Apple vs. FBI: Special Focus

Given the current attempt by the FBI to truly force the issue of privacy in the name of fearmongering – we’re doing a special focus on related news – enjoy! The subsections are a bit different on this one vs. the usual too, given the subject matter.




2/27: In Fighting FBI, Apple Says Free Speech Rights Mean No Forced Coding

2/27: Affirm CEO Max Levchin Wants Apple to Open the iPhone — But Just This Once

2/27: Autodesk part of software group backing Apple

2/26: Phone companies silent on Apple debate over privacy and security

2/26: Apple’s Tim Cook to shareholders: Taking on the FBI is the right thing to do

2/26: Apple’s CEO Takes A Stand — And A Risk

2/26: Cook to Apple shareholders: Fighting the feds ‘doesn’t scare us’

2/26: Rev. Jesse Jackson backs Apple in FBI privacy fight: CNET News Video

2/25: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter to Back Apple With Legal Filing in FBI Case

2/25: Apple pushes back on iPhone order, says FBI is seeking ‘dangerous power’

2/25: Apple CEO: FBI Wants Software ‘Equivalent of Cancer’ (video)

2/25: Cook: ‘This is Not What Should Be Happening in This Country’

2/25: Microsoft takes Apple’s side in iPhone dispute with FBI

2/24: Tim Cook: An iPhone Master Key Would Be the ‘Software Equivalent of Cancer’

2/24: Apple to argue First Amendment in iPhone encryption fight

2/24: Rep. Lieu Asks Comey to Drop FBI’s Demands on Apple

2/23: Justice Department Seeks to Force Apple to Extract Data From About 12 Other iPhones

2/22: Apple, FBI Wage War of Words

2/22: Apple holds firm against FBI, calls for expert panel to discuss encryption

2/22: FBI says it helped mess up that iPhone – the one it wants Apple to crack

2/22: Father of victim to join FBI fight to hack shooter’s iPhone

2/22: Latest in Apple v FBI public squabble over iPhone crack demand

2/22: Apple Calls on Congress to Form Committee for Privacy Issues

2/22: Zuckerberg Backs Apple in Its Battle With the FBI Over iPhone Privacy

2/22: Huawei Backs Apple in Phone Unlocking Dispute (video)

2/22: Global Tech Leaders Continue to Support Apple from MWC (video)

2/22: Some victims in mass shooting support efforts to hack iPhone

2/22: Tim Cook Asks FBI To Withdraw Order To Hack Terrorist’s iPhone

2/22: Apple vs. FBI: 9 Updates in the Fight Over a Killer’s Locked iPhone

2/22: Standoff intensifies between Apple and the FBI

2/22: FBI Fires Back at Apple: Corporations Shouldn’t Run iPhone Unlocking Debate

2/22: Apple: iPhone Fight Should Go to Congress

2/22: Apple tells employees why it won’t help hack shooter’s phone

2/21: Apple’s New Lawyer Calls iPhone-Unlock Order a ‘Pandora’s Box’

2/21: China’s Huawei Backs Apple Stance in Phone Unlocking Dispute

2/20: Battle Over San Bernardino Shooter’s iPhone Escalates

2/20: Carole Adams, Mom Who Lost Son In San Bernardino Shooting, Sides With Apple

2/19: US gov’t tells court that Apple must be forced to help unlock seized iPhone

2/19: US senate intel chief backs off on bill criminalising refusal to aid decryption

2/19: Legal Heavyweights Olson, Boutrous Tapped to Help Apple in Encryption Fight

2/19: US DoJ files motion to compel Apple to obey FBI iPhone crack order

2/19: Apple’s Fight to Keep the Backdoor Locked

2/19: Vote: The federal government vs. Apple

2/19: Facebook and Twitter back Apple’s privacy stance

2/19: Apple/FBI fight looks destined to go all the way to the Supreme Court as more background is revealed

2/19: Apple’s Getting More Time to Fight Against iPhone Unlocking Demand

2/19: Apple says investigators ruined best way to access terrorist data

2/18: FBI iPhone brouhaha sparks Apple Store protest in San Francisco

2/18: Apple Gets More Time to Fight Order to Unlock iPhone

2/17: FBI iPhone unlock order reaction: Trump, Rubio say no to Apple. EFF and Twitter say yes


2/17: All-American Apple challenges US gov call for iOS ‘backdoor’

2/17: Encryption Legislation Looms Over Washington After Apple Court Order

2/17: Tim Cook hits back at ‘chilling’ order for iPhone ‘backdoor’

2/17: Google CEO Sundar Pichai Backs Apple In FBI Encryption Debate

2/17: Apple Vows to Fight Feds on Privacy (video)

2/17: Apple says it won’t comply with court order to unlock gunman’s iPhone

2/17: Apple To Challenge Court-Ordered Backdoor As ‘Unreasonably Burdensome’

2/17: Privacy activists to gather at Apple stores in solidarity against FBI demands

2/16: Judge: Apple must help FBI hack into iPhone belonging to San Bernardino, Calif., shooter

2/9: FBI Gripes “We Can’t Read Everyone’s Secrets”



2/27: Apple-FBI Fight Signals A Need For New Political Precedent

2/26: Apple will needs more friends like Microsoft and Starchild

2/26: Wolff: Who does Apple think it is?

2/26: ‘This is Not a Case About One Isolated iPhone’

2/24: Behold, the Dumbest Thing Anybody Has Written About Apple and the FBI

2/23: Bill Gates Sides With FBI Over iPhone Unlocking [Update: Bill Gates Feels ‘Disappointed’]

2/22: Pew: public supports FBI over Apple (by 1% ?!)

2/22: Tim Cook says Apple’s dispute with FBI is best handled this way

2/22: Comey: FBI owes it to victims to try to gain access to phone

2/22: Seeking iPhone Data, Through the Front Door

2/22: Apple and the FBI Break the Fourth Wall

2/22: For Apple, a Search for a Moral High Ground in a Heated Debate

2/21: Are We Really Supposed to Believe That Apple’s Spat Against the Govt Is a Fight to Protect the Freedom of American Citizens?

2/20: Why Are Apple’s Competitors Staying Silent On the iPhone Unlocking Fight?

2/20: Or is Apple happy to enable a backdoor as long as it makes money from it?

2/19: The FBI vs. Apple

2/19: DoJ Says Apple’s Posture on iPhone Unlocking Is Just Marketing

2/19: Making Apple vulnerable to hackers is bigger threat than terrorists: Letters to the Editor

2/18: Feds look left and right for support – and see everyone backing Apple

2/18: Woz says you can’t trust government, denies Apple case is terrorism-related

2/18: The Future for Tech and Apple’s Privacy Fight (video)

2/18: Fear iPhone hackers or the FBI? Bloomberg View

2/18: Apple CEO Cook right to defend iPhone encryption

2/18: The Real Stakes of Apple’s Fight With the FBI

2/18: If Apple opens a backdoor for the FBI, expect the Chinese, Russians and non-state actors to enter, too

2/17: Edward Snowden Calls For Google To Side With Apple On Encryption Debate

2/17: Apple vs. the FBI

2/17: Apple’s FBI Privacy Fight Is A Battle For Our Trust

2/17: Why Tim Cook is wrong: A privacy advocate’s view

2/17: The Next Round of the FBI vs. Apple Encryption Debate is Game Over For Security

2/17: Why You Should Care About Apple’s Fight With the FBI



2/25: How an iPhone became the FBI’s public enemy No. 1 (FAQ)

2/25: Deposing Tim Cook

2/24: Apple’s privacy fight with the FBI explained

2/22: What We Know So Far: Apple and the FBI

2/22: Apple’s battle with the FBI: All your questions answered

2/19: What Does the Apple-FBI Saga Mean for Your Data Privacy?

2/19: Apple vs. FBI: Here’s everything you need to know (FAQ)

2/18: No, Apple Has Not Unlocked 70 iPhones For Law Enforcement

2/18: Confused about Apple and the FBI? What you need to know

2/18: Apple vs. US: What’s driving the fight over a terrorist’s iPhone

2/18: Apple’s FBI Battle Is Complicated. Here’s What’s Really Going On



2/26: Apple faces the most important PR battle in its history with the FBI

2/24: Experts: The FBI’s iPhone-unlocking plan for Apple is risky

2/24: Preliminary thoughts on the Apple iPhone order in the San Bernardino case: Part 3, the policy question

2/23: Apple Is Right: The FBI Wants to Break Into Lots of Phones

2/24: Why you hear conflicting stories about whether people support Apple or the FBI

2/23: What’s At Stake In Apple/FBI Fight: Who Gets To Set The Rules That Govern Your Privacy & Security

2/23: Apple began iPhone encryption fight last fall, in Brooklyn

2/23: FBI chose moment well, raising stakes on Apple

2/22: Apple’s iPhone Already Has a Backdoor

2/22: Narrow Focus May Aid F.B.I. in Apple Case

2/22: Apple Showdown Heightens Challenge of Encrypted Data

2/22: Common software would have let FBI unlock shooter’s iPhone

2/22: Former NSA and CIA chief says Apple is right on the bigger issue of encryption back door

2/21: FBI directed password reset that locked it out of shooter’s phone

2/21: Apple-FBI Phone Fight Gets Technical

2/20: Apple encryption case based on 1789 law, 1977 ruling

2/19: FBI vs. Apple: Opening Pandora’s Box

2/19: Preliminary thoughts on the Apple iPhone order in the San Bernardino case: Part 2, the All Writs Act

2/19: Apple encryption showdown: Has the US government overstepped its boundaries?

2/18: Apple vs. the FBI: This may not be a war Apple can win

2/18: Legal analysis: Apple v. FBI (video)

2/18: Experts: Apple could break into its iPhones in an afternoon (video)

2/18: Apple could break into its iPhones in an afternoon, say experts (video)

2/18: Why you should side with Apple, not the FBI, in the San Bernardino iPhone case

2/18: Preliminary thoughts on the Apple iPhone order in the San Bernardino case (Part 1)

2/18: The 227-Year-Old Statute Being Used to Order Apple to Endanger Your Privacy, Explained

2/17: Fight over San Bernardino gunman’s locked iPhone could have big impact, major privacy implications

2/17: Why the FBI’s request to Apple will affect civil rights for a generation

2/17: Apple can comply with the FBI court order

2/17: The Optics of Apple’s Encryption Fight

2/17: The centuries-old law the government wants to use to unlock a terrorist’s iPhone

Privacy News Update, 1-17-16

So it’s been too long, apologies – but here you go for the new year!


1/15:  As New York looks to ban encrypted smartphones, here’s what you can do

1/10:  The new way police are surveilling you: Calculating your threat ‘score’

1/9:  Now that they know the NSA is spying on them, Congress is really worried about domestic surveillance

1/8:  Apple, Google, Microsoft attack government hacking plans

1/8:  Facial recognition tool screens travellers for border officers (Canada)

1/8:  Washington raises pressure on Silicon Valley in fight against terrorism

1/8:  Why Amazon’s Data Centers Are Hidden in Spy Country

1/7:  Parents Monitoring Teenagers Online, and Mostly, Getting It Right

1/7:  U.S. Tech Giants Join Forces Against U.K. Spying Plans

1/7:  Apple Buys Startup That Sees What’s Behind Your Smile

1/7:  Repeal authority to expand Real ID: Opposing view

1/6:  Severe Silent Circle Blackphone vulnerability lets hackers take over

1/6:  Work for the Electronic Frontier Foundation: Hacker, lawyer, activist geeks

1/6:  Under Gun Rules, F.B.I. Will Receive Health Data

1/6:  The Extortionist in the Fridge

1/4:  A Redaction Re-Visited: NSA Targeted “The Two Leading” Encryption Chips

1/4:  How ‘Do Not Track’ Ended Up Going Nowhere

12/31:  In 2015, promising surveillance cases ran into legal brick walls

12/31:  Gadgets smarter, but are they safe?

12/31:  Why Are Digital-Privacy Apps So Hard to Use?

12/31:  It’s an Unobtrusive Assistant Whispering in Your Ear (Not Little Brother)

12/30:  UK government wants to send tech execs to jail for disclosing surveillance

12/29:  A Wake-Up Call To Fight Government Surveillance

12/29:  Microsoft may have your encryption key; here’s how to take it back

12/24:  Just Before Passing Surveillance Expansion, Lawmakers Partied With How ‘Do Not Track’ Ended Up Going NowherePro-CISA Lobbyists

12/23:  NSA Helped British Spies Find Security Holes In Juniper Firewalls

12/21:  What Your Fitbit Doesn’t Want You to Know

12/15:  The Government Wants Access to Smartphones. What You Should Know

12/14:  EFF and Human Rights Watch force DEA to destroy its mass surveillance database

12/13:  Why social media profiles of visa applicants, job seekers and borrowers are being scanned

12/13:  Otay Mesa border crossing launches testing of facial recognition technology

12/9:  Crowdfunding ORG’s campaign to fight the UK government’s mass surveillance

11/26:  What mobile phone data can reveal about you, in Rwanda or right here at home

11/12:  How Edward Snowden Changed Everything


Local to PNW:

1/6:  Washington state to review personal data under new cybersecurity office

12/1:  Audit sheds light on body camera program as more police officers outfitted

11/17:  Steve Duin: The coolest maps of Portland you’ve ever seen



1/9:  Bill would protect student social media privacy (Wyo.)

1/8:  U.S. Gives States 2 More Years to Meet Driver’s License Standards

1/7:  FTC warns companies that ‘big data’ comes with the potential for big problems

1/6:  After neighbor shot down his drone, Kentucky man files federal lawsuit

1/6:  How Drones Are Adapting to New U.S. Rules

1/6:  More Than 180,000 Drone Users Registered in F.A.A. Database

12/28:  T.S.A. Moves Closer to Rejecting Some State Driver’s Licenses for Travel

12/27:  F.A.A. Drone Laws Start to Clash With Stricter Local Rules

12/26:  Secrecy Shuts Down a National-Security Debate

12/22:  The Logo That Took Down a DARPA Surveillance Project

12/21:  Hillary Clinton wants “Manhattan-like project” to break encryption

12/18:  Erroneous Claims Made About Basic Classification Data in The Intercept’s Spy Gear Documents

12/16:  Six Embarrassing Things Republicans Said About Cybersecurity Last Night

12/3:  Congress Wants to Protect Your Emails From Warrantless Searches

12/1:  IRS: Won’t use phone-tracking technology without warrant

11/28:  America’s super-secret court names five lawyers as public advocates



1/15:  Smartphone encryption ban? It’s a boon for criminals and terrorists

1/13:  The Long and Winding History of Encryption

1/9:  Drone Regulations Should Focus on Safety and Privacy

1/8:  Learning the wrong lesson on privacy from Henrietta Lacks

1/5:  Column: Drivers need to get from A to B safely — not feed their digital addictions

12/31:  Lessig on how the economics of data-retention will drive privacy tech

12/30:  Your Cells. Their Research. Your Permission?

12/29:  Digital privacy about to feel real-world shock to its system

12/27:  Contra Costa Times editorial: Spending bill slips in erosion of privacy rights for cybersecurity

12/22:  Restoring the Right to Be Let Alone

12/19:  Technology And The Deep State

12/18:  Wolverton: Snowden moment may be passing with new fears, pushback

12/14:  Opinion: Rise of the Drones

12/13:  Why protecting customers’ data should trump profits every time

12/11:  ‘I want to join the NSA. What do you think of that?’

12/11:  The Moral Failure of Computer Scientists

12/5:  This War On Math Is Bullshit

12/4:  Master of the house: why we should fight for truly private spaces

11/28:  Could the Third Amendment be used to fight the surveillance state?

10/1:  Americans Love Technology—but They Want Their Privacy Back



1/9:  Risks And Red Lines As UK Prepares To Reforge Surveillance Law

1/8: ​ UN experts warn of ‘chilling effect’ on freedoms over UK surveillance bill

1/8:  Australia ‘may do dumb things’ with crypto in 2016: EFF

1/8:  Why tech firms hate new UK surveillance law

1/5:  Police to deploy drones to catch thieves, help break sieges

12/27:  U.K. Home Secretary Defends Controversial Surveillance Bill, Says It Will Stop Cyber Bullies

12/27:  China’s New Big Brother Law Is A Clone Of The West’s Bad Ideas

12/25:  Hyde Park visitors covertly tracked via mobile phone data

12/16:  IXmaps: a tool to figure out when the NSA can see Canadians’ data

12/22:  Europe and U.S. have different approaches to protecting privacy of personal data

12/16:  EU passes strict new data collection regulations

12/10:  European plan for blanket collection of air passengers’ data clears key hurdle

12/10:  Costs And Risks Of UK’s Draft Surveillance Powers Probed

12/8:  German Carmakers Gobbled Up Nokia Maps So No One Else Would Take It

12/8:  Kazakhstan’s New Encryption Law Could Be a Preview of U.S. Policy



1/9:  Car Accessories Gone Wild at CES 2016

1/9:  Google patents a wearable that tells you to take your medications when you eat

1/6:  Dojo-Labs aims to tap into Internet of Things device security

12/29:  Looks like Google Glass is back

12/23:  If You’re Launching A Tech Startup In 2016, Focus On Privacy And Fast Data

12/18:  Apple CEO Tim Cook Keeps Support for Unbreakable Encryption

12/18:  Blackberry CEO Chen: We Don’t Keep Data (video)

12/14:  Qubes OS will ship pre-installed on Purism’s security-focused Librem 13 laptop

12/7:  Windows 10 Settings menu: The Privacy tab

12/2:  Google: No, We’re Not Snooping on Students With Our Chromebooks, Apps

11/10:  Ted Cruz’s App Rewards Users for Turning Over Their Friends’ Contact Info


Misc Media/Books/Etc.:

1/3:  In a new era of surveillance and doublethink, ‘1984’ takes to the stage

Privacy News Update – 11-8-15



10/12:  Cops Don’t Need a Crypto Backdoor to Get Into Your iPhone

10/08:  5 Lessons From the Summer of Epic Car Hacks

10/02:  Has somebody shared your ‘anonymised’ health data? Bad news

9/29:  Now you can be tracked online by your email addy. Thanks, Google!

9/25:  New Reports Describe More Mass Surveillance and Schemes to Undermine Encryption

9/23:  These 7 apps are among the worst at protecting privacy

9/22:  Child abuse, drug sales, terrorism fears: Why cops halted a library’s Tor relay … for a month

9/17:  The Facebook of the Future Has Privacy Implications Today

9/16:  Let’s Encrypt issues first free digital certificate

9/16:  Senate panel considers updating law to increase email privacy protections

9/15:  Store scans your license: What do they learn?

9/15:  Twitter sued for scanning private messages

9/15:  Now You Can Find Out if the NSA and GCHQ Spied on You

9/15:  FBI Keeps Telling Purely Theoretical Encryption Horror Stories

9/14:  Federal Court Lifts National Security Letter Gag Order; First Time in 14 Years

9/10:  The ‘Crypto Wars’ of the 1990s are brewing again in Washington

9/10:  Intelligence Overseer Says Press Is More Aggressive Post Snowden

9/9:  Police develop MAC-sniffing software to track stolen devices

9/9:  Dear Internet of Things: human beings are not things

9/8:  Goodbye, privacy: ‘Selfie-drones’ will hover over vacationers

9/5:  One of the biggest features we’re expecting to see in the new Apple TV is really troubling for privacy, experts say

9/3:  The Feds Need a Warrant to Spy With Stingrays From Now On

9/3:  ACLU to Justice Department: Don’t give LAPD money for body cameras

9/2:  Your Next Car Could Reveal More About You Than Your Facebook Profile

9/1:  DARPA looking to sling and recover drones from aircraft motherships


8/28:  Court: We Can’t Rule on NSA Bulk Data Collection Because We Don’t Know Whose Data Was Collected

8/28:  Attention whitehats, The FTC wants you to lead new privacy, security push

8/27:  North Dakota Legalizes Armed Police Drones

8/26:  The Way GCHQ Obliterated The Guardian’s Laptops May Have Revealed More Than It Intended

8/17:  Bosses use tech tools to track, manage workers’ time

8/10:  See Through Walls by the Glow of Your Wi-Fi



10/09:  FBI boss: No encryption backdoor law (but give us backdoors anyway)

10/05:  Activists’ Drone Drops Anti-Spying Leaflets Over the NSA

9/29:  Monica Lewinsky lawyer named as first outsider on secret US spy court

9/28:  This New Campaign Wants To Help Surveillance Agents Quit NSA or GCHQ

9/19:  Wisconsin Supreme Court considers open records case

9/16:  Counterintelligence Agency Shrugs Off Responsibility for OPM Breach

9/15:  FBI: Deal with your own Internet of Things security

9/10:  FBI Director Claims Tor and the “Dark Web” Won’t Let Criminals Hide From His Agents

9/8:  Quoted: Microsoft vs. U.S. government on email privacy

9/7:  Report: Apple Rejected Justice Department Demands for iMessages

9/4:  Samsung wants you to put a motion tracker under a loved one’s mattress—what could go wrong?

9/2:  Watch out, new parents—internet-connected baby monitors are easy to hack

9/2:  Former NSA Chief Expresses Support for Third-Party Consultation at FISA Court

8/31:  Gov. Jerry Brown creates cybersecurity center



10/01:  When Security Experts Gather to Talk Consensus, Chaos Ensues

9/24:  Watch Live: Snowden Treaty Asks Nations to Resist Mass Surveillance

9/12:  An elegy for John Gibson – and our right to privacy

9/18:  Why Internet Privacy Should be a Key Election Issue (Canada)

9/15:  A statutory fix for the Microsoft problem — tentative draft #1

9/11:  Police body cameras show more than just the facts

9/11:  Police body cameras may solve one problem but create others

9/8:  College kids have too much privacy

9/8:  MAGID ON TECH: Personal security in a post-9/11 world

9/7:  What will the privacy and security landscape look like in 2025?

9/6:  The LAPD is instituting the largest body camera program in the country — but it has one major flaw

9/5:  Snowden accepts Norwegian prize via video link from Russia

9/4:  Victory against secret fake cell phone towers shows privacy isn’t dead

9/3:  How Microsoft’s data case could unravel the US tech industry

9/3:  Editorial Can Californians’ privacy be protected in a wired world?

8/28:  How To Think About Student Data Privacy

8/12:  Encrypt Like Everyone is Watching—Decrypt Like No One Is



10/12:  Fingerprints, facial scans, EU border data slurp too tasty for French to resist

10/10:  ​Government commits AU$18.5m for National Biometric Matching Capability

10-6:  The NDP and Greens Are Right—We Need to Repeal Bill C-51

10/06:  GCHQ’s SMURF ARMY can hack smartphones, says Snowden. Again.

9/28:  EU data protection chief: Snaffling all air traveller data goes too far

9/25:  Blighty’s GCHQ stashes away 50+ billion records a day on people. Just let that sink in

9/25:  KARMA POLICE: GCHQ spooks spied on every web user ever

9/22:  India’s daft draft anti-encryption law torn up after world+dog points out its stupidity

9/21:  Our cookies save you from TERRORISTS, Facebook thunders to Belgian judge

9/17:  NSW Police Force to receive AU$4m body-worn video camera rollout

9/17:  MI5 chief calls for more up-to-date surveillance powers

9/14:  Vodafone Australia Says Employee Breached Customer Privacy

9/10:  Do Adults Have a Privacy Right to Use Drugs? Brazil’s Supreme Court Decides

9/1:  NT Police cracks down on crime with facial recognition technology

8/31:  German Privacy Chiefs Seek EU Regulation Changes

8/31:  The NSA isn’t the only intelligence agency collecting bulk user data

8/14:  Germans are so scared of surveillance they microwave their ID cards



10/14:  AVG defends plans to flog user data as privacy row continues

10/08:  PGP Zimmermann: ‘You want privacy? Well privacy costs MONEY’

10/06:  Fast, wireless access to Tor? Just maybe

10/05:  Hacking Wireless Printers With Phones on Drones

9/21:  Hackers Launch Balloon Probe Into the Stratosphere to Spy on Drones

9/21:  Spy Agency Contractor Puts Out a $1M Bounty for an iPhone Hack

9/18:  Facebook’s new opt-out for tracking ads is not enough, says privacy expert

9/17:  New Crypto Tool Makes Anonymous Surveys Truly Anonymous

9/16:  Google has hired a bunch of engineers from Amazon’s Lab126 for a new wearable tech initiative called ‘Project Aura’

9/15:  Xerox bets printed memory labels, encryption can thwart counterfeiters

9/14:  Intel panel to study defense against car hacking

9/9:  Health care app uses Apple Watch to ID doctors, follow privacy law

9/8:  A new threat to self-driving cars: lasers

9/7:  Apple’s strict stance on privacy could undermine its ability to compete in a rapidly progressing field

9/7:  Fiat Chrysler recalls 8,000 extra Jeeps over remote control hacking worries

8/18:  No regrets for Harvard student who lost Facebook internship after exposing privacy flaw



9/11: Rise in Police Body Cameras Fuels Privacy Debate (video)

Privacy News Update, 8-29-15


8/28: An investigation in Baltimore has ‘opened the floodgates’ on the use of secretive FBI cellphone tracking devices

8/28: Lawyers plan challenge to arrests based on secret cellphone tracking

8/28: The NSA Can Keep Tracking Phones After All, Rules Appeals Court

8/27: In privacy move, California lawmakers vote to restrict drones flying up to 350 feet high

8/27: Police drones with Tasers? It could happen in North Dakota.

8/27: It’s now legal for police in North Dakota to strap weapons to drones — so long as they aren’t lethal

8/27: No, Microsoft is not spying on you with Windows 10

8/26: Cops Finally Limit License Plate Data Collection… Because of Hard Drive Space

8/24: Why Phone Fraud Starts With A Silent Call

8/24: Apple Privacy May Not Be As Private As You Think

8/24: How drones can be used to hack your home

8/24: Digital surveillance ‘worse than Orwell’, says new UN privacy chief

8/22: Republicans think if your data is encrypted, the terrorists win

8/21: We talked to the CEO of the world’s most private search engine about why people prefer it to Google

8/21: North Dakota Cops Are Periscoping Traffic Stops and It’s Not Going Well

8/21: Spotify’s chief executive apologises after user backlash over new privacy policy

8/20: JFK Now Tracks Passengers’ Cellphones to Predict Airport Wait Times

8/20: ​Bruce Schneier: The cyberwar arms race is on

8/20: Man vs. drone, vs. the law

8/20: Ulysses pacts and spying hacks: warrant canaries and binary transparency

8/20: ‘Warrant canaries’: a subtle hint that your email provider is compromised

8/19: Artificially intelligent security cameras are spotting crimes before they happen

8/19: San Jose looks at using garbage haulers to catch car thieves

8/19: Jeb Bush calls for broad surveillance

8/18: AT&T making it even harder for you to protect your privacy

8/18: The End of the Internet Dream: the speech that won Black Hat (and Defcon)

8/18: UN demands NSA respect its privacy amid AT&T spying report

8/17: How Phone Companies Used ‘Supercookies’ to Track Customers’ Web Browsing

8/16: AT&T’s ‘extraordinary, decades-long’ relationship with NSA – report

8/15: AT&T Helped U.S. Spy on Internet on a Vast Scale

8/14: Android, you have serious security problems

8/14: New worry for tech firms that don’t want to hand data to the government: Hillary Clinton

8/13: Facebook says user privacy is ‘extremely important’, but no

8/13: Time Is a Privacy Setting

8/12: Tech Firms, Retailers Propose Security and Privacy Rules For Internet of Things

8/12: Employee says company-issued, GPS-enabled smartphone violates privacy

8/12: Fitbit Wants To Help Corporations Track Employee Health

8/11: Connected home device security only gets worse

8/11: The Philosopher of Surveillance: What Happens When a Failed Writer Becomes a Loyal Spy?

8/11: Tech titans warn MovieTube suit could revive Stop Online Piracy Act

8/11: Smart meters pose personal surveillance risks, experts say

8/11: Why Your Boss Wants to Track Your Heart Rate at Work

8/10: WATCH: More private companies gather license plate data

8/10: See hotshot fisherman hook drone mid-flight

8/8: Do Police Need a Warrant to See Where a Phone Is?

8/6: Medical Privacy Under Threat in the Age of Big Data

8/6: Wearable Technology Creeps Into The Workplace

8/5: Verizon Launches App To Conduct Surveillance On Its Own Striking Workers

8/3: Genetic Privacy, as Explained by Mystery Poopers



8/15: Technology and privacy: A deal with the devil?

8/12: Mohamed Mohamud appeal is first to challenge NSA surveillance in terrorism conviction

8/4: Outside View: Seattle’s recycling crackdown overzealous



8/27: Silicon Valley Wary as Pentagon Chief to Court Innovators

8/26: The 22 Amendments That Could Determine the Fate of the Senate’s Cybersecurity Bill

8/24: California lawmakers approve drone trespassing crime bills

8/24: Twitter Shuts Down Services That Tracked Politicians’ Deleted Tweets In 30 Countries

8/20: How the FAA Will Regulate Personal Drone Use is Up in the Air

8/18: Undercover Police Have Regularly Spied On Black Lives Matter Activists in New York

8/17: NSA kremlinology: spooks outsourced lawbreaking to AT&T

8/17: Virginia Finally Drops America’s ‘Worst Voting Machines’

8/17: UN deciding ‘how best to respond’ after AT&T helped NSA spy on headquarters

8/16: AT&T Risks Hit to Reputation After Report of Data Spying for NSA

8/15: Will Supreme Court force DHS to divulge secret plan to cut cell service?

8/14: How the F.B.I. Uses Facial Recognition Analysis

8/13: Copy of Postal Service Audit Shows Extent of Mail Surveillance

8/12: The Man demands yet more account information from Twitter: Creepy requests for info up by 52 per cent over the previous half year

8/12: New York Startup to Fly First Legal Drone Over City as Ban Looms

8/12: Facial Recognition Software Moves From Overseas Wars to Local Police

8/12: Amazingly, city council and cops agree on reasonable limits for new drone

8/10: DC Mayor Proposes Releasing Body Camera Footage

8/5: Seeing a history of all your movements is now easier for you, but harder for the feds

8/5: When and how will the Supreme Court enter the cell-site fray?

8/4: FAA has approved more than 1,000 drone exemptions



8/26: ​Biometrics: The password you cannot change

8/25: How to Make Privacy Policies Better, in Two Easy Steps

8/24: Herhold: License plate readers on garbage trucks? It doesn’t meet the smell test

8/24: Wow, Spotify’s New Privacy Policy is Atrocious

8/22: Who else has accessed your medical data?

8/21: Internet of Things, you have even worse security problems

8/21: The Lives of Others

8/21: Want Privacy And Security? You Must Be Joking

8/20: A different take on the Second Circuit’s Microsoft warrant case

8/19: Life After Ashley Madison: How to Operate in a World Without Secrets

8/19: Ashley Madison Is The Latest Proof That The Internet Does Not Keep Secrets

8/14: Editorial: Do ‘ballot selfies’ threaten the secret ballot?

8/12: Lax IoT security: Smart TVs and wearables are paving the way for massive privacy breaches

8/12: Where did the principle of secrecy in correspondence go?

8/11: Computer searches and the problem of withdrawn consent

8/11: The Many Things Wrong With the Anti-Encryption Op-Ed in the New York Times

8/10: When Phone Encryption Blocks Justice

8/10: Why ‘Smart’ Objects May Be a Dumb Idea

8/10: When Prostitution Is Nobody’s Business



8/27: Paper Says German Spies Got Access to NSA Internet Surveillance Tool

8/27: Australian National Facial Biometric Matching Capability expected next year

8/26: Vancouver police surveillance cameras criticized as Orwellian

8/25: Beaconsfield garbage truck cameras an invasion of privacy, residents say(Canada)

8/25: Body-worn cameras a ‘Pandora’s Box’ says ex Vic Police chief Nixon

8/24: Researcher says Australian parliaments have failed to protect privacy for 14 years

8/23: Pro-Government Twitter Bots Try to Hush Mexican Activists

8/21: Phone Encryption: Balancing Privacy and Protection

8/21: Inside the Spyware Campaign Against Argentine Troublemakers

8/17: Data-Crunching Is Coming to Help Your Boss Manage Your Time

8/17: India’s Government Censorship

8/14: How Germany’s Surveillance Scandals Echo Our Own

8/13: How Ukraine’s New Memory Commissar Is Controlling the Nation’s Past

8/10: Stingray-Like Device Enables Blackmail In S. Africa

8/13: Iranian hackers broke into what they thought was a Chevron gas pump — but it was a honeypot

8/11: Finnish Politician Suggests Embedding Chips In Citizens To Protect the Welfare State

8/7: Psychologist’s Work for GCHQ Deception Unit Inflames Debate Among Peers

7/17: Internet privacy ruling (The Supreme Court of Canada rules internet providers can’t give customer names and addresses to police without a warrant)

7/16: Privacy and online surveillance(Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien discusses Canadian’s privacy concerns)

6/17: RAW: CSEC is ‘intruding’ on Canadians’ privacy

6/3: Biometric data collection change in budget bill raises privacy concerns



8/29: Google is showing developers how to turn off iOS 9’s security features so it can load ads

8/27: The ultimate auto-pilot software gets $15M boost

8/25: Meanwhile in the Future: Everybody Has a Personal Drone Now

8/25: Butterfleye Is A Home Security Camera That Can Learn What Not To Record

8/25: When your TV can spy on you.

8/23: How a Snotbot Drone Could Save Endangered Whales

8/23: Sony to Offer Commercial Drone Services Starting 2016

8/22: How to use two-factor authentication without a phone

8/21: Experts: Deleted online information never actually goes away

8/21: ​Startup aims to make home devices smart enough to anticipate what you need

8/21: Spotify Tries to Put Out a Privacy Fire

8/19: Get secure: Blackphone 2 sales inquires begin with September launch

8/20: Augmented Reality Glasses Could Visually Encrypt Secrets

8/19: Demonsaw Uses “Social Cryptography” To Share Files And Data Anonymously

8/19: ​Core Infrastructure Initiative seeks help to improve open-source security

8/18: ProtonMail Open Sources Its Encrypted Webmail Interface

8/18: NSA-resistant email service Lavaboom goes BOOM! (we think

8/18: Confide, The Self-Destructing Messenger, Goes Live On Desktop

8/17: Anti-privacy unkillable super-cookies spreading around the world – study

8/17: Why More Employers Are Giving Their Employees Fitness Trackers

8/15: Still safe as houses: More CCTV for the masses

8/14: Mozilla Makes Private Browsing More Private In Firefox, Adds Tracking Protection

8/14: ​Sick of Windows spying on you? Go Linux

8/13: Apple Is Looking At Facial Recognition For Easing Photo-Sharing

8/13: US Navy drone can fly, land on the water and swim

8/13: Employers take note: millennials are well-versed in online privacy

8/12: Dropbox adds USB security keys

8/12: Dropbox Refuses to Explain Its Mysterious Child Porn Detection Software

8/11: Fix your Facebook privacy settings

8/10: Kaspersky Lab: Based In Russia, Doing Cybersecurity In The West

8/9: 9 Facts About Computer Security That Experts Wish You Knew

8/6: A Technology That Reveals Your Feelings

8/6: Tesla Model S Can Be Hacked, And Fixed (Which Is The Real News)

8/5: Under Pressure, Google Promises To Update Android Security Regularly

8/4: Disconnect CEO Explains That New Do Not Track Policy



8/21: Free six-part course on encrypting email and securing your network sessions against snooping

8/19: ‘Zer0es’ Takes The Cyber-Thriller To An Electrifying Extreme

1/21: George Orwell: A tribute

Cory Doctorow event from 7/28 (audio only)

Great conversation with Frank Catalano of the local site GeekWire.   Ranges all over the place for tech, fiction (the event was sponsored by Clarion West) and Cory’s privacy-related activism – enjoy!

“….Here’s the Q&A portion of the Cory Doctorow in Conversation event I did to benefit the Clarion West Writers’ Workshop in Seattle on July 28, 2015. The audio was provided by Frank Catalano, who also conducted the interview….” MP3 link


Privacy News Update, 8-9-15


8/8  Want to be totally secure on the Internet? Good luck

8/8:  These Glasses Block Facial Recognition Technology

8/7:  Check your Android device for the Stagefright vulnerability

8/7:  EFF’s Privacy Badger will block snooping ads and invisible trackers

8/6:  Group: Surveillance flights not targeting Arab Americans

8/6:  “PING SUSP PHONE”—An Oakland shooting reveals how cops snoop on cell phones

8/6:  Dream of Internet freedom dying, Black Hat keynoter says

8/6:  Daily Report: Google and the Spread of the ‘Right to Be Forgotten’

8/5:  NSA’S EPIC Fail: Spy Agency Pays Lawyers That Sue It

8/4:  EFF and MuckRock Need Your Help Tracking Biometric Surveillance

8/4:  What happened when we got subpoenaed over our Tor exit node

8/3:  After 27 Years, Reporter Who Exposed ECHELON Finds Vindication in Snowden Archive

8/3:  GCHQ and Me: My Life Unmasking British Eavesdroppers

8/3:  Privacy Alert: Your Laptop Or Phone Battery Could Track You Online

8/3:  Global spy system ECHELON confirmed at last – by leaked Snowden files

7/31:  New attack on Tor can deanonymize hidden services with surprising accuracy

7/31:  Facebook’s use of facial-recognition tool draws privacy ire

7/31:  Patch Your OnStar iOS App to Avoid Getting Your Car Hacked

7/31:  Tor Project Pilots Exit Nodes In Libraries

7/31:  GasBuddy Has a New Privacy Policy (Spoiler: Not As Customer Friendly)

7/31:  More Campuses Are Scanning Students’ Eyeballs Instead Of IDs

7/30:  CISA: The Dirty Deal Between Google and the NSA That No One Is Talking About

7/30:  GAO To Congress: Revisit Privacy Concerns Over Facial Recognition Technology

7/30:  FBI accuses Bay Area animal activist of ‘domestic terrorism’

7/30:  Bloke cuffed for blowing low-flying camera drone to bits with shotgun

7/30:  How to update your Uconnect-equipped car and the keep hackers out

7/30:  Glare of Video Is Shifting Public’s View of Police

7/29:  Congress’ fix for high-profile hacks is yet another way to grab your private data

7/29:  MIT boffins identify Tor hidden services with 88 per cent accuracy

7/28:  Honeywell Home Controllers Open To Any Hacker Who Can Find Them Online

7/28:  Wyden Blasts Plan to Have Tech Companies Report “Terrorist Activity” — Whatever That Is

7/28:  Oh, Obama’s responded to the petition to pardon Snowden. What’ll it be?

7/27:  NSA Will Destroy Archived Metadata When Program Stops

7/27:  Most Android phones can be hacked with one text

7/24:  Boffins sting spooks with ‘HORNET’ onion router

7/12:  Here are EFF’s most influential cases from its first 25 years

7/7:  An Artful Reminder That Surveillance Is Becoming Second Nature

7/6:  Despite the Settlement Talks, Don’t Expect the NYPD to Stop Spying on Muslims

7/6:  This Free Font Automatically Redacts NSA Surveillance Trigger Words

7/5:  The Best Phones For The Privacy-Obsessed

6/17:  Say Hello to Cam and Aware, Nest’s New Home Surveillance System



8/6:  Washington justices: Attorney-client privacy not absolute

8/6:  ATF confirms surveillance cameras installed throughout Seattle

8/1:  Congress Should Look Beyond the Gas Tax

7/28:  Local Governments Increasingly Poking Through Your Garbage

7/27:  Digital surveillance firm has local police contacts, leaked emails reveal

7/16:  Black community leaders call for surveillance cameras



8/7:  A year after Michael Brown, the body cam business is booming

8/7:  Apple, Google should give FBI every last drop of user information, says ex-HP CEO and wannabe US prez Carly Fiorina

8/7:  Rand Paul And Chris Christie Spar Over NSA Surveillance

8/5:  Justice Department Watchdog Fears Redaction Creep Will Obstruct Oversight

8/5:  Hey, FBI. Wanna track someone by cellphone? Get a proper warrant, says US appeals court

8/5:  Cybersecurity Bill Is Latest to Be Delayed in Senate

8/4:  New US cyber laws will hit privacy and security, says Homeland Security

8/4:  Wait, what? TrueCrypt ‘decrypted’ by FBI to nail doc-stealing sysadmin

8/4:  Homeland Security warns drones could be used as weapons

8/2:  New Telemetry Suggests Shot-Down Drone Was Higher Than Alleged

8/1:  White House will not force FBI to get a warrant for email data

7/31:  TSA’s Behavior Detection Program Has a Newsletter, and It’s Ridiculous

7/31:  NSA report shows China hacked 600+ US targets over 5 years

7/30:  New York Police Should Revise Body Camera Rules, Report Says

7/28:  NSA Doesn’t Want Court That Found Phone Dragnet Illegal to Actually Do Anything About It

7/28:  U.N. Gives U.S. Flunking Grades on Privacy and Surveillance Rights

7/28:  All New Jersey Troopers to Get Body Cameras Within a Year

7/14:  ACLU to appellate court: Please halt NSA’s resumed bulk data collection

7/13:  The Side of Drone Warfare No One Is Talking About

6/29:  This Guy’s Neighbor Will Pay For Shooting Down His Drone



8/8:  Regulators Should Develop Rules to Protect Cars From Hackers

8/6:  Why privacy activists and economists should be on the same side

8/6:  Medical Privacy Under Threat in the Age of Big Data

8/4:  Backyard privacy deserves buffer from drones: Bloomberg View

8/4:  Memo to MPAA: Congress didn’t pass SOPA

8/3:  Police Body Cams Should Turn on Automatically, Says Richard Stallman

8/1:  Are your gadgets listening to your private conversations?

7/31:  Magid: Concerns raised about cybersecurity bill

7/31:  How Our Country and Its Language has Changed since 9/11- One Nation under Surveillance for Liberty and Justice for All?

7/31:  EXCLUSIVE: Edward Snowden Explains Why Apple Should Continue To Fight the Government on Encryption

7/29:  Can Your Reputation Withstand Increased Surveillance?

7/29:  Stop Hiding Police Misconduct in New York

7/28:  It’s Time To Modernize The HIPAA Privacy Rule

7/28:  The President Should Veto Cybersurveillance Legislation

7/27:  Practical Privacy Guidance: A Consumer Data Compact

7/25:  Increased use of police cameras raises new questions



8/8:  Safe as houses: CCTV for the masses

8/7:  Psychologist’s Work for GCHQ Deception Unit Inflames Debate Among Peers

8/5:  Why Won’t Julian Assange Condemn Ecuador’s Spying Software?

8/5:  Germany’s top prosecutor fired over Netzpolitik “treason” probe

7/31:  Germany Won’t Prosecute NSA, But Bloggers

7/31:  New WikiLeaks Cache Reveals a Decade of U.S. Spying on Japan

7/31:  Google Refuses French Order to Apply ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Globally

7/28:  Chat about Safe Harbour all you like, the NSA’s still the stumbling block

7/28:  German Regulator Orders Facebook to Allow Pseudonyms

7/27:  Peru Decrees Warrantless Geolocation Tracking of Cellphones

7/27:  New Google EU Policy Forces Publishers to Ask Permission Before Tracking Data

7/24:  France Clears Final Hurdle to Expand Spying Power

7/21:  As Nations Hack Each Other, Protecting Personal Information Must Become National Security Priority

7/2:  GCHQ did spy on Amnesty International, secret tribunal admits

6/23:  France’s Three Most Recent Presidents Got Wiretapped by the NSA



8/6:  The sound of silence: new video tech looks beyond the internet of things

8/6:  IBM Adds Medical Images to Watson, Buying Merge Healthcare for $1 Billion

8/5:  Spyware Demo Shows How Spooks Hack Mobile Phones

8/4:  Xerox: How Privacy Engineering Is Changing Big Data

8/4:  Drone zooms through humpback whale breath

8/4:  Want Windows 10 to stop tracking you? Now there’s an app for that

8/3:  ForgeRock Ignites New ‘Kantara’ Standard For Digital Consent, Privacy And Identity

8/3:  The Internet of Things and the Future of Farming

8/3:  EFF Coalition Announces New ‘Do Not Track’ Standard For Web Browsing

8/3:  If you installed Windows 10 and like privacy, you checked the defaults, right? Oh dear

8/1:  Ask Slashdot: Can You Disable Windows 10’s Privacy-Invading Features?

8/1:  Drones Being Tested To Fight Against Farm Pests

7/31:  Smartphones could be car keys, if kinks get worked out

7/30:  How Fake Data Could Protect Real People’s Privacy

7/30:  Silent Circle’s Blackphone 2 to support Android for Work

7/30:  SPUD – The IETF’s anti-snooping protocol that will never be used

7/23:  Founder of GNU bestows blessing upon open hardware-focused crowdfunding site


Privacy News Update, 8-8-15


8/4: China’s Cyberspying Is ‘on a Scale No One Imagined’–if You Pretend NSA Doesn’t Exist

8/3: Stingray surveillance sparks privacy concerns in Congress

7/2015: Americans Are Okay With Surveillance and Torture

7/24: Stop Google from tracking you on Google Maps

7/24: How security experts protect themselves online

7/24: U.K. Police Confirm Ongoing Criminal Probe of Snowden Leak Journalists

7/24: Hornet Tor alternative for high-speed anonymous browsing revealed

7/23: Justice Department Watchdog Complains He’s Been Curbed

7/22: NSA leaker Edward Snowden seeks return to U.S., on his terms

7/22: Did Sandra Bland have a right to record her police confrontation? Maybe not.

7/22: Fiat Chrysler Offers Patch After Hackers Commandeer Jeep

7/22: Google Maps now shows you everywhere you’ve been

7/22: De Blasio Administration Reaches Deal With Uber

7/21: Patch Your Chrysler Now Against a Wireless Hacking Attack

7/21: Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway—With Me in It

7/21: Google Maps Timeline Lets You Stalk Yourself

7/21: The challenges of securing your smart home

7/19: More Than A Quarter-Million Ask Google To Be Forgotten

7/18: Why Did A Security Firm Mysteriously Ditch a ‘Privacy’ Product?

7/18: Security News This Week: Laura Poitras Is Suing the Government

7/16: No joke: Anger as UK police tweet spy-cam image of comedian

7/15: Former spook bigwigs ask for rewrite of UK’s surveillance laws

7/15: Europe a step closer to keeping records on all passengers flying in and out of the Continent

7/15: Google Accidentally Released Details of Right To Be Forgotten Requests

7/15: Do Encrypted Phones Threaten National Security?

7/14: ACLU wants to end NSA mass spying forever – good luck with that

7/13: Watching the watchers: Oakland seeks control of law enforcement surveillance

7/12: 2016: The Year We Claim Our Privacy Back

7/12: At The NSA, A Rising Star’s Commitment To Faith — And Public Service

7/9: This is the most outrageous government tirade against iOS 8 encryption

7/9: Trackbuster Lets You Remove Those Pesky Email Tracking Beacons

7/1: Federal wiretaps down slightly, encryption impact decreases

6/23: You’re being secretly tracked with facial recognition, even in church



8/6: Federal agents install video-surveillance cameras in Seattle

7/20: City responds to trash privacy suit

7/18: Hacking Team and Boeing Subsidiary Envisioned Drones Deploying Spyware

7/16: Residents sue over Seattle composting law

7/16: Breaking: Libertarians Do Live In Seattle (And They’re Suing Over that Food Scrap Law)

7/12: What new laws passed in the Legislature? 2015 highlights



7/25: Fishermen say camera requirement invades privacy

7/24: Butt dialers have no right to privacy, rules court

7/23: Senators Want Homeland Security To Be a Leading Cyberdefense Agency

7/23: Homeland Security Chief Goes Off “Going Dark” Script, Says He Can See Plenty

7/23: Connecticut Teen of Gun-Firing Drone Video Charged for Assaulting Police

7/22: FCC CIO: Consumers Need Privacy Controls In the Internet of Everything Era

7/22: National Guard Seeks More Drones For Domestic Missions

7/22: Police liability for interfering with lawful citizen videorecording

7/22: Iowa principals asked to wear bodycams

7/22: Gun-toting drone prompts federal investigation

7/21: FBI’s Hacks Don’t Comply With Legal Safeguards

7/21: Sen. Blumenthal Introduces Bill To Protect Connected Cars From Hackers

7/21: New York Court Says Facebook Can’t Object to Search Warrants

7/20: Verizon faces steady stream of requests for customer data

7/19: The Making of a Republican Snowdenista

7/17: Two Charts Show How the Drug War Drives US Domestic Spying

7/16: Fight over police videos likely to continue despite ruling

7/16: Fremont to install license plate reading cameras

7/15: California Judge Orders Release Of Video Showing Gardena Police Shooting

7/15: Fingerprint Scanner Tested on Foreigners Leaving Atlanta

7/15: Google Wins Bid to Toss Suit Claiming Privacy Violations

7/13: After Monumental Breach, Banks and Even Farmers Are Buying NSA-Fueled Surveillance Gear

7/12: At The NSA, A Rising Star’s Commitment To Faith — And Public Service

7/10: Moxie Marlinspike profiled in WSJ. Obama thinks secure messaging apps like the one he built are “a problem.”

7/10: Roadshow: FasTrak not a reason for privacy worries, say bridge officials

7/8: Encryption debate pits Silicon Valley vs. FBI, Justice Dept.

7/8: Google Should Give U.S. Citizens More Privacy Rights, Says Consumer Watchdog

7/8: Tech and politics clash over protecting your data



7/24: Tech leaders want privacy — but only for themselves

7/24: Graphic photos underscore need for U.S. ‘right to be forgotten’

7/23: A hacked Jeep should be a wake-up call to automakers

7/23: Does it matter who wins the Microsoft Ireland warrant case?

7/23: Sandra Bland and the ‘lawful order’ problem

7/23: Wise businesses listen to consumers’ privacy concerns

7/22: Once again: Crypto backdoors are an insane, dangerous idea

7/21: Editorial: Fighting fires — and drones

7/21: Wired’s highway Jeep-hacking stunt was an amazing story, but a terrible idea

7/20: A 1990s anti-piracy law is why you haven’t seen the hacked list of Ashley Madison customers

7/20: Queer No Longer Queer – Nor Is Privacy

7/19: After Washington Post rolls out HTTPS, its editorial board bemoans encryption debate

7/17: Data Privacy Just Makes Good Business Sense

7/16: Why you should share your genetic profile

7/15: Can I Post a Photo of a Bad Driver?

7/15: Letter: Caspar Bowden’s early warnings

7/14: Superzoom camera can literally shoot the Moon, but will it have a creepy dark side?

7/10: Amy Goodman: Communication monitoring a threat to democracy

7/8: How technology could kill the art of lying

6/22: Hotels now have the right to protect guests’ privacy — but only if they want to



7/24: The Wilson Doctrine isn’t legally binding, MPs CAN be spied on, says QC

7/24: Don’t Bring Your Drone To New Zealand

7/24: France approves ‘Big Brother’ surveillance powers despite UN concern

7/23: How British spies really spy: Information that didn’t come from Snowden

7/23: Pakistan tried to tap international web traffic via underwater cables, report says

7/22: Immigration department sought private medical records ‘for political reasons’(AU)

7/22: Pakistan wants to copy GCHQ and eavesdrop on world+dog’s comms

7/21: Lifelock Once Again Failed at Its One Job: Protecting Data

7/21: Lufthansa Flight Has Near-Miss With Drone Near Warsaw

7/20: Snowden to the IETF: Please make an internet for users, not the spies

7/20: UK Journalists Take Court Action Over Police Phone Spying

7/18: VPN Maker CyberGhost Aims To Grow A Privacy Hub In Eastern Europe

7/17: High court to rule on MPs’ claim that data retention act damages privacy

7/17: Metadata slurp warrant typo sends cops barging into the wrong house

7/17: will appeal against DRIPA-busting verdict, says minister

7/16: UK schools’ “anti-radicalisation” software lets hackers spy on kids

7/16: Yep, world+dog’s spies are in our network, says Vodafone as it bares all

7/16: No joke: Anger as UK police tweet spy-cam image of comedian

7/16: Abbott appoints new spy overseer (AU)

7/16: Spies in the hot seat after Italian surveillance firm breach

7/13: Download Festival face scan: You’re right to be annoyed, said UK surveillance commish

7/13: Privacy campaigners win concessions in UK surveillance report

7/11: Hacking Team hack casts spotlight on murky world of state surveillance

7/8: Report: Uber uses GPS to punish drivers in China who get close to protests

6/22: B.C. Court of Appeal Rules Facebook’s Fine Print Trumps Privacy Law (Canada)

6/19: Why the Liberal Party Defence of Its Support for Bill C-51 Falls Flat (Canada)



7/25: Fiat Chrysler’s Anti-Hacking Recall a Milestone for Industry

7/24: How Amazon Could Drive Blended Reality Into The Living Room

7/24: What amateurs can learn from security pros about staying safe online

7/24: Fiat recalls 1.4 million cars vulnerable to being hacked

7/23: Apple eyes remote control personalized via fingerprint, retinal scan

7/23: Trying To Keep Your Data Safe? You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

7/23: Follow The Leader: Drones Learn To Behave In Swarms

7/22: Keeping Dictation on a Mac Private

7/22: Silent Pocket Bets On Privacy As Fashion Accessory

7/22: Microsoft to deliver Advanced Threat Analytics cybersecurity product in August

7/21: The Ghost In The Car May Be A Hacker

7/18: Apple Ads Based On Your Credit Balance Pushes Privacy Beyond The Limit

7/16: Your Phone Can Tell Whether You’re Depressed

7/16: How smart are connected toys?

7/15: OKCupid Founders Get $10.8M To Build A Kinder, Gentler Public Key Encryption Tool

7/14: NASA algorithms keep unmanned aircraft away from commercial aviation

7/14: ​Firefox now blocks all versions of Flash Player by default

7/13: The Tor Project is hiring a new executive director

7/13: A $200 privacy device has been killed, and no one knows why

7/10: Carmakers to Tech Partners: Keep Your Hands Off Our Data

7/7: Consumer group wants government to make Google give Americans the ‘right to be forgotten’ online

7/3: How Personal Should A Personal Assistant Get? Google And Apple Disagree

6/29: Fitbit data just undermined a woman’s rape claim

6/25: Facebook just hired the executive who was steering Yahoo’s security turnaround