Privacy News Update: Oct 2016


10/31: Silently Tracking Users With Ultrasonic Beacons

10/31: The paranoid user’s guide to Windows 10 privacy

10/31: 17 essential tools to protect your online identity, privacy

10/30: Sneaky ultrasonic adware makes homes vulnerable to ultrasonic hacking

10/29: License plate readers a great tool for cops; concern for privacy advocates

10/28: Security apps you need on your new Pixel

10/28: The limits of encryption

10/27: How hackable are your smart home gadgets?

10/25: Does privacy exist anymore? Just barely.

10/25: ‘AT&T is Spying’ report gets social media up in arms

10/24: Cell-site simulator policy approved by Oakland Privacy Commission

10/24: 5 apps for encrypting and shredding files

10/21: Anonymous’ Most Notorious Hacker Is Back, and He’s Gone Legit

10/20: NSA, GCHQ and even Donald Trump are all after your data

10/20: 6 ways to delete yourself from the internet

10/19: ACLU takes on Fisa court over secret decisions on surveillance laws

10/19: Digital Defenders: a free open-licensed booklet for kids about privacy and crypto

10/19: Imagine if Donald Trump Controlled the NSA

10/15: Police Searches Of Social Media Face Privacy Pushback

10/15: Eye in the sky: the billionaires funding a surveillance project above Baltimore

10/15: The best privacy and security iPhone apps

10/13: Top Verizon lawyer says it’s too easy to give your location information to cops

10/12: Amazon Wants to Scan Your License Plate

10/12: Signal Adds Expiring Messages to Encrypted Chats

10/11: Encrypted communications could have an undetectable backdoor

10/11: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram sent feeds that helped police track minority protesters, report says

10/11: Twitter yanks data feeding tube out of police surveillance biz

10/10: Massive report details the surveillance powers of 12 Central and South American nations

10/7: Yahoo didn’t install an NSA email scanner, it was a “buggy” NSA “rootkit”

10/6: Former NSA employee: This hack gains access to your Mac’s webcam

10/4: Open Whisper Systems Makes the Case Against Data Retention

10/4: Google’s AI Plans Are A Privacy Nightmare

10/4: Signal chat app’s creator: US government demanded our user data

10/4: FBI demands Signal user data, but there’s not much to hand over

10/4: You Can All Finally Encrypt Facebook Messenger, So Do It



10/20: Lawyers concerned about collection of mental health data

10/20: Portland police collection of mental health data raises privacy concerns, lawyers say

10/12: Defense rights trump privacy rights in rape case, appeals court rules

10/6: Police pulling packages from mail fails ‘sniff test’ of Oregon Supreme Court



10/31: The FCC’s new privacy rules are toothless

10/27: Internet providers must now get your OK to share your personal data

10/26: La Cañada considers advanced licence plate cameras but question of privacy arises

10/25: US transport agency guidance on vehicle cybersecurity irks lawmakers

10/25: Say goodbye to the fingerprint. It’s your digital footprint the FBI wants.

10/20: Incessant Consumer Surveillance Is Leaking Into Physical Stores

10/19: Yahoo to US government: Clarify email surveillance reports

10/19: Half of American Adults Are in Police Facial-Recognition Databases

10/17: The FBI demands a key to your backdoor

10/16: Feds Claim They Can Enter a House and Demand Fingerprints to Unlock Everyone’s Phones

10/14: US lawmakers want answers on Yahoo email surveillance

10/6: FCC’s internet privacy proposal just got a little weaker

10/4: Yahoo scanned all of its users’ incoming emails on behalf of US Intelligence officials



10/30: The IoT security doomsday is lurking, but we cannot talk about it properly

10/28: Do Parents Invade Children’s Privacy When They Post Photos Online?

10/28: Amy Goodman: AT&T/Time Warner merger means death of privacy

10/26: Data ethics in IoT? Pff, you and your silly notions of privacy

10/26: Cyber after Snowden

10/25: Can anyone keep us safe from a weaponized ‘Internet of Things?’

10/24: The Short Dumb Life Of the Internet of Things

10/24: Op-Ed Lawmakers need to curb face recognition searches by police

10/23: Privacy is creating a new digital divide between the rich and poor

10/23: THOMAS TASCHINGER: WikiLeaks smashes concept of email privacy

10/21: Duck Google’s data grab

10/18: There’s still time to stop the surveillance society

10/18: Personal data, privacy and the totalitarian state

10/16: The Guardian view on data sharing: the privacy of citizens is being eroded

10/13: Are you worried about your online privacy?

10/11: The privacy perils of rocks and hard places

10/6: Security vs. privacy: The endless fiery debate continues

10/5: Editorial Make a deal to bring Edward Snowden home

10/5: Money, Safety and Privacy Keep Us Awake at Night

10/3: Don’t Pardon Snowden



10/27: Privacy group shoots legal arrow at Privacy Shield (Ireland)

10/25: Surveillance by consent: Commissioner launches CCTV strategy for England and Wales

10/24: French surveillance law is unconstitutional after all, highest court says

10/20: Greens are fighting for civil liberties too (UK)

10/18: Labour peers under fire for backing expansion of surveillance powers (UK)

10/17: London cops strap on new body cams

10/17: UK’s Investigatory Powers Tribunal says GHCQ illegally spied for 17 years

10/14: US renews fight for the right to seize content from the world’s servers

10/13: Euro politicians are hyping the terror threat to steal your privacy

10/13: Oz gummint’s de-anonymisation crime is as mind-bendingly stupid as we feared

10/10: Massive report details the surveillance powers of 12 Central and South American nations

10/10: Confirmed: UK police forces own IMSI grabbers, but keeping schtum on use

10/10: Controversial snooping technology ‘used by at least seven police forces’ (UK)

10/7: Facebook wins ‘Big Brother’ award in Belgium

10/6: Canada’s Privacy Failure: My Appearance Before the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy & Ethics

10/5: Lawful Access is Back: How the Government Quietly Revived Canada’s Most Controversial Privacy Issue



10/27: No need to shoot down drones! Many of them can now be hijacked

10/26: ACLU takes social giants to task over Geofeedia privacy gaffe

10/26: Rise of the photon clones: New method could lead to ‘impenetrable’ comms

10/25: BlackBerry DTEK60: An elegant flagship for grown-ups

10/25: It Ain’t Me, Babe: Researchers Find Flaws In Police Facial Recognition Technology

10/19: Your robot doctor overlords will see you now

10/17: Yelp reviews, privacy laws hamstring doctors

10/13: On the Wire Podcast: Cindy Cohn

10/13: 5 privacy settings to change in Windows 10

10/12: The internet of insecure things: Thousands of internet-connected devices are a security disaster in the making

10/3: Medical scribes track doctors’ examinations from thousands of miles away



Privacy News Update, Aug-Sept 2016


9/29: Police surveillance: The US city that beat Big Brother

9/29: Complaints against cops down 93% thanks to bodycams – study

9/28: AP: Across US, police officers abuse confidential databases

9/22: I have found a secret tunnel that runs underneath the phone companies and emerges in paradise

9/21: Allo, privacy, are you there? Google keeps your messages forever

9/19: How Police Trace Cellphones in IEDs Like the Ones in NYC

9/12: Delete Google Maps? Go ahead, says Google, we’ll still track you

9/12: The Strange Way That People Perceive Privacy Online

9/11: When biometrics meets the boss: How some employee badges measure performance – and more

9/6: How surveillance capitalism tracks you without cookies

9/2: US cities promise to crack down on police surveillance tech

9/2: NBA’s Golden State Warriors sued for ‘mic snooping’ mobile app

9/1: Wall Street’s Next Frontier Is Hacking Into Emotions of Traders – Startups wielding sensors and algorithms promise a new era of surveillance.

9/1: British Defense Giant Offers Tactical Spy Trash Cans to American Cops

8/31: Your device’s light sensor may betray your privacy

8/31: FBI Director wants ‘adult conversation’ about backdooring encryption – How about f**k off – is that adult enough?

8/23: Privacy advocates rail against US Homeland Security’s Twitter, Facebook snooping

8/19: Hackers Trick Facial-Recognition Logins With Photos From Facebook (What Else?)

8/12: Boffins’ blur-busting face recognition can ID you with one bad photo

8/10: A New Wireless Hack Can Unlock 100 Million Volkswagens

8/1: The Jeep Hackers Are Back to Prove Car Hacking Can Get Much Worse

7/21: How car insurance companies spy on your mileage



9/30: Washington secretary of state calls for federal-level IDs to protect votes

9/28: As Seattle police embrace tech tools, privacy advocates raise concerns

9/22: Cops are raiding the homes of innocent people based only on IP addresses

9/20: Hot Button: Readers think Obama should pardon Edward Snowden (Letters to the Editor)

9/15: The ‘smart’ home products people are actually using (photos)

6/2: Seattle mayor proposes plan for acoustic gunshot detection technology to curb violence



9/20: Official policy on autonomous vehicles shows federal government wants to come along for the ride

9/16: Small, low flying drones the target of newfangled DARPA defense system

9/14: Launch of campaign to pardon Edward Snowden focuses on protecting whistleblowers

9/14: New state law expands tenant privacy in eviction suits (PA)

9/13: U.S. ‘quietly’ asking Silicon Valley for help accessing encrypted communications

9/13: Trump Just Said He Wouldn’t Spy on Americans. Here Are 4 Times He Vowed to Do So.

9/12: Leaked Stingray manual shows how easy warrantless mass surveillance can be!

9/12: AI Can Recognize Your Face Even If You’re Pixelated

9/4: How Baltimore Became America’s Laboratory for Spy Tech

9/2: Florida privacy law adds breach notification and strengthens compliance

9/2: We want GCHQ-style spy powers to hack cybercrims, say police (UK)

8/31: Encryption: FBI building fresh case for access to electronic devices

8/24: Just a little FYI: Small town ISPs want out of FCC privacy rules

8/24: Privacy officer finally appointed (NY State Dept. of Education)

8/16: Baltimore cops accused of violating FCC rules with Stingrays

8/16: Illinois AG orders emails disclosed, refuels privacy debate

8/2: White House loves drones

8/2: Judge blasts FBI for bugging courthouse, throws out 200 hours of recordings

7/15: Opt-out fees for Oklahoma smart meters approved

7/14: Big Privacy Ruling Says Feds Can’t Grab Data Abroad With a Warrant

7/12: North Carolina AG says body camera law needs fixing

7/12: Senator Franken is freaked out by Pokémon Go’s privacy practices

7/11: North Carolina holds police camera videos from public record

6/24: DHS wants to snoop on travelers’ Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts



9/28: Obamacare Big Brother-ism Is Far Worse Than ‘Poking Around Our Libraries’

9/21: A Step in the Right Direction on Data Privacy

9/20: As a source and patriot, Snowden deserves pardon: Washington Post opinion

9/19: Op-Ed Why President Obama should pardon Edward Snowden

9/18: Op-ed: Why Obama should pardon Edward Snowden

9/15: Congressional report slams NSA leaker Edward Snowden

9/14: Edward Snowden sets out the moral case for a pardon from Obama

9/14: Google’s become an obsessive stalker and you can’t get a restraining order

9/8: Microsoft’s tin ear for privacy

9/4: The Privacy Wars Are About to Get a Whole Lot Worse

9/1: There is No Encryption Debate

8/2: Do You Consent? Four Ways to Strengthen Digital Privacy



9/27: German Regulators Ban Facebook From Collecting WhatsApp Data

9/16: World’s largest internet exchange sues Germany over mass surveillance

9/16: Xiaomi phones are pre-backdoored; your apps can be silently overwritten (China)

9/15: Britain exploring national internet filter, official says (UK)

9/14: GCHQ’s ‘Great British Firewall’ raises serious concern – privacy groups (UK)

9/9: Brit spies and chums slurped 750k+ bits of info on you last year

9/9: UK police listened in to 9 percent more calls last year

8/24: French, German ministers demand new encryption backdoor law

8/10: Vancouver police confirm use of ‘stingray’ surveillance technology (Canada)

8/9: Thai telcoms regulator wants tourists to use location-tracking SIMs

8/6: Privacy warriors drag GCHQ into Euro human rights court over blanket spying, hacking (UK)

8/6: BBC detector vans are back to spy on your home Wi-Fi – if you can believe it (UK)

8/3: Oz stats bureau deploys a bot to harvest Twitter IDs (Oz)

7/29: Russia Finalizes Procedures for Collecting Encryption Keys

7/26: Europe gives Privacy Shield one year to work

7/26: European privacy body slams shut backdoors everywhere

6/14: Canada’s Surveillance Crisis Now Hiding In Plain Sight

6/10: Why the Privacy Commissioner Doesn’t Need Legal Reforms To Require Transparency Reports (Canada)



9/30: Q&A: The data your car collects and who can use it

9/28: Google, Dropbox the latest US tech giants to sign up to the Privacy Shield

9/28: Microsoft hails pointless Privacy Shield status for its cloud services

9/23: Audi wants its connected cars to improve the breed

9/20: Hackers Activate Tesla’s Brakes From Miles Away

9/19: Performance, management and privacy issues stymie SSL inspections, and the bad guys know it

9/19: Volkswagen establishes cybersecurity joint venture

9/16: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey joins push to #PardonSnowden

9/8: Security an afterthought in connected home, wearable devices

9/6: How to control your privacy in Chromebooks vs. Windows 10

8/29: Woman shoots drone: “It hovered for a second and I blasted it to smithereens.”

8/26: How to keep Facebook from mining your WhatsApp data

8/24: All the Ways Your Wi-Fi Router Can Spy on You

8/18: Paranoid iPhone owners used a privacy tool that made them hackable

8/18: Windows 10 needs proper privacy portal, says EFF

8/16: Privacy lawsuit over Gmail will move forward

8/10: Copperhead OS: The startup that wants to solve Android’s woeful security

8/8: DARPA wants to build very low frequency wireless systems

8/6: Web companies can track you — and price-gouge you — based on your battery life

8/5: Comcast wants to charge you more for better privacy

7/26: Anti-theft kill switches in smartphones just got a little less creepy

7/21: Snowden Designs a Device to Warn if Your iPhone’s Radios Are Snitching

7/20: Now You Can Hide Your Smart Home on the Darknet

7/8: Facebook rolls out end-to-end encryption for Messenger app

7/2: Hacker Lexicon: What Is Full Disk Encryption?

6/1 Googling yourself will lead to personal privacy controls



9/26: Online Trackers Follow Our Digital Shadow By ‘Fingerprinting’ Browsers, Devices

9/17: A Former NSA Deputy Director Weighs In On ‘Snowden’

9/14: Edward Snowden Really Needs Oliver Stone’s Hero Movie Right Now

9/2: On the Wire Podcast: Bruce Schneier

8/30: Orwell was right: Oliver Stone on what makes Snowden exciting

7/15: How the Real Hackers Behind Mr. Robot Get It So Right

Privacy News Update, 4-24-16



4/24: 5 things George Orwell understood

4/23: Lawmakers want to know how often U.S. spies accidentally collect Americans’ data

4/22: 1 million people are now connecting to Facebook without leaving a digital trail

4/22: Court: Border Search Warrant Exception Beats Riley In The ‘Constitution-Free Zone’

4/22: FISA Court Rejects Arguments By First Public Advocate To Argue NSA PRISM Backdoor Searches Are Unconstitutional

4/22: How License-Plate Readers Have Helped Police and Lenders Target the Poor

4/22: Could skull echos and brainprints replace the password?

4/19: How to really erase any drive — even SSDs — in 2016

4/19: EFF files suit to seek answers on secret decryption orders

4/19: Bill Gates: Secret government data requests should be curbed

4/18: Hackers need only your cell number to eavesdrop on your phone

4/17: Need a secure smartphone? Answer is simple, experts say

4/17: Oculus reacts to virtual reality privacy questions

4/15: An App That Tracks the Police to Keep Them in Check

4/15: Your Conversation On The Bus Or Train May Be Recorded

4/14: Link Shorteners Can Spy on You

4/13: New York cops want to run your phone through a ‘textalyzer’ if you crash your car

4/12: Let’s Encrypt free security certificate program leaves beta

4/12: This is the new digital center of the United States

4/11: Will New York City’s Free Wi-Fi Help Police Watch You?

4/10: Obama Administration’s Expansion Of Domestic Spying Powers Dwarfs The ‘Good Old Days’ Of Bush And John Yoo

4/6: Adding End-To-End Encryption To WhatsApp Is Great…But Not Quite As Secure As People May Think

4/4: Just one iPhone, you say? FBI tells local police it will help unlock others.

4/1: Would You Let Companies Monitor You For Money?

3/31: Reddit’s Warrant Canary On National Security Letters… Disappears

3/30: The 63 other smartphones the government asked Apple and Google to help unlock

3/29: How to Spot an NYPD Cop Car Disguised as a Yellow Cab

3/28: 5 Tweaks to Take Back Your Privacy on Facebook

3/17: How the Government Keeps Its Phone Spying Gear a Secret

3/14: Can John Oliver Get Americans to Care About Encryption?

2/26: Tor Project Accuses CloudFlare of Mass Surveillance, Sabotaging Tor Traffic

1/19: 10 anti-surveillance tools that protect your privacy online

12/2015: There’s a Secret Catalog of Surveillance Tech for US Law Enforcement Agencies



4/14: Microsoft sues U.S. government over secret demands for customer data

4/4: When A Dark Web Volunteer Gets Raided By The Police

3/31: Wyden: ‘Plans to Weaken Strong Encryption Are a Double Loser’



4/23: U.S. government drops New York iPhone case after third party gives it the passcode

4/21: F.B.I. Director Suggests Bill for iPhone Hacking Topped $1.3 Million

4/20: Google Exec: Encryption Debate Lacks Evidence, On Both Sides

4/20: Tech Coalitions Urge Reconsideration of Burr-Feinstein Bill

4/19: Apple: ‘US asked us for data on 5,192 user accounts’

4/19: FBI: Using third parties to break encryption not only answer

4/19: Congress hears more views on iPhone encryption

4/19: F.B.I. Says It Needs Hackers to Keep Up With Tech Companies

4/16: Here’s what to expect from the high-profile witnesses at the House encryption hearing

4/15: Sixth Circuit Says Cell Site Location Data Just A Business Record; No Warrants Required

4/14: Strict student data privacy bill advances in Colorado House

4/14: Bill Requiring Phone Crypto Backdoors Dies in California Assembly

4/13: Stingray surveillance device questions prompt federal privacy complaint

4/13: Congress might actually do something to protect your email privacy

4/13: Major online privacy bill easily clears first vote in Congress

4/13: Here’s the final version of the Senate bill mandating encryption backdoors

4/13: F.B.I. Used Hacking Software Decade Before iPhone Fight

4/9: Draft of US Encryption Bill Leaks Online, Is Incredibly Stupid

4/8: Why The FBI Director Puts Tape Over His Webcam

4/7: The Method Bought By The FBI To Unlock San Bernardino iPhone Doesn’t Work On Other Models

4/7: Pa. Officials Consider Banning Drones Over State Game Lands

4/6: Yes, All of WhatsApp’s Data Is Encrypted, Even the Metadata

4/5: F.B.I. Lawyer Won’t Say if Data From Unlocked iPhone Is Useful

4/5: Americans back government hacking as long as cops tell tech companies how they did it

4/1: FBI’s Mystery iPhone Technique at Center of Discussion

3/31: FCC Votes To Propose New Privacy Rules For Internet Service Providers

3/31: Maryland Court Says Cops Need Warrants To Deploy Stingray Devices

3/29: Condolences to Apple for its Big Win

3/27: House Lawmaker Wants to Make it Illegal to Buy a Burner Phone Without ID

3/22: Like Apple, Tor Devs Would Quit Their Jobs If Ordered to Backdoor Their Software

3/21: Despite FBI Propaganda, Americans Love Encryption

3/1: FBI director implies that the NSA was unable to hack San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone



4/21: Big data, bigger brother: The rise of James Bond, data scientist

4/20: Apple’s Penchant for Consumer Security

4/19: Lawful Hacking: Should, Or Can, The FBI Learn To Overcome Encryption Itself?

4/15: What a Future of Backdoored Crypto Looks Like

4/14: Should the FBI Use Hackers to Hack Phones?

4/12: Here’s why it’s OK that Google knows everything about you

4/12: Study shows people care more about data privacy but are doing less to protect themselves

4/5: How Surveillance Stifles Dissent on the Internet

3/28: Encryption Is a Luxury

3/21: Encryption Pioneer Phil Zimmermann Backs Apple in Fight With FBI

3/15: Unpacking America’s privacy crisis at SXSW

1/26: Big data poses a threat to democracy

1/24: If a smartphone vendor acquiesces to anti-encryption laws, don’t use them

1/22: The future of tracking online behavior is already here



4/23: Questions In Belgium Over Security Do Little To Sway Minds Over Surveillance

4/22: Dutch Police Shut Down Encrypted Mobile Phone Network

4/21: UK’s spy agencies hold a massive database of ordinary citizens

4/21: British spies abused their powers to send people birthday cards

4/20: U.K. official confirms surveillance bill would let cops force companies to decrypt data

4/19: Can Switzerland become a safe haven for the world’s data?

4/19: Apple refused China access to source code, says chief lawyer

4/19: UK surveillance bill will force tech companies to disclose new products before they launch

4/14: Canadian police ‘obtained’ BlackBerry master encryption key

3/30: Top E.U. network-security official slams proposals for encryption backdoors

3/30: Punchtime employee tracking app raises privacy concerns

3/22: B.C. Information and Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham to step down

3/17: UK Government Pushes Forward With Insane Snooper’s Charter, Despite Widespread Concerns



4/21: Encryption Is Contagious: Viber Launching End To End Encryption

4/21: Former NSA security expert builds ransomware blocker for Mac

4/19: Apple Hasn’t Decided What To Do About iCloud Encryption — Yet

4/19: BlackBerry CEO: ‘We Are the Gold Standard’ in Security

4/15: How to connect with people at the office without sacrificing your privacy

4/14: Target is adding connected devices to care for the aging population

4/13: Silverpush Stops Using Sneaky, Inaudible TV Audio Tracking Beacons After FTC Warning

4/11: WordPress Turns on Encryption for 1 Million Sites

4/1: DARPA takes first step to develop technology that launches volleys of drones

3/30: Apple, Google Ordered To Unlock Smartphones Since At Least 2008

3/29: FAA doubles altitude limits for business drones

3/14: Researchers discover many March Madness apps are asking for permissions they don’t need

2/4: Three ways encryption can safeguard your cloud files



4/10: An animal’s right to privacy in the digital age

4/7: Alexa, Is Jeff Bezos Spying on Me? (Guest: Dan Seifert, Senior Editor, The Verge) – podcast

2/1: Privacy study prompts re-think of tracker use