Privacy News Update: 4-30-17

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4/30: How To Delete Your Data From Google’s ‘My Activity’

4/30: Taser Will Use Police Body Camera Videos “to Anticipate Criminal Activity”

4/29: Stray WiFi Signals Could Let Spies See Inside Closed Rooms

4/28: Community comes out for immigration and privacy forum (Pasadena, CA)

4/28: Those ’10 concerts’ lists on Facebook are fun and/or annoying — but are they a privacy threat

4/28: N.S.A. Halts Collection of Americans’ Emails About Foreign Targets

4/28: NSA halts controversial email collection practice to preserve larger surveillance program

4/27: Why people get arrested for flying drones

4/27: Living With Technology: Listening and seeing everywhere

4/27: The Worst Lies From Yesterday’s Anti-Net Neutrality Speech

4/26: Your smart electricity meter could be a security risk

4/26: WikiLeaks Reveals the ‘Snowden Stopper’: CIA Tool To Track Whistleblowers

4/26: Speaking in Tech: Google vs your privacy… part 73(4)iii(b)

4/26: Amazon Wants To Put a Camera and Microphone in Your Bedroom

4/24: How to protect your privacy at a protest

4/24: FBI allays some critics with first use of new mass-hacking warrant

4/23: How your selfie could affect your life insurance

4/22: EFF Says Google Chromebooks Are Still Spying On Students

4/21: Microsoft Improves Gmail Experience For Windows 10 Insiders, But There Are Privacy Concerns

4/21: Ambient Light Sensors Can Be Used To Steal Browser Data

4/20: Is Google is tracking you? Find out here

4/20: Mastercard is Building Fingerprint Scanners Directly Into Its Cards

4/19: We’re spying on you for your own protection, says NSA, FBI

4/18: From Stone Age to Drone Age: Debt Collection Goes High-Tech

4/16: What you need to know about that latest NSA data dump

4/15: The apps to use if you want to keep your messages private

4/13: Free health apps laugh in the face of privacy, sell your wheezing data

4/12: Why Is This Wearable-Tech Company Helping College Teams Track How Often Athletes Sleep, Drink, And Have Sex?

4/11: An Algorithm That Hides Your Online Tracks With Random Footsteps

4/10: The Upcoming Privacy Battle Over Wearables in the NBA

4/8: Hacker Group Leaks ‘NSA’s Top Secret Arsenal of Digital Weapons’

4/7: Internet Privacy Explained For People Who Have Never Thought About Internet Privacy Before

4/7: Taser’s Latest Body Cams Push Is Unregulated, Unprecedented, and Disturbing

4/7: WikiLeaks Reveals Grasshopper, the CIA’s Windows Hacking Tool

4/7: 23andMe Wins FDA Approval to Sell Genetic Tests

4/6: Vast majority of Americans reject mass surveillance to thwart terrorist attacks

4/6: Facebook Messenger Now Analyzes Your Chats To Give You Recommendations

4/5: Microsoft Finally Reveals What Data Windows 10 Really Collects

4/5: Phony VPN Services Are Cashing In On America’s War On Privacy

4/3: Police Arrested This Cop Watch Activist—But Then Recorded Themselves by Accident

4/1: Wolverton: No perfect way to protect privacy

4/1: How To Protect Your Privacy Online

3/30: Verizon mandates pre-installed spyware for all its Android customers

3/29: Analysis: What loosened internet privacy rules mean for you

2/28: After 3 Years, Why Gmail’s End-to-End Encryption Is Still Vapor


Local (PNW):

4/24: What evaluation or report was ever released on the effectiveness of the photo-enforcement program instituted a few years ago at a number of Seattle intersections? (scroll to middle of article)

4/24: Lawmakers’ Special Session To-Do List Is More Than McCleary

4/14: Washington state House committee approves internet privacy protections

4/14: Washington state passes bill to prevent sale of biometric data without consent

4/12: Washington state debates new privacy bills after Trump clears way for ISPs to sell personal data

4/9: State moves to protect online privacy in the Trump era

4/5: Washington fights for internet privacy that Congress took away

4/5: Online Trust Alliance merges with Internet Society to fight data security threats and privacy challenges

4/4: State lawmakers stand with the people on privacy protection

3/30: Oregon lawmaker who voted to roll back online privacy received donations from the telecom industry, report says

3/29: Alexa and the Dawn of So-What Surveillance

3/29: Here’s what the new internet privacy bill could mean for consumers and the Seattle region


Govt (Fed):

4/27: FCC Chief Opens Door to ‘Fast Lanes’ in Rollback of Web Rules

4/26: Trump’s first 100 days are not promising if you’re concerned about personal privacy

4/26: Trump’s FCC Has Begun Its Attack on Net Neutrality

4/24: NSA Blimp Spied in the United States

4/22: At Border Security Expo, Officials Dismiss Trump’s Wall: “I’ve Got 200-Foot Bluffs on My Border”

4/21: In Secret Court Hearing, Lawyer Objected to FBI Sifting Through NSA Data Like It Was Google

4/21: US surveillance court declined less than 2 per cent of applications

4/20: Border Officials Float Big Ideas for Mining Social Media

4/20: Nuh-uh, Google, you WILL hand over emails stored on foreign servers, says US judge

4/18: Stop asking people for their passwords, rights warriors yell at US Homeland Security

4/17: Trump’s FCC chairman Ajit Pai is ‘one of the worst picks possible,’ Rep. Ro Khanna says

4/17: Congress is poking holes in a key Trump talking point about Obama-era surveillance

4/15: GOP Congressman Defending Privacy Vote: ‘Nobody’s Got To Use The Internet’

4/12: Suing to See the Feds’ Encrypted Messages? Good Luck

4/6: Activists vow to make ISP privacy sellout a “major issue” in the 2018 elections

4/6; You Are Now Paying Internet Companies to Sell Your Browsing History to Advertisers

4/5: FCC’s Ajit Pai Says Broadband Market Too Competitive For Strict Privacy Rules

4/5: A Fight to Restore the Constitution at Customs Checkpoints

4/4: Even Some Republicans Think Border Agents Shouldn’t Be Checking Your Phone Without a Warrant

4/4: As Trump signs away Americans’ digital privacy, it’s time to bring out the BS detector

4/4: Bill Would Stop Warrantless Border Device Searches of US Citizens

4/4: ‘Extreme Vetting’ Would Require Visitors To US To Share Contacts, Passwords


Govt (States & Cities):

4/30: Connecticut court takes up doctor-patient confidentiality

4/28: AGs to privacy pros: It’s okay to come see us

4/26: Bill would let victims, witnesses block body camera releases (WI)

4/26: ACLU opposes Grand Rapids’ plans for license plate scanners

4/25: Sheriff’s office sets its eye on the sky(MI)

4/20: California Today: Weighing a Response on Internet Privacy

4/19: Rep. Gary Glenn makes smart choice on Smart Meters

4/18: Lawmakers signal a possible deal on Real ID bill(Minn)

4/15: Norwalk Police Department takes to social media(CT)

4/13: Legislation allowing warrantless student phone searches dies for now(CA)

4/13: UT police officers begin wearing body cameras

4/13: Video cameras coming to all schools(CT)

4/12: Sheriff’s department to launch drones in June (IL)


Policy & Opinion:

4/28: A Big Change in NSA Spying Marks a Win for American Privacy

4/21: Fearmongering at Homeland Security

4/17: Weirdly, Trump’s Right on Privacy

4/12: Mossberg: A plan to preserve the internet

4/2: Tech underestimates future demand for privacy: Bloomberg View analysis

4/1: Internet privacy furor previews coming war over net neutrality

3/28: Trump’s FCC Continues To Redefine The Public Interest As Business Interests



4/29: Encrypted WhatsApp Message Recovered From Westminster Terrorist’s Phone (UK)

4/27: Australian police: We illegally accessed journalist metadata

4/26: UK drops in World Press Freedom Index following surveillance and anti-espionage threats

4/26: British Cops Will Scan Every Fan’s Face At the Champions League Final

4/24: Japan secretly funneled hundreds of millions to the NSA, breaking its own laws

4/20: Trump’s lips sealed on surveillance, complains EU privacy chief

4/20: Google wants better international rules for data requests

4/19: Finland Aims to Fast-Track New Intelligence Laws to Avert Terrorism

4/11: China emerges as digital rights champion with new info privacy law

4/11: MyHealthRecord slammed in privacy uproar (Oz)

4/5: Canada’s RCMP National Police Force Reveals Use of Secretive Cellphone Surveillance Technology

3/16: How Kenyan spies and cops use electronic surveillance for illegal murder and torture squads



4/27: Listen up, coaches: Watch out for hidden recording devices

4/26: Hyundai patches Blue Link app to remove vulnerabilities

4/24: Just a Pair of These $11 Radio Gadgets Can Steal a Car

4/24: Uber Gets Sued Over Alleged ‘Hell’ Program To Track Lyft Drivers

4/24: ‘heartbroken’ after being caught selling user data to Uber

4/23: Uber Tried To Hide Its Secret IPhone Fingerprinting From Apple

4/23: Apple CEO Tim Cook once personally threatened to kick Uber out of the App Store

4/22: Google Maps finally introduces real-time location sharing, with time limits

4/21: Which Galaxy S8 unlock option is the most secure?

4/19: Bose Headphones Secretly Collected User Data, Lawsuit Reveals

4/18: Facebook wants you to stare even more at the real world through your phone camera

4/13: Roku-Enabled TVs Will Soon ‘Listen’ To Programs You’re Watching To Suggest Streaming Content

4/12: Securing Driverless Cars From Hackers Is Hard. Ask the Ex-Uber Guy Who Protects Them

4/5: Lawyers win again in latest privacy class-action settlement

3/31: Verizon, AT&T, Comcast Say They Will Not Sell Customer Browsing Histories

3/30: DJI proposing “electronic license plates” for drones

3/15: WhatsApp Hack Shows That Even Encryption Apps Are Vulnerable in a Browser



May/June issue: If You’re Reading About “The Circle” on Facebook, It’s Already Too Late

4/27: Review: Big Brother turns into a bit of a bore in ‘The Circle,’ and there’s not an app for that

4/27: Movie review: It’s not Big Brother who’s watching

4/26: An interview with Cory Doctorow on beating death, post-scarcity, and everything

4/23: Full transcript: Too Embarrassed to Ask tackles trust and privacy during the Trump administration (podcast)

4/15: 6 lessons ‘Ghost in the Shell’ can teach you about cybersecurity

4/3: VPN explained: A privacy primer — with robots and race cars (video)

Privacy News update, 11-17-14


Nov 12: Public Perceptions of Privacy and Security in the Post-Snowden Era

Nov 12: Police surveillance: ACLU pushes mandates for public input

Nov 10: Mozilla will start hosting Tor relays as part of Polaris privacy push

Nov 7: Federal Judge Says Public Has a Right to Know About FBI’s Facial Recognition Database



Nov 17: CHP nude photo scandal: When can police search your phone?

Nov 15: Facebook, Microsoft, Apple Make Year-End Lobbying Push to Curb NSA Spying

Nov 14: EFF makes DoJ admit it lied in court about FBI secret warrants

Nov 14: LAPD technology that tracks ex-cons stirs concerns

Nov 14: US government planes mimic cellphone towers to collect user data – report

Nov 13: NSA Surveillance Faces Senate Test

Nov 13: To stop the government from collecting our phone records, pass the USA Freedom Act

Nov 13: Drones over San Jose? Worries fly at public hearing

Nov 13: AP Exclusive: Drones patrol half of Mexico border

Nov 12: Senate poised to vote on USA Freedom Act as early as next week

Nov 12: Watch out: the US government wants to pass new spying laws behind your back

Nov 10: Tor Project Mulls How Feds Took Down Hidden Websites

Nov 7: Now the GOP Must Choose: Mass Surveillance or Privacy?

Nov 7: How Did The FBI Break Tor?

Nov 7: Dealer-Installed GPS Tracker Leads To Kidnapper’s Arrest in Maryland



Nov 16: Why the internet has turned us into hypocrites

Nov 13: Americans say they’ve lost control over personal data, survey finds

Nov 13: How deep is your data trail?

Nov 13: Art in a Time of Surveillance

Nov 13: Why it’s time for Facebook to offer a “pay for privacy” feature

Nov 12: Cellular companies’ use of supercookies is troubling

Nov 12: Want your privacy back? First, curb your own enthusiasm for snooping

Nov 12: Typewriters are back, and we have Edward Snowden to thank

Nov 11: An open letter to students of the present and future

Nov 9: Fighting for the right to be forgotten on the Web

Oct 31: Why IoT Security & Privacy Are Critical

Oct 28: Nico Sell of Wickr: Privacy Is the New Fame



Nov 16: London Private Detectives Share News on the Latest in Surveillance Technology

Nov 14: Phone and web data plan under fire for interfering with privacy

Nov 14: Oi, Europe! Tell US feds to GTFO of our servers, say Microsoft and pals

Nov 13: The GCHQ boss’s assault on privacy is promoting illegality on the net

Nov 12: Who will save Europe’s privacy from the NSA? Oh God … it’s Google

Nov 12: How one Hungarian soccer team is using biometric technology to combat hooliganism

Nov 10: Canadian Police Recommend Ending Anonymity On the Internet

Nov 10: Gillian Triggs: some Coalition FOI and privacy reforms ‘unworkable’

Nov 9: Berlin’s digital exiles: where tech activists go to escape the NSA



Nov 14: AT&T mothballs creepy customer web stalking system (until everyone’s forgotten about it)

Nov 14: 81% of Tor Users Can Be De-anonymized By Analysing Router Information

Nov 14: Google Glass losing support among consumer app developers

Nov 14: Facebook’s privacy update: 5 things to know

Nov 13: Carmakers unite around privacy protections in letter

Nov 13: The sci-fi future of lamp-posts

Nov 13: Facebook’s New Privacy Rules Clear the Way for Payments Push and Location-Based Ads

Nov 13: Dreams of drone-assisted farming are taking flight

NOv 12: How Your Webcam May Be Spying on You

Nov 12: ISPs caught sabotaging their customers’ email encryption

Nov 10: This CCTV System Actually Edits People Out

Nov 10: Mozilla Is Helping Tor Get Bigger and Better

Nov 5: A Simple Chrome Extension Encrypts Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail Messages

Nov 3: Adobe’s Digital Editions Collecting Less Data, Says EFF

Privacy News Update, 11-3-14


Nov 2: WBTV, Charlotte Observer seek CMPD cellphone surveillance records

Oct 30: Civil Liberties Groups Tell Court that Government Should Not Be Allowed to Wipe Out Lawsuit on Vague Claims of Secrecy

Oct 28: Justice for Edward Snowden

Oct 27: The Government War Against Reporter James Risen

Oct 26: Peekaboo, I See You: Government Authority Intended for Terrorism is Used for Other Purposes

Oct 25: CHP Officers Steal, Forward Nude Pictures From Arrestee Smartphones

Oct 24: Automated Mass Surveillance is Unconstitutional, EFF Explains in Jewel v. NSA

Oct 24: Two Reports About FBI’s Use of National Security Letters Reissued

Oct 24: Frustrated CIA Blames Torture Report Delays on Senators Who Want It To Be Intelligible

Oct 24: Nevada jail DNA collection sees little pushback

Oct 24: Local Law Enforcement Chipping Away at the Fourth Amendment

Oct 24: All the NSA Will Say About Its Alarmingly Entrepreneurial Top Spy Is That She’s Resigning

Oct 23: Austin Airport Tracks Cell Phones To Measure Security Line Wait

Oct 22: Chicago And Big Data

Oct 22: Bluetooth-tracking beacon programs uncovered in LA, Chicago

Oct 22: Apple grapple: Congress kills FBI’s Cupertino crypto kybosh plan

Oct 21: When Can the Police Search Your Phone and Computer?

Oct 21: Who’s staying in that hotel?

Oct 21: Speed Cameras In Chicago Earn $50M Less Than Expected

Oct 20: Virginia Police Have Been Secretively Stockpiling Private Phone Records

Oct 19: White House fights ACLU suit over database of ‘suspicious’ acts

Oct 19: Sen. Charles Schumer Seeks To Make Covert GPS Tracking Illegal

Oct 17: Top NSA Official Has a Lucrative Side-Business

Oct 17: The FBI Director’s Evidence Against Encryption Is Pathetic

Oct 17: Groups appeal for release of police license plate scans

Oct 17: Illinois lawmakers to discuss police body cameras

Oct 16: Another Privacy Concern: Police Spying on Cell Phones

Oct 16: FBI boss: We don’t want a backdoor, we want the front door to phones

Oct 15: Local Cops Say Your Driving History Is Public — Unless You Want a Copy

Oct 13: Banks harvest callers’ voiceprints to fight fraud



Oct 26: Edward Snowden interviewed by Lawrence Lessig

Oct 24: Wouldn’t it be great if a billboard could actually read your mind?

Oct 24: Now Everyone Wants to Sell You a Magical Anonymity Router. Choose Wisely

Oct 24: ‘Citizenfour’ a scintillating account of Snowden’s story

Oct 24: Lured by Verizon into giving up cellphone privacy

Oct 23: Assange: Google Is Not What It Seems

Oct 23: Pro-Privacy Senator Wyden on Fighting the NSA From Inside the System

Oct 21: Time to Break the Logjam on ECPA Reform

Oct 20: Are We in a Golden Age of Spying? A Q&A With Laura Poitras

Oct 20: 5 Ways to Hide From Common Surveillance Tech

Oct 18: Citizenfour: Poitras’ doco is about NSA and GCHQ – NOT Snowden

Oct 16: If you think you’ve anonymized a data set, you’re probably wrong

Oct 16: The Dark Market for Personal Data

Oct 14: Julian Assange discovers Google’s given MONEY to EFF

Oct 12: Librarians on the vanguard of the anti-surveillance movement

Oct 11: Snowden’s Tough Advice For Guarding Privacy

Oct 4: How to Defend Your Home Against the Prying Eyes of UAVs



Oct 25: GCHQ staff ‘would sooner walk’ than do anything ‘resembling mass surveillance’

Oct 23: Amazon’s AWS opens data center in Germany – just as we said

Oct 21: Edward who? GCHQ boss dodges Snowden topic during last speech

Oct 20: Oz privacy comish says breaches could double this year

Oct 20: Senators plot metadata pushback as requests keep expanding

Oct 16: New Zealand Cops Raided Home of Reporter Working on Snowden Documents

Oct 15: Searching for balance: An afternoon with Google’s European privacy roadshow

Oct 14: Too Much Privacy: Finnish Police Want Big Euro Notes Taken Out of Circulation

Oct 14: Russian ‘Sandworm’ Hack Has Been Spying on Foreign Governments for Years

Oct 13: Privacy Group Targets British Spyware Company over Bahrain Surveillance

Oct 7: Brits Must Trade Digital Freedoms For Safety, Says Crime Agency Boss

Oct 6: Stop the Spies: Australians Rise Up Against Mandatory Data Retention



Nov 3: Verizon Injecting Perma-Cookies to Track Mobile Customers, Bypassing Privacy Controls

Oct 28: Drones on tour: Portland startup SkyWard teams with NASA to demonstrate value of aerial robots

Oct 27: Nest Buys “Smart Home” Startup Revolv, Discontinues Automation Hub

Oct 25: Popularity of personal drone aircraft is soaring

Oct 23: Xiaomi addresses privacy concerns by moving international users’ data out of China

Oct 23: Adobe spies on readers: EVERY DRM page turn leaked to base over SSL

Oct 22: Apple dumps SSL 3.0 for push notifications due to Poodle flaw

Oct 21: Quantum key security steps outside the box

Oct 21: Google endorses a simpler way to secure your data

Oct 20: How to Stop Apple From Snooping on Your OS X Yosemite Searches

Oct 19: Amplion wins big at the Bend Venture Conference with promise to become the Kayak of biomarkers

Oct 17: Kickstarter Freezes Anonabox Privacy Router Project for Misleading Funders

Oct 16: Alaska Airlines’ biometric boarding pass: Lifting, or giving, a finger?

Oct 15: Laura Poitras on the Crypto Tools That Made Her Snowden Film Possible

Oct 10: Check in with your finger: Alaska Airlines testing ‘e-thumb’ technology

Oct 8: Get ready for ‘Drone Nation’

Privacy News Update, 8-30-14


WIRED: How to Save the Net


8-27 Secret Surveillance In Tacoma: Police Collecting Cell Phone Records

8-27 Tacoma police admit to cellphone surveillance, say they don’t keep data

8-26 Documents: Tacoma police using surveillance device to sweep up cellphone data

8-23 GeekWire Radio: How cops are moving to the cloud, and what it means for public safety

8-17 Q&A with Ron Wyden, a stalwart defender of open Internet


8-30 Police agencies want access to applicants’ social-media passwords

8-29 Congress Needs to Rein in the Security State the Way We Have in Maine

8-29 Google Accord With Harvard Tie Fails Judge’s Smell Test

8-29 Smartphone kill switch mandate raises privacy, civil liberty concerns

8-28 The Executive Order That Led To Mass Spying, As Told By NSA Alumni

8-28 Is Big Brother the best way to build trust between cops and citizens?

8-28 Bill would crack down on paparazzi drones

8-27 Microsoft lobbies vacationing D.C. decision-makers with full-page ads in Martha’s Vineyard and Outer Banks newspapers

8-27 Homeland Security Arms Local Cops With Super Spy Bug

8-27 Big Shoulders, Big Data: Chicago Putting Up Sensors All Over Town

8-27 DoT Proposes Mandating Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communications

8-27 We Must Secure America’s Cell Networks—From Criminals and Cops

8-27 Bill requiring warrants for drone use among those OKd by Legislature

8-26 NSA shares metadata with many other agencies using “Google-like” ICREACH tool, Snowden leaks show

8-26 Super Cali signs a kill-switch, campaigners say it’s atrocious

8-26 How Cops and Hackers Could Abuse California’s New Phone Kill-Switch Law

8-25 NSA built search engine to crawl, share data

8-25 850 Billion NSA Surveillance Records Searchable By Domestic Law Enforcement

8-25 The Surveillance Engine: How the NSA Built Its Own Secret Google

8-23 Military gear for police scrutinized

8-23: Indiana police move cautiously on use of drones

8-22 Honorable spies anonymously leak NSA/GHCQ-discovered flaws in Tor

8-22 Tor Exec Claims NSA Agents Supply It With Vulnerability Information

8-21 The NSA Is Scaring People Away From Tor

8-21 The FTC’s Controversial Battle To Force Companies To Protect Your Data

8-21 Anti-spying coalition launches campaign against LAPD drones

8-19 Arkansas men file lawsuit over police encryption

8-18 A first step in reining in the NSA

8-18 How to End Militarized Policing

8-18 What should the White House seek in its next privacy czar? Someone who can explain the internet

8-16 EFF guide to cell phone use for US protesters

8-14 Forcing America’s Weaponized Police to Wear Cameras

7-14 An FBI Counterterrorism Agent Tracked Me Down Because I Took a Picture of This

5-5 No One Opposes All Surveillance: False Equivalence on the NSA


8-29 Ireland’s Data Privacy Regulator Will Have Global Sway

8-28 Top beak: UK privacy law may be reconsidered because of social media

8-28 Oz fed police in PDF redaction SNAFU

8-27 Australia and US to share information on travelers

8-27 Australian authorities don’t want to track web surfing, but they do want bandwidth data

8-21 Venezuela proposes fingerprinting shoppers

8-19 German Intelligence Spying On Allies, Recorded Kerry, Clinton, and Kofi Annan

8-8 Public Wi-Fi users in Russia will have to log on with ID, reports say

8-8 Facebook privacy “class action” shifted from one Austrian court to another

8-6 More than 20,000 people are now suing Facebook in Europe over privacy


8-29 Local lawyers take a scientific approach to data security

8-29 Security Flaw In Gay Dating App Grindr Reveals Precise Location Of 90% Of Users

8-29 Apple Has Banned Advertisers From Using Your Health Data

8-29 Will Apple Satisfy Regulators Over HealthKit Data Privacy?

8-29 The Accidental Phone Tap

8-29 Kaspersky backpedals on ‘done nothing wrong, nothing to fear’ blather

8-28 Your Cellphone Company Says Your Location Info Is Private. Think Again.

8-28 Why Google Banned A Privacy Tool Called ‘Disconnect Mobile’ From The Android App Store

8-28 Protecting your kid’s data starts with you

8-28 Google building fleet of package-delivering drones

8-27 Dragoncon cosplayers team up with EFF to fight for anonymity

8-27 ​Google goes public with security audits to ease corporate concerns

8-27 Indian Teen’s Secret Girlfriend Stays Hidden With Hike App

8-26 This Man Has Nothing to Hide—Not Even His Email Password

8-26 Sensors let Alzheimer’s patients stay at home, safely

8-25 How cellphone apps track your every location

8-25 Systems That Can Secretly Track Where Cellphone Users Go Around the Globe

8-24 Full-body scanners? One day entire jetliners might be scanned

8-24 For sale: Systems that can secretly track where cellphone users go around the globe

8-22 Should Cities Have Zoning For Drones?

8-22 Hack attack: Apps can spy on other apps

8-22 Not so Secret? How a hack could have killed app’s anonymity

8-22 Fitbit to stop selling data without consent

8-21 Wear This Device So the Boss Knows You’re Losing Weight

8-21 Boffins propose security shim for Android

8-21 Why Predictive Shopping Might Be Bad For The Future

8-21 Researchers create privacy wrapper for Android Web apps

8-21 Stealing encryption keys through the power of touch

8-20 Survey: Half of shoppers don’t want to be tracked

8-20 There Is No Privacy On The Internet Of Things

8-19 Think crypto hides you from spooks on Facebook? THINK AGAIN

8-19 Why A Philosopher Teaches Privacy

8-19 Privacy Is Completely And Utterly Dead, And We Killed It

8-19 Aphex Twin promotes both new album and Tor through Deep Web publicity push

8-15 Lower Your Car Insurance Bill, at the Price of Some Privacy

8-7 Eavesdropping with a camera and potted plants


8-29 Book review: ‘What Stays in Vegas,’ about personal data privacy, by Adam Tanner

8-27 Leaving Money and Privacy on the Table
‘What Stays in Vegas,’ by Adam Tanner

Privacy news update, 8-3-14

Aug 3: Sen. Charles Schumer Calls For Feds To Speed Up Regulations For Drones

Aug 2: Feds’ Silk Road Investigation Broke Privacy Laws, Defendant Tells Court

Aug 1: Americans’ liberties in the balance

Aug 1: LAPD seeks to limit civilian drone flights over police stations

Aug 1: Access to Ohio facial-recognition system is limited

Aug 1: Internet Companies Berate Microsoft’s Recent Loss In Email Privacy Case

Aug 1: Ruling Against Microsoft Adds to Tech Industry’s Privacy Headaches

Aug 1: Ill. drone law extended to private operators

Aug 1: Twitter: Hey. Remember us? Hello, yes. Govts want to spy on us too!

Jul 31: CIA admits to spying on Senate committee

JUl 31: Microsoft’s Euro cloud darkens: US FEDS can dig into foreign servers

Jul 31: Microsoft Loses Email Privacy Case With U.S. Gov, Will Appeal

Jul 31: NY judge: US warrant can reach email in Ireland

Jul 31: Requests for User Data Rise in Twitter’s Latest Transparency Report

Jul 30: Rare cop-owned drone in California could fly over Bay Area soon

Jul 29: Personal Privacy Is Only One of the Costs of NSA Surveillance

Jul 29: Senate bill would end NSA phone records collection

Jul 29: Senate introduces USA FREEDOM Act to curb NSA spying excesses

Jul 29: Analysis: Bill banning phone metadata collection gives NSA access to it

Jul 28: Missouri Voters May Fortify Digital Privacy Rights

Jul 28: The New Senate USA FREEDOM Act: A Step Towards Surveillance Reform?

Jul 28: (California) State Senate should approve proposed drone regulations

Jul 28: Russia Wants to Expose Tor for Fun and Profit

Jul 27: Privacy and the Pool of Information

Jul 24: Why Weren’t Two Stories in The Times? An Odyssey


Aug 3: UK Spy Agency Certifies Master’s Degrees In Cyber Security

Jul 31: UK Government Report Recommends Ending Online Anonymity

Jul 29: Telcos renew calls to limit metadata retention


Aug 3: Google Spotted Explicit Images Of A Child In A Man’s Email And Tipped Off The Authorities (GOOG)

Aug 2: How Facebook Sold You Krill Oil

Aug 1: Defending your digital rights? Then you’re a Nazi, says the Open Rights Group

Aug 1: The CIA Does Las Vegas

Aug 1: Bird? Plane? No, It’s the Wedding Photographer

Jul 31: The incredible, job-creating drone

Jul 31: Daily Report: Checking In From Home Is a Boon for Hackers

Jul 31: Hackers Can Control Your Phone Using a Tool That’s Already Built Into It

Jul 31: BitTorrent launches decentralised crypto-fied chat app

Jul 31: Why the Security of USB Is Fundamentally Broken

Jul 30: Tor attack nodes RIPPED MASKS off users for 6 MONTHS

Jul 30: Black Hat Researchers Actively Trying To Deanonymize Tor Users

Jul 30: Active attack on Tor network tried to decloak users for five months

Jul 30: Inside Citizen Lab, the “Hacker Hothouse” protecting you from Big Brother

Jul 30: Make Information Security a Priority

Jul 30: BitTorrent unveils NSA-proof online calling and messaging software

Jul 29: Your iPhone Can Finally Make Free, Encrypted Calls

Jul 29: Privacy advocates want regulators to go after Facebook

Jul 28: Attack on Tor Has Likely Stripped Users of Anonymity

Jul 28: Finally! An app to turn the ordinary person into a criminal

Jul 27: Health products like wristband monitors prompt privacy worries

Jul 27: The Ways Modern Secret Societies Use the Internet to Hide in Plain Sight

Jul 26: Private Data On iOS Devices Not So Private After All

Jul 23: How to Invent a Person Online

Jul 23: Have a Drone? Check This Map Before You Fly It

Jul 22: You are being tracked in the real world, so what should we do about it?

Jul 22: What the Internet Can See From Your Cat Pictures

Privacy News Update, 7-25-14


Jul 25: Russia publicly joins war on Tor privacy with $111,000 bounty

Jul 24: Dutch Court Says Government Can Receive Bulk Data from NSA

Jul 24: EU wants Google to extend “right to be forgotten” to global users

Jul 22: STILL no move by Brit data cops over Google’s 2012 privacy slurp


Jul 25: FBI Studied How Much Drones Impact Your Privacy — Then Marked It Secret

Jul 24: Senator’s Bill Is Stricter on N.S.A. Than House’s

Jul 24: ACLU, S.F. settle warrantless cell phone search case

Jul 24: Wisconsin court backs police on cellphone data

Jul 24: Court allows use of “stingray” cell tracking device in murder case

Jul 24: President Obama Plans Action On Drone Privacy Regulation

Jul 23: White House caught secretly tracking Web visitors with sneaky spyware

Jul 22: WA State denies TVW request to film Capitol using drone

Jul 22: Obama sends top aides to Germany amid spying flap

Jul 22: Congress should act to close the metadata gaps

Jul 21: Obama, Senate make progress on NSA data-collection reform bill


Jul 25: Apple smacked with privacy sueball over Location Services

Jul 25: How to defeat facial-recognition machines and look like a rock star

Jul 25: Your Right To Be Forgotten Beats Google’s Right to Remember

Jul 25: The App I Used to Break Into My Neighbor’s Home

Jul 24: Google Cutting Links on Over Half of Privacy Requests

Jul 24: PlaceUs App Tracks and Records Daily Activities

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Privacy News roundup, 6-22-14

Congress passes crackdown on NSA surveillance
also from Wired:and Slashdot

– NOTE – the above is only the House, not Congress + Obama signature, so not really ‘passed’ yet. And the bill also has limits on Gitmo stuff which will surely be a direct challenge to Obama – but a big first step, anyway – #6

Court rules police need warrant for cell phone location tracking
Also from Wired here and here.

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Five surveillance myths stalling NSA reform, debunked

From The Guardian…

Five surveillance myths stalling NSA reform, debunked

As you cruise the internet, check Facebook or shoot out a few tweets today, you might notice something strange: a massive digital protest aimed at stopping the NSA surveillance machine. Over 6,000 organizations, companies and websites have pledged their support to roll back the surveillance state by inundating members of Congress with calls, emails, tweets and Facebook posts in support of the USA Freedom Act, a bill with nearly 150 bipartisan cosponsors that would end the bulk collection of Americans’ sensitive records. Today is The Day We Fight Back.

But to fight back effectively, Americans need to know where the facts stand right now, more than eight months since the Edward Snowden leaks began.

Within minutes after the Guardian published that first leak on the NSA’s activities, pro-surveillance forces starting making bold claims about how necessary broad spying is to our very security. And almost every justification for indiscriminate spying on Americans and people abroad has been methodically refuted ever since. It turns out that assertions made by the administration, members of Congress and security commentators were little more than myths. So enough with the misleading statements and half-truths designed to distort reality. Here’s a quick rundown and rebuttal of the surveillance falsehoods that still need refuting to this day.
Myth No 1: NSA surveillance programs have thwarted terror attacks here at home.

At early congressional hearings, administration representatives insisted that spying programs, including the now infamous collection of phone records in bulk, had stopped 54 terror incidents. As members pushed for more detail, the administration said around 10 of those were based in the US. Weeks later, the number shrank to four – and then ultimately a single case in Southern California, where a San Diego cab driver was convicted of sending $8,500 to a Somali terrorist group.

In fact, there were no attacks in America thwarted by domestic spying. This led both the independent Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board and the president’s hand-picked Surveillance Review Group to find that the phone records program added no unique value to the many surveillance programs already underway.
Myth No 2: NSA data-crunching programs only work if you collect all information on everyone.

Pro-surveillance advocates immediately took up this banner once it was reported that essentially all phone calls in the US were collected under provisions of the Patriot Act. Of course, this argument fell apart once no cases could be found supporting the need for bulk collection. The claim was also dealt a serious blow by the conclusion of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board that bulk collection has not provided the NSA any information that it could not have acquired using targeted surveillance.

The Washington Post and Wall Street Journal are now reporting that the collection rate of phone records is somewhere between 20 and 30% and is largely targeted at landlines. If this is true, the “collect-it-all” argument has no leg to stand on.
Myth No 3: All relevant decision-makers were briefed on the programs and approved them.

Some members of Congress were briefed on the telephone record program, but by and large they were not. In fact, the House Intelligence Committee is still denying members of the House access to information about NSA surveillance to this very day.

The rest of the newly revealed programs – such as a decade-long program to track email communications, overseas hacking and broad searches of internet records – have not been addressed by the administration in any detail. Most members of Congress are unaware of how these and even broader programs affect people here and abroad.
Myth No 4: There’s simply no other less-intrusive way to achieve the same ends.

It’s not clear what the “ends” are since they don’t seem to be tied to actually stopping terrorist attacks. But if the NSA’s goal is to collect phone and other records to advance investigations, the government has many tools already at its disposal that operate with some sort of specificity or suspicion, including emergency authorities that allow them to seize records and follow process later if life or limb is at risk. Both the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board and the president’s Review Group confirmed this in their respective reports.
Myth No 5: President Obama’s changes sufficiently address the privacy violations revealed in the last eight months.

The president’s apparent decision to stop the NSA from amassing Americans’ phone records without suspicion is a good first step but addresses only the tip of the iceberg. Notably absent from the president’s recent speech on surveillance was a commitment to end other forms of bulk collection. Congress needs to finish the job by rewriting the laws to ensure that no records or communications can be collected in a mass, suspicion-free fashion and that the government’s tools be targeted only at those suspected of wrongdoing.

Moreover, Congress needs to address the significant way in which international and foreign surveillance affects the rights of not just US citizens and residents, but of foreigners, whose right to privacy the president recently recognized. Part of the solution will undoubtedly involve clarifying and adding appropriate limitations on vague surveillance laws and executive orders.

Now that you know where the truth stands, the administration and its supporters are left only with claims that trolling through our data provides “peace of mind” and that someday in the future these massive databases will somehow thwart a terrorist attack. Those are inadequate justifications for widespread spying on everyday people, particularly in a democracy. That’s why the ACLU and over 6,000 other organizations, companies and websites are taking action. Today we tell our members of Congress that the time has come to take our privacy back and rein in the NSA by passing the USA Freedom Act.

Join us, and tell Congress that indiscriminate mass surveillance is un-American.