Privacy Protection For Young Adults On Parents’ Health Plan

6/26: Gun owners to have special place in FBI biometric database

6/24: Judge Says FBI Can Hack Computers Without A Warrant Because Computer Users Get Hacked All The Time

6/23: High Court Limits Drunk Driving Test Laws

6/22: Senate votes down proposal to expand FBI surveillance powers

6/22: FTC Settles With Mobile Ad Firm InMobi Over Tracking

6/20: Supreme Court Knocks A Little More Off The 4th Amendment; Gives Cops Another Way To Salvage Illegal Searches

6/19: Few Utah Police Report Drone Use, Cite Tough FAA Regulations

6/3: Will the Constitution Protect Your Next Smartphone?

6/9: Cops can now seize people’s cash by scanning their prepaid cards

6/1: Tech companies are banding together to fight the FBI’s biometric program

6/1: 4th Circuit Appeals Court Rolls Back Its Warrant Requirement For Cell Site Location Info

5/25: Congrats, FBI, You’ve Now Convinced Silicon Valley To Encrypt And Dump Log Files

5/24: Apple, Facebook, other major tech players push Senate to pass email privacy reform

5/5: When A Fingerprint IS The Password, Where Does The Fifth Amendment Come Into Play?

5/3: National Intelligence Office’s Top Lawyer Fires Off Spirited Defense Of Bulk Surveillance, Third Party Doctrine

4/22: FISA Court Rejects Arguments By First Public Advocate To Argue NSA PRISM Backdoor Searches Are Unconstitutional



7/1: Sports Authority’s sale of customer data raises privacy questions

7/1: When Should Hacking Be Legal?

6/29: New Rules for Drones

6/28: The 24 ways we’re tracked on a regular basis reveal something disturbing about the future

6/18: Workers May Soon Have To Share Health Data — Or Pay A Penalty

6/10: After Trump’s Proposed Boycott of Apple, GOP Says Encryption Is The Bedrock of Security

5/27: The imperfect surveillance state

5/13: Why a staggering number of Americans have stopped using the Internet the way they used to

5/4: Encryption, Privacy & Free Speech: An April Recap



7/2: Encryption creating a barrier for police, documents suggest

6/30: Japan’s top court has approved blanket surveillance of the country’s Muslims

6/30: Facebook wins privacy case against Belgian data protection authority

6/29: This alarming government video says ‘when you travel, you have no privacy, and all your communication might be watched’

6/29: Is Edward Snowden Trying To Get Vladimir Putin’s Attention?

6/27: China moves closer to adopting controversial cybersecurity law

6/24: The Latest: UK Exit Could Weaken Privacy Protections

6/24: EU, United States agree on changes to strengthen data transfer pact

6/23: Russia’s Problem (According To Russian Politicians): Not Enough Mass Surveillance

6/23: Russia Wants Encryption Backdoors in Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, Allo, Others

6/22: This Russian technology can identify you with just a picture of your face

6/17: Poland To Massively Expand Surveillance, Reduce Civil Liberties

6/16: Scottish Law Enforcement Also Apparently Hooked Up To NSA/GCHQ’s Data Firehose

6/10: Wikipedia warns against French attempt to extend EU privacy law globally

6/10: Communications Show GCHQ’s ‘Oversight’ Talking Itself Out Of Performing Any Sort Of Oversight

6/8: SECRET REPORT: UK spies have more data than they know what to do with

6/8: UK Parliament Ignores Concerns; Moves Snooper’s Charter Forward

6/7: German privacy regulator fines three firms over U.S. data transfers

6/7: The Home Office Is Accessing Thousands Of People’s NHS Data To Trace Illegal Immigrants

6/7: British parliament’s lower house passes controversial surveillance law

6/6: Here’s why people are so worked up about the ‘Snooper’s Charter’

6/3: Investigation Shows GCHQ Using US Companies, NSA To Route Around Domestic Surveillance Restrictions

6/1: This police camera can spot drivers texting from nearly a mile away

5/31: Top European privacy official says E.U.–U.S. data-transfer deal still needs work

5/23: Indian leader frames encryption as cybercrime concern in meeting with Apple CEO

4/26: Constitutional Court Throws Out Surveillance Law In Georgia (The Country)



6/30: How to Use Facebook Privacy Settings

6/30: Any links shared on Facebook Messenger can be viewed publicly—and Facebook says it’s not a bug

6/29: Facebook made a huge U-turn and says it doesn’t use location data to suggest friends after all

6/28: Google Offers New Way for Users to Manage Ads, Personal Data

6/28: Can smartphones help improve heart attack treatment?

6/27: The hidden security features in buildings that you never noticed

6/21: Workers Find Safe Spaces In Private Slack Channels, But How Safe Are They?

6/10: This startup will scrape your Facebook data and then sell its reports to landlords

6/9: National Intelligence office wants to perfect the art of security deception

6/8: The trick that let hackers keep tracking Waze users after it was ‘fixed’

6/4: 6 simple WhatsApp tricks for beginners

6/2: This $17,000 Android smartphone claims to be the ultimate in personal security

5/26: Despite anger from privacy advocates, Netflix shows no sign of ending geo-blocking and VPN ban

5/18: The future of biometrics is coming–but not without risks

5/10: This browser is offering iPhone users a free, unlimited virtual private network

3/30: Announcing: the Inaugural Class of PitchFestNW 2016!



6/30: Edward Snowden Will Join Daniel Radcliffe in ‘Privacy,’ via Video

6/24: Illuminating the ‘Dark’ Web and Content Monitoring

6/15: On the Wire Podcast: Rich Mogull on Apple Differential Privacy

6/15: Review: In ‘Louis D. Brandeis: American Prophet,’ Moral Vision and a True Believer’s Zeal

Privacy News Update, 8-8-15


8/4: China’s Cyberspying Is ‘on a Scale No One Imagined’–if You Pretend NSA Doesn’t Exist

8/3: Stingray surveillance sparks privacy concerns in Congress

7/2015: Americans Are Okay With Surveillance and Torture

7/24: Stop Google from tracking you on Google Maps

7/24: How security experts protect themselves online

7/24: U.K. Police Confirm Ongoing Criminal Probe of Snowden Leak Journalists

7/24: Hornet Tor alternative for high-speed anonymous browsing revealed

7/23: Justice Department Watchdog Complains He’s Been Curbed

7/22: NSA leaker Edward Snowden seeks return to U.S., on his terms

7/22: Did Sandra Bland have a right to record her police confrontation? Maybe not.

7/22: Fiat Chrysler Offers Patch After Hackers Commandeer Jeep

7/22: Google Maps now shows you everywhere you’ve been

7/22: De Blasio Administration Reaches Deal With Uber

7/21: Patch Your Chrysler Now Against a Wireless Hacking Attack

7/21: Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway—With Me in It

7/21: Google Maps Timeline Lets You Stalk Yourself

7/21: The challenges of securing your smart home

7/19: More Than A Quarter-Million Ask Google To Be Forgotten

7/18: Why Did A Security Firm Mysteriously Ditch a ‘Privacy’ Product?

7/18: Security News This Week: Laura Poitras Is Suing the Government

7/16: No joke: Anger as UK police tweet spy-cam image of comedian

7/15: Former spook bigwigs ask for rewrite of UK’s surveillance laws

7/15: Europe a step closer to keeping records on all passengers flying in and out of the Continent

7/15: Google Accidentally Released Details of Right To Be Forgotten Requests

7/15: Do Encrypted Phones Threaten National Security?

7/14: ACLU wants to end NSA mass spying forever – good luck with that

7/13: Watching the watchers: Oakland seeks control of law enforcement surveillance

7/12: 2016: The Year We Claim Our Privacy Back

7/12: At The NSA, A Rising Star’s Commitment To Faith — And Public Service

7/9: This is the most outrageous government tirade against iOS 8 encryption

7/9: Trackbuster Lets You Remove Those Pesky Email Tracking Beacons

7/1: Federal wiretaps down slightly, encryption impact decreases

6/23: You’re being secretly tracked with facial recognition, even in church



8/6: Federal agents install video-surveillance cameras in Seattle

7/20: City responds to trash privacy suit

7/18: Hacking Team and Boeing Subsidiary Envisioned Drones Deploying Spyware

7/16: Residents sue over Seattle composting law

7/16: Breaking: Libertarians Do Live In Seattle (And They’re Suing Over that Food Scrap Law)

7/12: What new laws passed in the Legislature? 2015 highlights



7/25: Fishermen say camera requirement invades privacy

7/24: Butt dialers have no right to privacy, rules court

7/23: Senators Want Homeland Security To Be a Leading Cyberdefense Agency

7/23: Homeland Security Chief Goes Off “Going Dark” Script, Says He Can See Plenty

7/23: Connecticut Teen of Gun-Firing Drone Video Charged for Assaulting Police

7/22: FCC CIO: Consumers Need Privacy Controls In the Internet of Everything Era

7/22: National Guard Seeks More Drones For Domestic Missions

7/22: Police liability for interfering with lawful citizen videorecording

7/22: Iowa principals asked to wear bodycams

7/22: Gun-toting drone prompts federal investigation

7/21: FBI’s Hacks Don’t Comply With Legal Safeguards

7/21: Sen. Blumenthal Introduces Bill To Protect Connected Cars From Hackers

7/21: New York Court Says Facebook Can’t Object to Search Warrants

7/20: Verizon faces steady stream of requests for customer data

7/19: The Making of a Republican Snowdenista

7/17: Two Charts Show How the Drug War Drives US Domestic Spying

7/16: Fight over police videos likely to continue despite ruling

7/16: Fremont to install license plate reading cameras

7/15: California Judge Orders Release Of Video Showing Gardena Police Shooting

7/15: Fingerprint Scanner Tested on Foreigners Leaving Atlanta

7/15: Google Wins Bid to Toss Suit Claiming Privacy Violations

7/13: After Monumental Breach, Banks and Even Farmers Are Buying NSA-Fueled Surveillance Gear

7/12: At The NSA, A Rising Star’s Commitment To Faith — And Public Service

7/10: Moxie Marlinspike profiled in WSJ. Obama thinks secure messaging apps like the one he built are “a problem.”

7/10: Roadshow: FasTrak not a reason for privacy worries, say bridge officials

7/8: Encryption debate pits Silicon Valley vs. FBI, Justice Dept.

7/8: Google Should Give U.S. Citizens More Privacy Rights, Says Consumer Watchdog

7/8: Tech and politics clash over protecting your data



7/24: Tech leaders want privacy — but only for themselves

7/24: Graphic photos underscore need for U.S. ‘right to be forgotten’

7/23: A hacked Jeep should be a wake-up call to automakers

7/23: Does it matter who wins the Microsoft Ireland warrant case?

7/23: Sandra Bland and the ‘lawful order’ problem

7/23: Wise businesses listen to consumers’ privacy concerns

7/22: Once again: Crypto backdoors are an insane, dangerous idea

7/21: Editorial: Fighting fires — and drones

7/21: Wired’s highway Jeep-hacking stunt was an amazing story, but a terrible idea

7/20: A 1990s anti-piracy law is why you haven’t seen the hacked list of Ashley Madison customers

7/20: Queer No Longer Queer – Nor Is Privacy

7/19: After Washington Post rolls out HTTPS, its editorial board bemoans encryption debate

7/17: Data Privacy Just Makes Good Business Sense

7/16: Why you should share your genetic profile

7/15: Can I Post a Photo of a Bad Driver?

7/15: Letter: Caspar Bowden’s early warnings

7/14: Superzoom camera can literally shoot the Moon, but will it have a creepy dark side?

7/10: Amy Goodman: Communication monitoring a threat to democracy

7/8: How technology could kill the art of lying

6/22: Hotels now have the right to protect guests’ privacy — but only if they want to



7/24: The Wilson Doctrine isn’t legally binding, MPs CAN be spied on, says QC

7/24: Don’t Bring Your Drone To New Zealand

7/24: France approves ‘Big Brother’ surveillance powers despite UN concern

7/23: How British spies really spy: Information that didn’t come from Snowden

7/23: Pakistan tried to tap international web traffic via underwater cables, report says

7/22: Immigration department sought private medical records ‘for political reasons’(AU)

7/22: Pakistan wants to copy GCHQ and eavesdrop on world+dog’s comms

7/21: Lifelock Once Again Failed at Its One Job: Protecting Data

7/21: Lufthansa Flight Has Near-Miss With Drone Near Warsaw

7/20: Snowden to the IETF: Please make an internet for users, not the spies

7/20: UK Journalists Take Court Action Over Police Phone Spying

7/18: VPN Maker CyberGhost Aims To Grow A Privacy Hub In Eastern Europe

7/17: High court to rule on MPs’ claim that data retention act damages privacy

7/17: Metadata slurp warrant typo sends cops barging into the wrong house

7/17: will appeal against DRIPA-busting verdict, says minister

7/16: UK schools’ “anti-radicalisation” software lets hackers spy on kids

7/16: Yep, world+dog’s spies are in our network, says Vodafone as it bares all

7/16: No joke: Anger as UK police tweet spy-cam image of comedian

7/16: Abbott appoints new spy overseer (AU)

7/16: Spies in the hot seat after Italian surveillance firm breach

7/13: Download Festival face scan: You’re right to be annoyed, said UK surveillance commish

7/13: Privacy campaigners win concessions in UK surveillance report

7/11: Hacking Team hack casts spotlight on murky world of state surveillance

7/8: Report: Uber uses GPS to punish drivers in China who get close to protests

6/22: B.C. Court of Appeal Rules Facebook’s Fine Print Trumps Privacy Law (Canada)

6/19: Why the Liberal Party Defence of Its Support for Bill C-51 Falls Flat (Canada)



7/25: Fiat Chrysler’s Anti-Hacking Recall a Milestone for Industry

7/24: How Amazon Could Drive Blended Reality Into The Living Room

7/24: What amateurs can learn from security pros about staying safe online

7/24: Fiat recalls 1.4 million cars vulnerable to being hacked

7/23: Apple eyes remote control personalized via fingerprint, retinal scan

7/23: Trying To Keep Your Data Safe? You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

7/23: Follow The Leader: Drones Learn To Behave In Swarms

7/22: Keeping Dictation on a Mac Private

7/22: Silent Pocket Bets On Privacy As Fashion Accessory

7/22: Microsoft to deliver Advanced Threat Analytics cybersecurity product in August

7/21: The Ghost In The Car May Be A Hacker

7/18: Apple Ads Based On Your Credit Balance Pushes Privacy Beyond The Limit

7/16: Your Phone Can Tell Whether You’re Depressed

7/16: How smart are connected toys?

7/15: OKCupid Founders Get $10.8M To Build A Kinder, Gentler Public Key Encryption Tool

7/14: NASA algorithms keep unmanned aircraft away from commercial aviation

7/14: ​Firefox now blocks all versions of Flash Player by default

7/13: The Tor Project is hiring a new executive director

7/13: A $200 privacy device has been killed, and no one knows why

7/10: Carmakers to Tech Partners: Keep Your Hands Off Our Data

7/7: Consumer group wants government to make Google give Americans the ‘right to be forgotten’ online

7/3: How Personal Should A Personal Assistant Get? Google And Apple Disagree

6/29: Fitbit data just undermined a woman’s rape claim

6/25: Facebook just hired the executive who was steering Yahoo’s security turnaround

Privacy News Update, 7-11-15


7/10:  The rise of the new Crypto War

7/10:  Wolverton: New, smarter light bulbs do more than just turn on

7/10:  Carmakers to Tech Partners: Keep Your Hands Off Our Data

7/10:  UK Privacy Advocate Caspar Bowden Dies

7/8:  Manhattan DA: iPhone Crypto Locked Out Cops 74 Times

7/8:  FBI, Justice Dept. Take Encryption Concerns to Congress

7/7:  A list of the well-known politicians who have defended Edward Snowden

7/7:  Security Experts Oppose Government Access to Encrypted Communication

7/7:  Is the Obama administration softening on Edward Snowden?

7/7:  Eric Holder Says DoJ Could Strike Deal With Snowden; Current AG Takes Hard Line

7/7:  Senate Advances Plan To Make Email and Social Sites Report Terror Activity

7/5:  Coming soon to your St. Paul library: Data tracking

7/5:  Encryption’s holy grail is getting closer, one way or another

7/5:  Steer clear of low-tech hacks: How to keep your information safe

7/3:  Student sues Fordham over demand for mental health records

7/2:  WikiLeaks drops new set of secret TISA docs: Yep, no one agrees

7/2:  Marketers’ Next Trick: Reading Buyers’ Minds

7/1:  NSA’s spying on UN and others detailed in newly published documents

7/1:  This Online Anonymity Box Puts You a Mile Away From Your IP Address

6/30:  7 Technologies to Track People

6/30:  Why I Walked Out of Facial Recognition Negotiations

6/30:  MIT’s Bitcoin-Inspired ‘Enigma’ Lets Computers Mine Encrypted Data

6/30:  Surveillance Court: NSA Can Resume Bulk Surveillance

6/30:  Stanford Starts the ‘Secure Internet of Things Project’

6/29:  Lincoln Chafee Adds a Proposal to the 2016 Debate: ‘Let’s Bring Edward Snowden Home’

6/29:  Want to shoot down a drone? It’ll cost you, Modesto man learns

6/29:  When a Company Gets Sold, Your Data May Be Sold, Too

6/26:  Cisco Security Appliances Found To Have Default SSH Keys

6/26:  MAC address privacy inches towards standardisation

6/25:  Snapchat Still May Not Be as Safe as You Think

6/23:  Low-tech ways you can protect your privacy online

6/23:  Why Jeb Bush Wants the United States to Be More Like Estonia

6/23:  Google cures Chrome security flaws in fresh update

6/23:  Cars that can read your mind — through the steering wheel

6/23:  New Snowden Leaks Show NSA Attacked Anti-Virus Software

6/22:  Allstate Patents Physiological Data Collection

6/22:  U.S. Supreme Court sides with innkeepers on right to privacy

6/17:  FBI aerial surveillance revelations prompt backlash from US lawmakers

6/12:  Government’s Secret Surveillance Court May Be About to Get a Little Less Secret

6/8:  June 8, 1949: George Orwell’s ‘1984’ Is Published

6/1: NSA Reform? No Way! Scott Walker Wants ‘Something Closer to the Patriot Act’



6/23:  The future of police video: Inside the Seattle PD’s workshop on wearable cameras



7/9:  Privacy campaigners question credibility of NHS ‘endorsed’ apps

7/8:  Amtrak Is Urged to Install Cameras to Monitor Engineers

7/8:  Sheriff’s office wants funds for body cams(Houston, TX)

7/7:  Utah lawmakers look at passing statewide body camera rules

7/7:  Pennsylvania court rules police videos can be public records

7/6:  New Mexico lawmakers discuss drone regulations

7/4:  Gov. Walker and Wisconsin GOP Retreat on Open Records Limits

7/3:  Bill would allow cameras in Illinois nursing homes

7/1:  Federal wiretaps down slightly, encryption impact decreases

6/25:  We need to know about the Internet of Things, say US Senators

6/22:  Privacy group asks FTC to investigate Uber

6/12:  The FCC will now take your net neutrality complaints

6/4:  Newly revealed NSA surveillance program draws support, ire



7/10:  Should Google be forced to bring the right to be forgotten to the U.S.?

7/7:  Encryption debate shows Silicon Valley takes power back from feds

7/7:  Automakers need to make security ‘part of the conversation’

7/5:  Forget Bitcoin — What Is the Blockchain and Why Should You Care?

7/4:  Readers React – Why can’t we watch the police?

7/2:  Do Privacy Concerns Really Change With The Internet Of Things?

7/2:  Are Hotels Dangerous?

7/2015:  ICYMI: June’s #maketechhuman Debate Tackled Google, NSA, and Cyberwarfare

6/30:  Data Policy 101: What Businesses And Consumers Need to Know About Privacy

6/25:  There’s no law to prevent intelligence agencies using private data. That has to change

6/23:  ‘Fear of One Company Knowing Too Much About Us’ and Other Privacy Concerns

6/22:  Privacy is awesome, in theory: Column

6/20:  Google’s backward step on Android app privacy

6/11:  Policing Privacy in the Age of Surveillance

6/10:  Bridging Policy Silos in Digital Field

6/2:  Internet privacy lawsuits, once all the rage, fizzle out



7/8:  China Mulls Privacy Protection, Further Curbs on Internet

7/8:  EU ombudsman slams Commish handling of German ePrivacy laws

7/5:  Theresa May Named UK’s Internet Villain of the Year

7/3:  Germany Wants Quick Clarification of New NSA Spy Allegations

7/3:  Russian Parliament Approves Internet Privacy Bill

7/3:  Angry Austrian takes a hit in David and Goliath Facebook battle

7/2:  French privacy cops snarl at websites over crap EU cookie warnings

7/2:  CNIL Enforces Cookies Rules in France

7/2:  Privacy watchdog ICO slashes its fines in half

7/1:  UK Gets Ironic by Spying on Amnesty International

6/26:  US tech companies still not doing enough to help police and spies, claims UK

6/25:  U.K. MPs Debate Judicial Authorization For Intercept Warrants

6/25:  France, Up In Arms Over NSA Spying, Passes New Surveillance Law

6/24:  Privacy advocates descend on proposed domain name change

6/24:  Three-way EU Big Data privacy wrestling match kicks off

6/23:  GCHQ: Security software? We’ll soon see about THAT

6/22:  Oi,, your Verify system looks like a MASS SPY NETWORK

6/22:  GCHQ didn’t illegally spy on Brit NGOs, tribunal rules

6/19:  Australia seeks rules for ‘peacetime norms’ in cyberspace

6/11:  ‘Big Parenting’: How data and technology are changing our families



7/11:  Like gym memberships, enthusiasm for fitness trackers drops

7/10:  Would you pay $5 for an ad-free Internet?

7/9:  How to see the photos your friends are hiding on Facebook

7/6:  Hacking Team Breach Shows a Global Spying Firm Run Amok

7/6:  Farm Use of Drones to Take Off as Feds Loosen Restrictions

7/3:  PureVPN calls pure BS on VPN insecurity study

7/1:  Script-blocker NoScript lets in ANYTHING from

7/1:  Amazon’s New SSL/TLS Implementation In 6,000 Lines of Code

6/29:  Athletes adjusting to cameras all over arenas, stadiums

6/28:  Where Are The Invisible Apps?

6/23:  Parrot’s New MiniDrones Conquer Air, Land…and Sea

6/23:  Google eavesdropping tool installed on computers without permission

6/23:  Seven tips for securing your Facebook account

6/19:  The Arlo and Flir FX security cameras: plug-and-play, mobile ready omnipresence

6/18:  Your smartphone could have serious security flaws

6/17:  Nest Cam keeps a high-def eye and ear on your home: First Look

6/8:  Apple to require 6-digit passcodes on newer iPhones, iPads under iOS 9

5/15:  Freightliner wants to know if we’re ready for autonomous trucks



6/25:  Emma Watson’s next movie will tackle online privacy

Privacy News Update, 4-25-15, part deux


4-24: Why Senator Ron Wyden Has It Wrong About the Open Internet

4-24: Personalizing the In-Store Experience — Will Consumers Give Up Their Privacy?

4-23: A New Bill Could Extend the Patriot Act to 2020

4-23: Silicon Valley’s privacy efforts must be working, because our governments are freaking out

4-23: Creepy but legal phone-tracking company gets wrist slap for empty privacy promise

4-22: Privacy Groups Declare War On McConnell’s Patriot Act Bill

4-22: Counterterrorism Conference Kicks Out Intercept Journalist

4-22: Right to privacy ‘could be meaningless in 10 years under Tory and Labour plans’

4-21: Supreme Court to Justice Department: No, the Fourth Amendment Is Not a ‘Useless Piece of Paper’

4-21: Citing privacy concerns, Airbnb slams bill on short-term rentals

4-21: Federal data-breach bill would replace dozens of stronger state laws

4-20: This machine catches stingrays: Pwnie Express demos cellular threat detector

4-20: Google now lets you download your search history

4-17: How to blur out personal details on Google Maps

4-17: Boston Marathon Surveillance Raises Privacy Concerns Long After Bombing

4-16: Hackers Could Commandeer New Planes Through Passenger Wi-Fi

4-14: Police officers have no constitutional ‘right of privacy’ in records of their official misconduct

4-13: Even if the Patriot Act expires, the worst surveillance will carry on

4-9: How can I protect my passwords and personal data without TrueCrypt?

4-9: Has Google Indexed Your Backup Drive?

4-9: Securing the web once and for all: The Let’s Encrypt Project

4-9: Lobbyists for Spies Appointed To Oversee Spying

4-8: Greenwald Criticizes Universities’ Funding-Driven Collaboration With NSA

4-8: Phone App That Watches Your Driving Habits Leads To Privacy Concerns

4-8: How to manage your online reputation for free

4-6: HBO’s John Oliver hits Snowden hard on NSA leaks

4-3: Feds won’t build license plate database—they just want access to one

3-30: No drone surveillance of crime scene (even from 150 feet above), police say

3-30: Why the House information-sharing bill could actually deter information sharing



4-22: Cops hire pesky programmer who bugged Seattle for more transparency

4-20: Oregon bill would prohibit charges for filming police

4-15: Seattle Police Body Camera Program Highlights Unexpected Issues

4-14: Jared Friend’s cool job as director of technology and liberty

4-14: Oregon House unanimously passes bill to protect confidentiality of sexual-assault survivors

4-8: UO quietly diminishes privacy protections at student counseling center, despite promises

4-3: Supreme Court rules against Spokane teachers on records requests

3-15: Data privacy: Does anyone know where this train’s heading?



4-24: The DHS brings its infantile, cyber-fantasy world to RSA 2015

4-24: Florida could soon limit access to police camera videos

4-23: Republican Lawmakers Are Coming Around to the Idea of Police Body Cameras

4-23: Surveillance reform bill returns with concessions to NSA on data collection

4-23: Rand Paul Is Suddenly Quiet About His Favorite Topics

4-23: Congressional Battle Brews Over Bill To Extend NSA Data Collection

4-23: House Lawmakers Float Bill to End NSA Mass Surveillance

4-22: How to Detect Sneaky NSA ‘Quantum Insert’ Attacks

4-22: San Francisco County jail deputies to be fitted with body cameras

4-22: Companies Sharing Hacking Data Get Legal Shield in U.S. Bill

4-22: House Passes Major Cybersecurity Bill Despite Fears It Will Bolster NSA Spying

4-22: McConnell’s Patriot Act Bill Unleashes Long-Simmering Debate Over NSA Spying

4-22: Some officers looking to body cameras on their own

4-22: Department of Homeland Security opening Silicon Valley office

4-21: Homeland Security Secretary Begs Silicon Valley to Stop the Encryption

4-21: White House Seeks Silicon Valley Help on Strong Yet Breakable Encryption

4-21: Lawyers’ Group Seeks Overhaul of a Postal Service Surveillance Program

4-21: Key Republican Is Not on Board With NSA Reform

4-21: Texas aims to limit controversial “stingray” phone-tracking tech

4-21: ‘Aaron’s Law’ Reintroduced as Lawmakers Wrestle Over Hacking Penalties

4-21: Senate intelligence chief defends his plan to curb cyberattacks

4-21: Jeb Bush: Best part of Obama administration is NSA

4-21: Lawyer: Cops dropped robbery case rather than detail FBI’s StingRay phone snoop gizmo

4-20: Anonymous unleashes online petition against US info-sharing bills

4-20: Baltimore judge allows police use of Stingray phone tracking in murder case

4-19: Twitter-joking security expert barred from another United flight, lawyer says

4-19: Lawmaker wants to restrict access to birth certificate data

4-18: Twitter Moves Non-US Accounts To Ireland, and Away From the NSA

4-18: A push to shield body cam footage

4-17: Weakened surveillance reform bill is ‘yesterday’s news’, civil libertarians say

4-17: Congress to Introduce Last-Ditch Bill to Reform NSA Spying

4-17: Security experts urge Congress to reject cyber-threat sharing bills

4-16: TSA Trained Disney, SeaWorld to SPOT Terrorists

4-16: Booz Allen Wolves Offer Advice on Protecting NSA Henhouse

4-16: California bill aims to protect ride-sharing passengers’ privacy

4-16: SEC Reveals It Doesn’t Use Email Snooping Power It Defends

4-16: New California bill would require local approval for stingray use

4-15: The DEA Is Buying Off-the-Shelf Spyware From a Sketchy Company

4-15: Election 2016: The big data trail to our next president

4-15: How Your Future Leader Is Tracking You – Ranking Presidential Candidate Website Privacy

4-14: US to tell certain travelers if on no-fly list

4-13: For art’s sake! Photoing neighbors with zoom lens not a privacy invasion

4-13: Yee speaks on plan to put GPS in SF city vehicles

4-12: Law enforcement worries over beefed-up phone encryption

4-11: Deleted forever? Government text messages vanish within days

4-10: Microsoft: Feds Are ‘Rewriting’ the Law To Obtain Emails Overseas

4-9: Portola Valley: Town Council says no to license-plate readers

4-9: Civilians Can Record Police Encounters, But When Is It Interference?

4-9: Could the South Carolina Police Shooting Be the Last Push for Body Cameras?

4-9: Baltimore Police used secret technology to track cellphones in thousands of cases

4-8: US Started Keeping Secret Records of International Telephone Calls In 1992

4-8: Chicago man sues Facebook over facial recognition use in “Tag Suggestions”

4-8: The FBI Lets Criminals Walk in Order to Keep This Device a Secret

4-8: How Edward Snowden Unwittingly Killed a Mass-Surveillance Program

4-7: Rand Paul Pledges to ‘Immediately’ End NSA Mass Surveillance If Elected President

4-6: White House Privacy Protection Proposal Sets An Ominous Tone For Future Action

4-6: The NSA may not be listening to your private phone calls, but it has been watching your private parts

3-28: As Santa Clara County procures ‘stingray’ cell tracker, increased scrutiny surrounds potentially invasive device



4-24: Cameras are everywhere, and they’re changing our lives

4-24: Op-Ed: In defense of Tor routers

4-21: Millennials’ view of Snowden could spur surveillance relief, ACLU says

4-19: The Upsides of a Surveillance Society

4-18: Op-ed: Why the entire premise of Tor-enabled routers is ridiculous

4-15: When Keeping A Secret Trumps The Need For Care

4-15: To dream the impossible dream: Privacy on the net

4-14: How to protect privacy in the digital age: a constitutional amendment
4-14: Police body cams and the lost language of privacy

4-14: In the future, your insurance company will know when you’re having sex

4-9: Weighing Privacy Vs. Rewards Of Letting Insurers Track Your Fitness

4-9: Edward Snowden’s impact

4-8: With Discounts For Healthy Behavior, John Hancock Courts Privacy Concerns

4-7: How can privacy survive in the era of the internet of things?

4-3: Study: Millennials indifferent about about digital privacy



4-22: UK Police Chief: Some Tech Companies Are ‘Friendly To Terrorists’

4-19: Gandhi Returns to India to Lead Fight Against Modi Land Bill

4-18: New Zealand Plotted Hack on China With NSA

4-15: Vidal-Hall v Google: A new dawn for data protection claims

4-14: Back to the Drawing Board: Bell Drops Opt-Out Targeted Ad Program

4-13: France’s govt wants emergency surveillance powers

4-13: Lib Dems wheel out Digital Rights Bill pledge as election sweetener

4-12: Tech firms threaten exodus over French mass surveillance plans

4-10: Mass surveillance case against UK government heads to Europe’s highest court

4-9: Data protection concerns 72% of Britons in post-Snowden world, research shows

4-8: Facebook and privacy: On the defensive against class-action suit, research report in Europe

4-8: Google Loses Most of Challenge to German Data-Privacy Order

4-7: France accused of tabling ‘Patriot Act’ style surveillance law

4-6: Data privacy: the tide is turning in Europe – but is it too little, too late?

3-29: You can hide an awful lot behind a curtain of privacy

3-25: Malcolm Turnbull explains how people can avoid having metadata collected



4-2015: How to Buy Things in the Future

4-25: As Health Apps Hop On The Apple Watch, Privacy Will Be Key

4-24: New version of Google Glass coming soon, says Luxottica CEO

4-24: Good: Companies Care About Data Privacy Bad: No Idea How To Protect It

4-24: Apple security features can be easily bypassed, says researcher

4-24: Is That an FM Radio In Your Pocket

4-23: Facebook says it doesn’t save your unpublished posts

4-23: Biometrics May Ditch The Password, But Not The Hackers

4-22: Microsoft unveils plans for stronger encryption and tighter controls over Office 365 data

4-22: Pro/Con: Why Google’s Fi Could Be Awesome and Terrible

4-22: Homes Try to Reach Smart Switch

4-21: Uncovering sexual preferences by data-mining sex-toy sales [NSFW]

4-21: Google engineers on Android ecosystem facts and myths

4-20: Encryption: More and more companies use it, despite nasty tech headaches

4-16: The $25 Million Fine Isn’t The Real AT&T-FCC Story

4-16: GE Spotlights New Smart Street Lamps

4-14: ​Want fancy Firefox features? Secure your website

4-9: Amazon listens to MORE of your private stuff

4-8: AT&T to Pay $25 Million for Failing to Stop Theft of Personal Information

4-7: Find Out Who An Email Address Belongs To With Clearbit

4-8: Disclosing Companies’ Algorithms Does Not Increase Privacy

4-5: Popular Android Package Uses Just XOR — and That’s Not the Worst Part

3-30: Watch this drone shepherd round up its flock on an Irish farm



4-23: New interactive NFB documentary watches the watchers online

4-21: The Conversation looked ahead to a world without privacy

4-15: The FBI Informant Who Mounted a Sting Operation Against the FBI

4-14: Do not Track: an online, interactive documentary about who’s watching you

Privacy News Update, 3-1-15


Feb 25: Santa Clara County to get controversial cellphone tracker, with stipulation

Feb 20: How to Find Out if Intelligence Agencies Have Been Spying on You

Feb 20: ​Snowden docs reveal spy agencies’ SIM encryption key theft

Feb 18: Google Calls FBI’s Plan to Expand Hacking Power a ‘Monumental’ Constitutional Threat

Feb 18: Cybersecurity firm finds spyware, possibly from U.S., in computers around world

Feb 18: San Jose: Public library gets $35k for online privacy literacy prototype

Feb 17: Thousands sign petition to discover if GCHQ spied on them

Feb 16: Big Brother is Now Determining Your Hirability

Feb 14: To cut fraud, Visa wants to track your smartphone

Feb 13: Apple CEO Tim Cook challenges Obama with impassioned stand on privacy

Feb 12: Your TV may be watching you

Feb 10: FBI really doesn’t want anyone to know about “stingray” use by local cops

Feb 7: A court managed what the complicit UK press couldn’t: force GCHQ to tell the truth

Feb 7: Anyone who makes you choose between privacy and security wants you to have neither

Feb 7: Facebook Will Soon Be Able To ID You In Any Photo

Feb 5: If privacy was really dead, would everyone be trying so hard to kill it?

Feb 5: LA Is Adopting Bodycams For Its Police Force. But Who Gets to See the Footage?



Feb 21: Police body camera bill casts a wide net

Feb 21: Editorial: House Bill 1917 a threat to oversight of police

Feb 20: House panel recommends bill making mug shots public

Feb 19: House bills seek to provide clarity on police body camera use

Feb 19: SPD Detective Urges Silence About Surveillance Technology

Feb 17: Police talk about use of “stingrays,” but aren’t saying anything

Feb 14: Panel recommends delays in Seattle police body cameras

Feb 10: Bills Would Dramatically Limit Access to Police Videos



Feb 24: StingRay surveillance: Cellphone tracker has high potential for abuse, say critics of Santa Clara County proposal

Feb 23: Missouri Might End Up Keeping Police Camera Footage From the Public

Feb 20: Your DNA is everywhere. Can the police analyze it?

Feb 20: Cameras-on-cops bill comes into focus (California)

Feb 20: 5 on police ‘suspicious activities’ list can sue government

Feb 20: US border agents wearing body cameras to test technology

Feb 20: Privacy and transparency issues raised over Santa Clara County’s push to get phone tracker

Feb 20: California DNA collection law now before state Supreme Court

Feb 19: Utah could limit police use of tech that sees through walls

Feb 19: FBI Flouts Obama Directive to Limit Gag Orders on National Security Letters

Feb 19: Civil liberties advocates question cellphone surveillance

Feb 18: Jeb Bush backs brother’s NSA surveillance program ‘to keep us safe’

Feb 18: White House officially names first U.S. chief data scientist

Feb 18: Berkeley council to consider two-year moratorium on drones

Feb 17: Obama Drone Policy Gives FBI Leeway on Privacy Decisions

Fab 16: In rare move, local cops reveal details to judges on “stingray” use

Feb 16: FAA unveils drone rules; Obama orders policy for agencies

Feb 15: Obama sets out privacy rules for government drones

Feb 15: FAA offers framework to legalize commercial — but not delivery — drones

Feb 14: Obama calls for public debate over encryption

Feb 13: Obama signs information-sharing order as privacy question looms

Feb 13: Proposed US law could deal knockout blow to FBI in overseas cloud privacy ding-dongs

Feb 12: FBI Can’t Find Its Drone Privacy Reports

Feb 12: Better safeguards urged for student privacy

Feb 12: Cops accused of fiddling with their locations on Waze to fool drivers

Feb 11: Detroit considers use of private cameras to fight crime

Feb 11: Government wonders: What’s in your old emails?

Feb 11: ANOTHER US court smacks down EFF’s NSA wiretap sueball – but won’t say why

Feb 10: California mulls law to protect your e-privates from warrant-free cops

Feb 10: Privacy experts question Obama’s plan for new agency to counter cyber threats

Feb 10: Governments beg Twitter for more data; network offers birdcage droppings

Feb 9: Senator: Car hacks that control steering or steal driver data way too easy

Feb 8: California lawmaker proposes warrant requirement for digital data access

Feb 5: NSA lays out its reforms post-Snowden (they can fit on back of a stamp)

Feb 4: Lawmakers Launch Epic Tweetfest for Email Privacy Overhaul

Feb 4: One Year Later, Obama Failing on Promise to Rein in NSA

Feb 4: Congress Takes Up Email Privacy Reform. Again.



Feb 25: Mercury News editorial: County needs model cellphone tracker ordinance

Feb 23: Edward Snowden on Reddit: ‘I would have come forward sooner’

Feb 20: AT&T is putting a price on privacy. That is outrageous

Feb 18: Man sues police for turning off dashcam during arrest

Feb 18: Quoted: on sharing and not sharing genetic information

Feb 17: Mercury News editorial: Drone regulations need more privacy protections

Feb 17: Privacy: the 21st Century’s Newest Luxury Item

Feb 16: No cell phone warrants without search protocols, magistrate judge rules

Feb 15: What You Need To Know About The Federal Government’s Drone Privacy Rules

Feb 14: The Anonymity Network At Risk

Feb 13: In the NSA’s aftermath, expect less cybersecurity cooperation

Feb 13: Edward Snowden talks ‘Citizenfour’ with Poitras, Greenwald

Feb 11: Undercover Facebook investigations and the federal/state divide — a response to David Post

Feb 10: Ask Slashdot: What Will It Take To End Mass Surveillance?

Feb 10: It’s Time To Rethink Our Smart Things

Feb 8: If you want our metadata, show us yours

Feb 5: Experts: Wearable tech tests our privacy limits

Feb 5: Dilemmas of the Internet age: privacy vs. security

Feb 4: Obama’s empty surveillance promises

Feb 3: Canarywatch: fine-grained, high-alert system to detect and reveal secret government snooping



Feb 20: European Lawmakers Demand Answers on Phone Key Theft

Feb 19: Canada’s new surveillance bill eliminates any pretense of privacy

Feb 19: How will new internet surveillance measures affect business in France?

Feb 19: Stop monkeying around with our metadata laws, prime minister

Feb 18: Geotagging could help find missing persons

Feb 18: Police body cameras flagged by privacy commissioners

Feb 18: UK admits unlawfully monitoring legally privileged communications

Feb 18: Mass surveillance warning after European terror attacks

Feb 17: Has world’s biggest democracy got a Big Brother problem?

Feb 16: Uber to Australia: Legalise UberX and we’ll GIVE you DATA

Feb 13: EU Preparing Vast Air Passenger Database

Feb 11: Scots! Here’s your chance to kill Scotland’s national ID database

Feb 10: Samsung SmartTV an ‘absurd’ privacy intruder, Ann Cavoukian says

Feb 9: President Obama Asks That Germans Give US “The Benefit Of The Doubt” On NSA Spying

Feb 6: ‘Privacy is DAMAGING to PROGRESS’ says Irish big data whitepaper

Feb 6: Home security cameras: Invasion of neighbours’ privacy?

Feb 4: Germany’s BND muscles in on metadata mass surveillance

Jan 28: Project Levitation and your privacy: Politicians call for cybersurveillance oversight

Jan 28: Cyber surveillance worries most Canadians: privacy czar’s poll



Feb 26: Modern Family’s MacBook Masterpiece: A privacy nightmare for modern teens

Feb 20: Colorado Tech Start Ups Bet The Farm On Agricultural Drones

Feb 19: Lenovo Apologizes After It ‘Messed Up’ With Tracking Software

Feb 19: How to block in-app ads on your Samsung Smart TV

Feb 19: Geeksphone Is Getting Into Wearables — With A Sex Tracker

Feb 19: Lenovo poisoned its own PCs with Superfish adware

Feb 19: Spies Can Track You Just by Watching Your Phone’s Power Use

Feb 17: It’s not just Samsung TVs — lots of other gadgets are spying on you

Feb 17: ​Microsoft adopts international cloud privacy standard

Feb 17: Web standard promising faster page loads wins approval

Feb 13: Iowa Wants to Let You Carry Your Drivers License On Your Phone

Feb 11: Why Brands Want to Know Everything About Your Body

Feb 11: Facebook launches social network for security pros

Feb 10: Here’s A Way To Stop Drones Flying Over Your House, Without A Shotgun

Feb 10: Let’s learn about blockname, a decentralized version of DNS

Feb 10: Samsung Edits Orwellian Clause Out Of TV Privacy Policy

Feb 9: Samsung rejects concern over ‘Orwellian’ privacy policy


Privacy News Update, 2-8-15


Feb 3: Seattle poised to be leader in protecting resident privacy

Jan 31: The journey of LAPD’s anti-terror Suspicious Activity Reports

Jan 27: Millions of cars tracked across US in ‘massive’ real-time DEA spy program

Jan 27: Traffic app’s tracking ability concerns police

Jan 26: EFF outlines plan to stop mass spying

Jan 22: The Quiet Horrors of House Arrest, Electronic Monitoring, and Other Alternative Forms of Incarceration

Jan 14: Department of Homeland Security oversight report: DHS is a terrifying failure

Jan 13: Taxi group calls bluff after Uber gives anonymized trip data to city officials



Jan 23: Bill would underscore warrant requirement for Stingray use

Jan 25: New drone rules proposed to limit warrantless surveillance

Jan 15: Google Ends Glass Explorer Program, Seattle’s Glasshole Responds



Feb 5: Why the US Government Is Terrified of Hobbyist Drones

Feb 4: Western Spy Agencies Secretly Rely on Hackers for Intel and Expertise

Feb 3: New White House Rules on Surveillance Fall Short, Privacy Group Says

Jan 30: U.S. to Collect Genetic Data to Hone Care

Jan 30: US to provide privacy group with memo on surveillance

Jan 30: Police use of body-worn cameras questioned by Menlo Park council members

Jan 29: A Year After Reform Push, NSA Still Collects Bulk Domestic Data, Still Lacks Way to Assess Value

Jan 29: White House said to be preparing sweeping privacy legislation

Jan 29: DEA plan to track drivers went much wider, new documents reveal

Jan 28: DEA chief: US abandoned plan to track cars near gun shows

Jan 28: Firms may face new $16,500 privacy fines under White House bill

Jan 27: Researchers Tie Regin Malware To NSA, Five Eyes Intel Agencies

Jan 27: Senator Al Franken’s Concerns About Uber’s Privacy Policy Linger

Jan 27: Obama sees need to move on drone rules now

Jan 26: Secret ‘BADASS’ Intelligence Program Spied on Smartphones

Jan 23: Even When Sharing Top Billing with Edward Snowden, the NSA Is Unrepentant

Jan 23: Montana Senate OKs bills to put electronics in privacy laws

Jan 23: APNewsBreak: Gov’t reverses on health care privacy problem

Jan 22: Barrett Brown Sentenced to Five Years, Vows to Keep Investigating Government Wrongdoing

Jan 22: California cops hope to expand facial recognition, “eCrime” head says

Jan 22: Police use of radar to see inside buildings concerns senators

Jan 21: Cops get handheld radar that can “detect people breathing” through walls

Jan 21: Google, Viacom Win Dismissal of Suit Over Children’s Web Privacy

Jan 21: Spies Among Us: How Community Outreach Programs to Muslims Blur Lines between Outreach and Intelligence

Jan 21: Government health care website quietly sharing personal data

Jan 20: Police Nation-Wide Use Wall-Penetrating Radars To Peer Into Homes

Jan 20: President Obama calls on Congress to strengthen cybersecurity laws

Jan 20: FBI Seeks To Legally Hack You If You’re Connected To TOR Or a VPN

Jan 19: Snowden docs reveal NSA digital warfare capabilities

Jan 18: New California Assembly privacy panel is ‘the key committee to watch’

Jan 16: Netflix “refused” to answer encryption allegation, FCC commissioner says

Jan 16: The Government Retreats — a Bit — in Its Assault on Press Freedom

Jan 15: Body cameras for L.A. police: Not everybody trusts the new tech

Jan 13: Obama aims to protect privacy

Jan 12: FBI Access To NSA Surveillance Data Expands In Recent Years



Feb 6: Google’s advisory committee: Limit ‘right to be forgotten’ to Europe

Feb 5: Marketers, Please Tell Me You’ve Got a Better Plan for Privacy

Jan 31: The government loves the policy ‘technology for me but not for thee’

Jan 30: Study shows credit card metadata is not as anonymous as thought

Jan 29: License-plate tracking by DEA trades away too much liberty

Jan 29: What to do about drones

Jan 28: Is data privacy just a dream?

Jan 28: People erasing digital footprints out of privacy fears

Jan 28: Our privacy is for sale, we have to accept that. But what’s the price tag?

Jan 26: Google silent on WikiLeaks email warrant for nearly three years

Jan 23: Consumerist on Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free

Jan 21: Is Corporate America ready for real cyber-security?

Jan 21: Snowden: Paris showed mass surveillance doesn’t stop terrorism

Jan 20: Obama Wants Companies to Stop Stealing Your Data. Good Luck.

Jan 20: Laws needed to keep data miners from ruling our lives

Jan 20: Obama privacy plan has two audiences, and could fail both

Jan 20: Obama’s Cyber Proposals Sound Good, But Erode Information Security

Jan 15: We’re being stigmatized by ‘big data’ scores we don’t even know about

Jan 13: Smart gadgets, dumb users

Jan 12: Data privacy isn’t dead with the internet of things, just different

Jan 12: In eco-terrorist case, justice is thwarted

Jan 12: The price and privilege of free speech and a free press



Jan 31: Shameless: rogue Lords sneak Snooper’s Charter back in AGAIN

Jan 29: Top cop’s claims cast shadow over data-retention plan

Jan 29: Telstra: we don’t collect the metadata the government wants now

Jan 28: EU nations seeking to overcome passenger privacy hurdles in anti-terror fight

Jan 28: Warning: Australian spy agency won’t delete retained data

Jan 27: Internet of things needs global privacy push, says UK regulator

Jan 27: CSE tracks millions of downloads daily: Snowden documents

Jan 27: Germany’s privacy leaders gather to discuss suspending US Safe Harbor

Jan 26: Watchdogs critical of Oz data retention regime

Jan 26: Mass Surveillance Threatens Digital Security And Human Rights, Says European Report

Jan 23: Border Protection plans to expand telco surveillance

Jan 22: Australian government blames Snowden for data retention

Jan 20: Europe Considers Surveillance Expansion After Deadly Attacks

Jan 15: U.K. PM To Take His Anti-Encryption Drum-Banging To Obama’s Doorstep

Jan 13: U.K. PM Backpedals On ‘Encryption Ban’, Sort Of

Jan 13: Welcome to ‘uber-veillance’ says Australian Privacy Foundation

Jan 13: UK PM looking to outlaw encrypted online communication

Jan 13: UK declares war on privacy under the facade of “national security”

Jan 12: UK spy chief warns Apple, Google privacy effort is “closing off” ability to catch terrorists

Jan 12: British spy agency seeks snooping powers, as London’s mayor is “not bothered” with civil liberties

Jan 12: Brandis takes the data-retention debate beyond logic



Jan 30: Uber says outside review shows customer data safe, private

Jan 30: Uber’s privacy program has room for improvement, review finds

Jan 30: Teen whiz exposes WhatsApp profile pic privacy blunder bug

Jan 30: Super-cookie crumbles: Verizon vows to kill off hated zombie stalkers

Jan 30: Verizon Wireless will allow users to opt out of undeletable ‘supercookies’

Jan 29: Mozilla Dusts Off Old Servers, Lights Up Tor Relays

Jan 29: A New Global Swarm of Weather-Sensing Satellites

Jan 29: Research Shows Location Tracking Apps Like Grindr Could Threaten Your Privacy

Jan 29: IBM punts cryptotastic cloudy ID verification services

Jan 28: Hey, User! Do You Know What Your Apps Are Up To?

Jan 28: ​IBM plans to broadly offer its Identity Mixer technology

Jan 27: Encrypted Messaging App Wickr Hides Behind Cats To Post Facebook Pics Privately

Jan 21: Mozilla tweaks “referer headers” in bid to limit website privacy grabs

Jan 20: Google Glass: What went wrong

Jan 16: BMW: ADMEN have asked us for YOUR connected car DATA

Jan 16: Google to put Glass on shelf for redesign

Jan 15: PROOF the undead STALK Verizon users: Admen caught using ‘perma-cookie’

Jan 15: Microsoft cracks personalisation without prying

Jan 14: Rapere: The drone that hunts other drones

Jan 13: Bosch Pioneers Privacy Transparency

Jan 12: Apple launches new privacy-oriented ‘Games for Kids’ section

Jan 11: As health trackers become commonplace, the question is how to best use the data?

Surveillance Nation…..from The Nation

hoping to get a copy of this book soon, but in the meantime, getting the word out…..#6


Announcing….’Surveillance Nation

The Nation has been living with ‘1984’ since 1921. That was when the Bureau of Investigation—the forerunner of today’s FBI—opened a file on the magazine. The following year, the investigator in charge wrote a memo to the BOI director stating: “The policy and activities of The Nation are too well-known to the Bureau to require comment by the writer.”

So we know a thing or two about the surveillance state.

Now, in time for The Nation’s 150th anniversary, we’ve assembled a number of our best articles on the subject in ‘Surveillance Nation’, a fascinating and timeless alternative history on the rise of the surveillance state. As our legal affairs correspondent, David Cole, writes in his introduction: “Time and again, writers for The Nation identified threats to privacy and liberty long before they were acknowledged by the broader public and media.”

Check out our new e-book, ‘Surveillance Nation’ here: LINK

‘Surveillance Nation’ is an intellectual feast for anyone concerned about the widespread abuses of privacy that Edward Snowden revealed just over a year ago. Among the selections included here: an editorial denouncing the federal government’s original authorization of wiretapping, dating back to the days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt; Diana Trilling’s review of George Orwell’s classic 1984; Fred Cook’s 1958 exposé of J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI; Frank Donner’s advice for the Church Committee in 1975 (with the evocative title “The Issue, of Course, Is Power”); Herman Schwartz’s essay “How Do We Know FISA Is Working?”—from 1983; an astounding history of The Nation as seen through its FBI file; and more recent contributions by Christopher Hitchens, Eric Foner, Patricia Williams, Laura Flanders, Jonathan Schell, Naomi Klein, Chris Hayes and Jaron Lanier.

A year after Snowden’s revelations, one thing is clear: to understand how the surveillance state can be dismantled, we must first understand how it came to be constructed. “If we want to preserve the liberties that are the foundation of a healthy democracy,” Cole writes, “we must keep our eye on them as they keep their eye on us. No journal has done that job as effectively and consistently and for as long as The Nation.”

If you missed our special pre-publication announcement: ‘Surveillance Nation’ is available to you as an e-book or a paperback through eBookNation.

By purchasing this unique history, you will not only learn about The Nation’s vital role in investigating and condemning abuses of power in the past… you’ll be ensuring that we can continue to do so in the future.

Join the conversation. Download an e-book or order a paperback today! Visit – And thank you.


Katrina vanden Heuvel
Editor & Publisher

Privacy News Update, 1-5-15


Jan 1: The Most Dangerous People on the Internet Right Now

Dec 31: LMU Law Review to Present Symposuim on National Security and Digital Surveillance in the United States – More details here.

Dec 31: Now There’s an App For Detecting Government Stingray Cell Phone Trackers

Dec 31: NSA can wiretap Skype wholesale

Dec 31: Five ways to delete yourself from the Internet

Dec 26: Online armour: Duncan Campbell’s tech chief on anonymity 101

Dec 26: NSA Drops Christmas Eve Surprise

Dec 25: ‘Art for Spooks’ Makes Paranoid Augmented Realities for NSA Spies

Dec 24: 8 Free Privacy Programs Worth Your Year-End Donations

Dec 22: White House nudges Congress to revisit controversial ‘CISPA-style’ laws after Sony attack

Dec 17: Billion Dollar Surveillance Blimp to Launch over Maryland



Jan 1: If the Supreme Court tackles the NSA in 2015, it’ll be one of these five cases

Dec 31: FBI can secretly spy on Americans even if its useless oversight court says no

Dec 31: Senators seek information on FBI cell tracking

Dec 31: FTC Finalizes Snapchat Privacy Complaint Settlement

Dec 30: [Illinois Gov] Quinn inks new eavesdropping restrictions

Dec 30: Judge Gorsuch on arrrest warrants and Doppler radar devices

Dec 30: WikiLeaks claims employee’s Google mail, metadata seized by US government

Dec 29: The NSA’s Ongoing Efforts to Hide Its Lawbreaking

Dec 29: Bill proposed to improve data on police (video)

Dec 28: Prying Eyes: Inside the NSA’s War on Internet Security

Dec 26: ACLU accuses NSA of using holiday lull to ‘minimise impact’ of documents

Dec 25: Facebook fails to dismiss privacy case over scanned messages

Dec 24: Police Can Create Fake Instagram Accounts To Investigate Suspects

Dec 23: A Brief History of the CIA’s Unpunished Spying on the Senate

Dec 23: Privacy Groups Upbraid MPAA For Trying To Bring SOPA Back At The State Level

Dec 23: Report advises Iowa to wait on drone regulation

Dec 23: Senators query rideshare services Lyft, Uber on privacy

Dec 22: Edu-apps may be STALKING YOUR KIDS, feds warn

Dec 22: Irony 101: Study Ethics with Legal Ace Who Sanctioned NSA Wiretapping, CIA Torture

Dec 22: Google: Gov’t data removal requests dipped slightly over 2013

Dec 21: Tor warns of possible disruption of network through server seizures

Dec 19: SFPD’s sophisticated surveillance technology raises concerns about usage

Dec 17: “Tech firms tussle with DOJ over the right to say ‘zero’

Dec 17: NYC lawmaker wants to ban drones except for cops with warrants

Dec 16: Cops illegally nailed webcam to utility pole for 6 weeks to spy on house

Dec 16: The FBI Used the Web’s Favorite Hacking Tool to Unmask Tor Users

Dec 16: ‘Hackathon’ asks techies to aid Seattle police on sensitive-video issues

Dec 16: LAPD’s plan for 7,000 body cameras comes with challenges

Dec 16; Health database Cal Index must address privacy, consumer group says

Dec 15: SPD’s Body Cameras Won’t Record Everything. Policy Gets Mixed Response.



Jan 1: Citizenfour: all it’s cracked up to be and more

Dec 31: 2015 tech prediction: What about encryption?

Dec 30: Infiltrate the NSA

Dec 30: The Year’s Biggest Winners and Losers in Privacy and Security

Dec 30: New NSA leaks: does crypto still work?

Dec 30: Online privacy and the Edward Snowden documentary

Dec 29: Voters agree: A free and open Internet is crucial to our economic future

Dec 28: The Enormous Implications Of Facebook Indexing 1 Trillion Of Our Posts

Dec 28: The Future of Getting Arrested

Dec 24: How Laws Restricting Tech Actually Expose Us to Greater Harm

Dec 23: Charlatans: The new wave of privacy profiteers

Dec 18: Survey: Will we give up privacy without a fight?

Dec 17: Editorial – Have a full and open debate on rules for LAPD body cameras

Dec 17: More people may be dodging NSA surveillance than you think – Open thread

Dec 17: What privacy will look like in 2025, according to Pew study

Dec 16: Wyden’s drive to protect privacy is smart — and on-time: Editorial Agenda 2014

Dec 16: Richard Cohen: Our cyber nightmares

Dec 15: Over 700 million people have taken steps to improve privacy since Snowden



Dec 25: Christmas Eve email asked Oz telcos for metadata retention costs by Jan 9th

Dec 24: Ireland: Hey, you. America. Hands off Microsoft’s email cloud servers

Dec 23: Line Application Denies Reports Thailand Is Monitoring Messages

Dec 23: Thailand’s Government Claims It Can Monitor The Country’s 30M Line Users

Dec 23: GCHQ: We can’t track crims any more thanks to Snowden

Dec 20: FURY erupts on streets of Brussels over greedy USA’s data-slurping appetite

Dec 19: Neighbourhood watch: how domestic CCTV is sweeping the UK

Dec 19: Note to data-retention law makers: The internet is not a telephone

Dec 18: Researchers discover security flaws that make cellphones vulnerable to hacking

Dec 16: UK cops demand list of attendees at university fracking debate



Dec 31: 80% of visits to Tor hidden services relate to child sex abuse, study suggests

Dec 29: Hacker claims you can steal fingerprints with only a camera

Dec 27: How will Google, Apple shake up car insurance industry?

Dec 26: The Drone That Could Save You From Drowning

Dec 23: Apple updates Macs for first time without asking — to foil hackers

Dec 23: App maker pitches self-destruct messaging to Hollywood

Dec 22: Algorithmically evolved masks that appear as faces to facial-recognition software

Dec 22: A Marketer’s 2015 Privacy Primer

Dec 22: Drones over beaches, homes get complaints on Kauai

Dec 21: Microsoft Removes All Third Party Snapchat Apps From The Windows Phone Store

Dec 19: Poll: Americans skeptical of commercial drones

Dec 18: RFID-Blocking Blazer and Jeans Could Stop Wireless Identity Theft

Dec 17: Google Hangouts: Too smart for privacy?

Dec 17: Google’s end-to-end email encryption moves to Github

Privacy News update, 12-20-14


Dec 15: Verizon’s New, Encrypted Calling App Plays Nice With the NSA

Dec 15: How Identifiable Are You On the Web?

Dec 8: Judge Posner: it should be illegal to make phones the government can’t search – a policy discussion from Cory Doctorow

Dec 10: We know you love privacy, Judge Posner. We just wish you’d share



Dec 16: ACLU chapters focusing on hot-button issues

Dec 15: Oregon marijuana grower loses appeal challenging privacy of utility records

Dec 15: Oakland cops disciplined 24 times for failing to turn on body-worn cameras

Dec 15: Tech and Business Groups Rally Behind Microsoft’s Data Privacy Battle

Dec 15: Tech companies join Microsoft in email warrant case against US government

Dec 15: SPD’s Body Cameras Won’t Record Everything. Policy Gets Mixed Response.

Dec 14: Police tout benefits of surveillance cameras

Dec 14: Privacy is not dead: Microsoft lawyer prepares to take on US government

Dec 12: Bush Government Argued Spying Justified Privacy Intrusion

Dec 12: Minnesota lawmakers ponder growing drone use

Dec 11: Congress Passes Bill Allowing Warrantless Forfeiture of Private Communications

Dec 11: Cell phones exempt from the automobile search exception, Ninth Circuit rules

Dec 11: Anonymous Programmer and Unlikely Police Records Activist Agrees to Be Named

Dec 10: Bush era haunts Obama

Dec 9: How an Anonymous Programmer Became One of Seattle’s Most Effective Activists

Dec 9: Obama’s Plan for Better Policing: The Good, the Bad, the Body Cameras

Dec 9: Ninth Circuit hears NSA program challenge

Dec 9: Wash. justices to consider warrantless searches

Dec 9: Pierce Transit buses will have security cameras starting next year

Dec 8: FISA Court Extends Section 215 Bulk Surveillance For 90 Days

Dec 7: Cost and logistical issues limit local police interest in body cameras

Dec 6: Tracking miles as gas tax alternative raises fairness, privacy concerns

Dec 5: DOJ Launches New Cybercrime Unit, Claims Privacy Top Priority

Dec 5: Body cameras for police: Portland on cusp of outfitting 600 officers, other metro departments not far behind



Dec 15: Edward Snowden calls Amazon’s encryption practices ‘morally irresponsible’

Dec 13: Where Tech Giants Protect Privacy

Dec 13: Hidden devices scrutinize employees

Dec 13: Body cameras aren’t going to fix policing

Dec 11: Teaching About Cybersecurity: Taking Steps to Improve Online Safety and Prevent Data Breaches

Dec 10: Wolverton: New tracking technology raises privacy concerns

Dec 9: Complaint Says Ring Pop Campaign Violated Children’s Privacy

Dec 8: Man, the Government Sure Likes to Blame Shit on Tor

Dec 8: What Bad, Shameful, Dirty Behavior is U.S. Judge Richard Posner Hiding? Demand to Know.

Dec 8: Balancing Act: Even Sarah Palin’s kids deserve privacy

Dec 8: Trial over Puyallup’s use of jail cameras underway

Dec 7: Body camera use abuts privacy issues

Dec 7: Neglecting the Lessons of Cypherpunk History

Dec 7: Spies can’t make cyberspace secure AND vulnerable to their own attacks

Dec 4: The Cost of the “S” In HTTPS

Nov 28: What have we learned from the Uber privacy debate? Open thread



Dec 15: Dutch watchdog demands privacy changes from Google

Dec 15: Govt Docs Reveal Canadian Telcos Promise Surveillance Ready Networks

Dec 11: Canada court: Police can search a suspect’s phone

Dec 11: Freedom of information laws upheld by two men working from home

Dec 11: Australia’s security agencies quiet on metadata definition

Dec 10: DoJ’s extra-territorial data demands: now Ireland is baulking

Dec 9: Data-retention costs report kept confidential

Dec 8: Google Fights to Stop Lawsuit Over ‘Clandestine’ Cookies

Dec 8: MPs get go-ahead to challenge snooping law

Dec 7: The Stasi-like data retention law affects us all. It should make you furious

Dec 5: Taiwan: Top tech giants must stop playing fast and loose with privacy



Dec 15: 4 seconds of body cam video can reveal a biometric fingerprint, study says

Dec 12: Tacoma cybersecurity company predicts major Internet changes

Dec 12: Tracker, pixel, spyware, snitch: How to shop in secret

Dec 10: The flying fungus: NASA’s biodegradable drone that flies and dies

Dec 10: Now you can change all your passwords automatically

Dec 9: Your Favorite Anonymous App Is Not Anonymous At All

Dec 9: MAGID ON TECH: Tips for approaching ‘anonymous’ apps

Dec 9: Blackphone launching world’s first privacy-focused app store