Privacy News Update, 8-29-15


8/28: An investigation in Baltimore has ‘opened the floodgates’ on the use of secretive FBI cellphone tracking devices

8/28: Lawyers plan challenge to arrests based on secret cellphone tracking

8/28: The NSA Can Keep Tracking Phones After All, Rules Appeals Court

8/27: In privacy move, California lawmakers vote to restrict drones flying up to 350 feet high

8/27: Police drones with Tasers? It could happen in North Dakota.

8/27: It’s now legal for police in North Dakota to strap weapons to drones — so long as they aren’t lethal

8/27: No, Microsoft is not spying on you with Windows 10

8/26: Cops Finally Limit License Plate Data Collection… Because of Hard Drive Space

8/24: Why Phone Fraud Starts With A Silent Call

8/24: Apple Privacy May Not Be As Private As You Think

8/24: How drones can be used to hack your home

8/24: Digital surveillance ‘worse than Orwell’, says new UN privacy chief

8/22: Republicans think if your data is encrypted, the terrorists win

8/21: We talked to the CEO of the world’s most private search engine about why people prefer it to Google

8/21: North Dakota Cops Are Periscoping Traffic Stops and It’s Not Going Well

8/21: Spotify’s chief executive apologises after user backlash over new privacy policy

8/20: JFK Now Tracks Passengers’ Cellphones to Predict Airport Wait Times

8/20: ​Bruce Schneier: The cyberwar arms race is on

8/20: Man vs. drone, vs. the law

8/20: Ulysses pacts and spying hacks: warrant canaries and binary transparency

8/20: ‘Warrant canaries’: a subtle hint that your email provider is compromised

8/19: Artificially intelligent security cameras are spotting crimes before they happen

8/19: San Jose looks at using garbage haulers to catch car thieves

8/19: Jeb Bush calls for broad surveillance

8/18: AT&T making it even harder for you to protect your privacy

8/18: The End of the Internet Dream: the speech that won Black Hat (and Defcon)

8/18: UN demands NSA respect its privacy amid AT&T spying report

8/17: How Phone Companies Used ‘Supercookies’ to Track Customers’ Web Browsing

8/16: AT&T’s ‘extraordinary, decades-long’ relationship with NSA – report

8/15: AT&T Helped U.S. Spy on Internet on a Vast Scale

8/14: Android, you have serious security problems

8/14: New worry for tech firms that don’t want to hand data to the government: Hillary Clinton

8/13: Facebook says user privacy is ‘extremely important’, but no

8/13: Time Is a Privacy Setting

8/12: Tech Firms, Retailers Propose Security and Privacy Rules For Internet of Things

8/12: Employee says company-issued, GPS-enabled smartphone violates privacy

8/12: Fitbit Wants To Help Corporations Track Employee Health

8/11: Connected home device security only gets worse

8/11: The Philosopher of Surveillance: What Happens When a Failed Writer Becomes a Loyal Spy?

8/11: Tech titans warn MovieTube suit could revive Stop Online Piracy Act

8/11: Smart meters pose personal surveillance risks, experts say

8/11: Why Your Boss Wants to Track Your Heart Rate at Work

8/10: WATCH: More private companies gather license plate data

8/10: See hotshot fisherman hook drone mid-flight

8/8: Do Police Need a Warrant to See Where a Phone Is?

8/6: Medical Privacy Under Threat in the Age of Big Data

8/6: Wearable Technology Creeps Into The Workplace

8/5: Verizon Launches App To Conduct Surveillance On Its Own Striking Workers

8/3: Genetic Privacy, as Explained by Mystery Poopers



8/15: Technology and privacy: A deal with the devil?

8/12: Mohamed Mohamud appeal is first to challenge NSA surveillance in terrorism conviction

8/4: Outside View: Seattle’s recycling crackdown overzealous



8/27: Silicon Valley Wary as Pentagon Chief to Court Innovators

8/26: The 22 Amendments That Could Determine the Fate of the Senate’s Cybersecurity Bill

8/24: California lawmakers approve drone trespassing crime bills

8/24: Twitter Shuts Down Services That Tracked Politicians’ Deleted Tweets In 30 Countries

8/20: How the FAA Will Regulate Personal Drone Use is Up in the Air

8/18: Undercover Police Have Regularly Spied On Black Lives Matter Activists in New York

8/17: NSA kremlinology: spooks outsourced lawbreaking to AT&T

8/17: Virginia Finally Drops America’s ‘Worst Voting Machines’

8/17: UN deciding ‘how best to respond’ after AT&T helped NSA spy on headquarters

8/16: AT&T Risks Hit to Reputation After Report of Data Spying for NSA

8/15: Will Supreme Court force DHS to divulge secret plan to cut cell service?

8/14: How the F.B.I. Uses Facial Recognition Analysis

8/13: Copy of Postal Service Audit Shows Extent of Mail Surveillance

8/12: The Man demands yet more account information from Twitter: Creepy requests for info up by 52 per cent over the previous half year

8/12: New York Startup to Fly First Legal Drone Over City as Ban Looms

8/12: Facial Recognition Software Moves From Overseas Wars to Local Police

8/12: Amazingly, city council and cops agree on reasonable limits for new drone

8/10: DC Mayor Proposes Releasing Body Camera Footage

8/5: Seeing a history of all your movements is now easier for you, but harder for the feds

8/5: When and how will the Supreme Court enter the cell-site fray?

8/4: FAA has approved more than 1,000 drone exemptions



8/26: ​Biometrics: The password you cannot change

8/25: How to Make Privacy Policies Better, in Two Easy Steps

8/24: Herhold: License plate readers on garbage trucks? It doesn’t meet the smell test

8/24: Wow, Spotify’s New Privacy Policy is Atrocious

8/22: Who else has accessed your medical data?

8/21: Internet of Things, you have even worse security problems

8/21: The Lives of Others

8/21: Want Privacy And Security? You Must Be Joking

8/20: A different take on the Second Circuit’s Microsoft warrant case

8/19: Life After Ashley Madison: How to Operate in a World Without Secrets

8/19: Ashley Madison Is The Latest Proof That The Internet Does Not Keep Secrets

8/14: Editorial: Do ‘ballot selfies’ threaten the secret ballot?

8/12: Lax IoT security: Smart TVs and wearables are paving the way for massive privacy breaches

8/12: Where did the principle of secrecy in correspondence go?

8/11: Computer searches and the problem of withdrawn consent

8/11: The Many Things Wrong With the Anti-Encryption Op-Ed in the New York Times

8/10: When Phone Encryption Blocks Justice

8/10: Why ‘Smart’ Objects May Be a Dumb Idea

8/10: When Prostitution Is Nobody’s Business



8/27: Paper Says German Spies Got Access to NSA Internet Surveillance Tool

8/27: Australian National Facial Biometric Matching Capability expected next year

8/26: Vancouver police surveillance cameras criticized as Orwellian

8/25: Beaconsfield garbage truck cameras an invasion of privacy, residents say(Canada)

8/25: Body-worn cameras a ‘Pandora’s Box’ says ex Vic Police chief Nixon

8/24: Researcher says Australian parliaments have failed to protect privacy for 14 years

8/23: Pro-Government Twitter Bots Try to Hush Mexican Activists

8/21: Phone Encryption: Balancing Privacy and Protection

8/21: Inside the Spyware Campaign Against Argentine Troublemakers

8/17: Data-Crunching Is Coming to Help Your Boss Manage Your Time

8/17: India’s Government Censorship

8/14: How Germany’s Surveillance Scandals Echo Our Own

8/13: How Ukraine’s New Memory Commissar Is Controlling the Nation’s Past

8/10: Stingray-Like Device Enables Blackmail In S. Africa

8/13: Iranian hackers broke into what they thought was a Chevron gas pump — but it was a honeypot

8/11: Finnish Politician Suggests Embedding Chips In Citizens To Protect the Welfare State

8/7: Psychologist’s Work for GCHQ Deception Unit Inflames Debate Among Peers

7/17: Internet privacy ruling (The Supreme Court of Canada rules internet providers can’t give customer names and addresses to police without a warrant)

7/16: Privacy and online surveillance(Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien discusses Canadian’s privacy concerns)

6/17: RAW: CSEC is ‘intruding’ on Canadians’ privacy

6/3: Biometric data collection change in budget bill raises privacy concerns



8/29: Google is showing developers how to turn off iOS 9’s security features so it can load ads

8/27: The ultimate auto-pilot software gets $15M boost

8/25: Meanwhile in the Future: Everybody Has a Personal Drone Now

8/25: Butterfleye Is A Home Security Camera That Can Learn What Not To Record

8/25: When your TV can spy on you.

8/23: How a Snotbot Drone Could Save Endangered Whales

8/23: Sony to Offer Commercial Drone Services Starting 2016

8/22: How to use two-factor authentication without a phone

8/21: Experts: Deleted online information never actually goes away

8/21: ​Startup aims to make home devices smart enough to anticipate what you need

8/21: Spotify Tries to Put Out a Privacy Fire

8/19: Get secure: Blackphone 2 sales inquires begin with September launch

8/20: Augmented Reality Glasses Could Visually Encrypt Secrets

8/19: Demonsaw Uses “Social Cryptography” To Share Files And Data Anonymously

8/19: ​Core Infrastructure Initiative seeks help to improve open-source security

8/18: ProtonMail Open Sources Its Encrypted Webmail Interface

8/18: NSA-resistant email service Lavaboom goes BOOM! (we think

8/18: Confide, The Self-Destructing Messenger, Goes Live On Desktop

8/17: Anti-privacy unkillable super-cookies spreading around the world – study

8/17: Why More Employers Are Giving Their Employees Fitness Trackers

8/15: Still safe as houses: More CCTV for the masses

8/14: Mozilla Makes Private Browsing More Private In Firefox, Adds Tracking Protection

8/14: ​Sick of Windows spying on you? Go Linux

8/13: Apple Is Looking At Facial Recognition For Easing Photo-Sharing

8/13: US Navy drone can fly, land on the water and swim

8/13: Employers take note: millennials are well-versed in online privacy

8/12: Dropbox adds USB security keys

8/12: Dropbox Refuses to Explain Its Mysterious Child Porn Detection Software

8/11: Fix your Facebook privacy settings

8/10: Kaspersky Lab: Based In Russia, Doing Cybersecurity In The West

8/9: 9 Facts About Computer Security That Experts Wish You Knew

8/6: A Technology That Reveals Your Feelings

8/6: Tesla Model S Can Be Hacked, And Fixed (Which Is The Real News)

8/5: Under Pressure, Google Promises To Update Android Security Regularly

8/4: Disconnect CEO Explains That New Do Not Track Policy



8/21: Free six-part course on encrypting email and securing your network sessions against snooping

8/19: ‘Zer0es’ Takes The Cyber-Thriller To An Electrifying Extreme

1/21: George Orwell: A tribute

Cory Doctorow event from 7/28 (audio only)

Great conversation with Frank Catalano of the local site GeekWire.   Ranges all over the place for tech, fiction (the event was sponsored by Clarion West) and Cory’s privacy-related activism – enjoy!

“….Here’s the Q&A portion of the Cory Doctorow in Conversation event I did to benefit the Clarion West Writers’ Workshop in Seattle on July 28, 2015. The audio was provided by Frank Catalano, who also conducted the interview….” MP3 link


Privacy News Update, 8-8-15


8/4: China’s Cyberspying Is ‘on a Scale No One Imagined’–if You Pretend NSA Doesn’t Exist

8/3: Stingray surveillance sparks privacy concerns in Congress

7/2015: Americans Are Okay With Surveillance and Torture

7/24: Stop Google from tracking you on Google Maps

7/24: How security experts protect themselves online

7/24: U.K. Police Confirm Ongoing Criminal Probe of Snowden Leak Journalists

7/24: Hornet Tor alternative for high-speed anonymous browsing revealed

7/23: Justice Department Watchdog Complains He’s Been Curbed

7/22: NSA leaker Edward Snowden seeks return to U.S., on his terms

7/22: Did Sandra Bland have a right to record her police confrontation? Maybe not.

7/22: Fiat Chrysler Offers Patch After Hackers Commandeer Jeep

7/22: Google Maps now shows you everywhere you’ve been

7/22: De Blasio Administration Reaches Deal With Uber

7/21: Patch Your Chrysler Now Against a Wireless Hacking Attack

7/21: Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway—With Me in It

7/21: Google Maps Timeline Lets You Stalk Yourself

7/21: The challenges of securing your smart home

7/19: More Than A Quarter-Million Ask Google To Be Forgotten

7/18: Why Did A Security Firm Mysteriously Ditch a ‘Privacy’ Product?

7/18: Security News This Week: Laura Poitras Is Suing the Government

7/16: No joke: Anger as UK police tweet spy-cam image of comedian

7/15: Former spook bigwigs ask for rewrite of UK’s surveillance laws

7/15: Europe a step closer to keeping records on all passengers flying in and out of the Continent

7/15: Google Accidentally Released Details of Right To Be Forgotten Requests

7/15: Do Encrypted Phones Threaten National Security?

7/14: ACLU wants to end NSA mass spying forever – good luck with that

7/13: Watching the watchers: Oakland seeks control of law enforcement surveillance

7/12: 2016: The Year We Claim Our Privacy Back

7/12: At The NSA, A Rising Star’s Commitment To Faith — And Public Service

7/9: This is the most outrageous government tirade against iOS 8 encryption

7/9: Trackbuster Lets You Remove Those Pesky Email Tracking Beacons

7/1: Federal wiretaps down slightly, encryption impact decreases

6/23: You’re being secretly tracked with facial recognition, even in church



8/6: Federal agents install video-surveillance cameras in Seattle

7/20: City responds to trash privacy suit

7/18: Hacking Team and Boeing Subsidiary Envisioned Drones Deploying Spyware

7/16: Residents sue over Seattle composting law

7/16: Breaking: Libertarians Do Live In Seattle (And They’re Suing Over that Food Scrap Law)

7/12: What new laws passed in the Legislature? 2015 highlights



7/25: Fishermen say camera requirement invades privacy

7/24: Butt dialers have no right to privacy, rules court

7/23: Senators Want Homeland Security To Be a Leading Cyberdefense Agency

7/23: Homeland Security Chief Goes Off “Going Dark” Script, Says He Can See Plenty

7/23: Connecticut Teen of Gun-Firing Drone Video Charged for Assaulting Police

7/22: FCC CIO: Consumers Need Privacy Controls In the Internet of Everything Era

7/22: National Guard Seeks More Drones For Domestic Missions

7/22: Police liability for interfering with lawful citizen videorecording

7/22: Iowa principals asked to wear bodycams

7/22: Gun-toting drone prompts federal investigation

7/21: FBI’s Hacks Don’t Comply With Legal Safeguards

7/21: Sen. Blumenthal Introduces Bill To Protect Connected Cars From Hackers

7/21: New York Court Says Facebook Can’t Object to Search Warrants

7/20: Verizon faces steady stream of requests for customer data

7/19: The Making of a Republican Snowdenista

7/17: Two Charts Show How the Drug War Drives US Domestic Spying

7/16: Fight over police videos likely to continue despite ruling

7/16: Fremont to install license plate reading cameras

7/15: California Judge Orders Release Of Video Showing Gardena Police Shooting

7/15: Fingerprint Scanner Tested on Foreigners Leaving Atlanta

7/15: Google Wins Bid to Toss Suit Claiming Privacy Violations

7/13: After Monumental Breach, Banks and Even Farmers Are Buying NSA-Fueled Surveillance Gear

7/12: At The NSA, A Rising Star’s Commitment To Faith — And Public Service

7/10: Moxie Marlinspike profiled in WSJ. Obama thinks secure messaging apps like the one he built are “a problem.”

7/10: Roadshow: FasTrak not a reason for privacy worries, say bridge officials

7/8: Encryption debate pits Silicon Valley vs. FBI, Justice Dept.

7/8: Google Should Give U.S. Citizens More Privacy Rights, Says Consumer Watchdog

7/8: Tech and politics clash over protecting your data



7/24: Tech leaders want privacy — but only for themselves

7/24: Graphic photos underscore need for U.S. ‘right to be forgotten’

7/23: A hacked Jeep should be a wake-up call to automakers

7/23: Does it matter who wins the Microsoft Ireland warrant case?

7/23: Sandra Bland and the ‘lawful order’ problem

7/23: Wise businesses listen to consumers’ privacy concerns

7/22: Once again: Crypto backdoors are an insane, dangerous idea

7/21: Editorial: Fighting fires — and drones

7/21: Wired’s highway Jeep-hacking stunt was an amazing story, but a terrible idea

7/20: A 1990s anti-piracy law is why you haven’t seen the hacked list of Ashley Madison customers

7/20: Queer No Longer Queer – Nor Is Privacy

7/19: After Washington Post rolls out HTTPS, its editorial board bemoans encryption debate

7/17: Data Privacy Just Makes Good Business Sense

7/16: Why you should share your genetic profile

7/15: Can I Post a Photo of a Bad Driver?

7/15: Letter: Caspar Bowden’s early warnings

7/14: Superzoom camera can literally shoot the Moon, but will it have a creepy dark side?

7/10: Amy Goodman: Communication monitoring a threat to democracy

7/8: How technology could kill the art of lying

6/22: Hotels now have the right to protect guests’ privacy — but only if they want to



7/24: The Wilson Doctrine isn’t legally binding, MPs CAN be spied on, says QC

7/24: Don’t Bring Your Drone To New Zealand

7/24: France approves ‘Big Brother’ surveillance powers despite UN concern

7/23: How British spies really spy: Information that didn’t come from Snowden

7/23: Pakistan tried to tap international web traffic via underwater cables, report says

7/22: Immigration department sought private medical records ‘for political reasons’(AU)

7/22: Pakistan wants to copy GCHQ and eavesdrop on world+dog’s comms

7/21: Lifelock Once Again Failed at Its One Job: Protecting Data

7/21: Lufthansa Flight Has Near-Miss With Drone Near Warsaw

7/20: Snowden to the IETF: Please make an internet for users, not the spies

7/20: UK Journalists Take Court Action Over Police Phone Spying

7/18: VPN Maker CyberGhost Aims To Grow A Privacy Hub In Eastern Europe

7/17: High court to rule on MPs’ claim that data retention act damages privacy

7/17: Metadata slurp warrant typo sends cops barging into the wrong house

7/17: will appeal against DRIPA-busting verdict, says minister

7/16: UK schools’ “anti-radicalisation” software lets hackers spy on kids

7/16: Yep, world+dog’s spies are in our network, says Vodafone as it bares all

7/16: No joke: Anger as UK police tweet spy-cam image of comedian

7/16: Abbott appoints new spy overseer (AU)

7/16: Spies in the hot seat after Italian surveillance firm breach

7/13: Download Festival face scan: You’re right to be annoyed, said UK surveillance commish

7/13: Privacy campaigners win concessions in UK surveillance report

7/11: Hacking Team hack casts spotlight on murky world of state surveillance

7/8: Report: Uber uses GPS to punish drivers in China who get close to protests

6/22: B.C. Court of Appeal Rules Facebook’s Fine Print Trumps Privacy Law (Canada)

6/19: Why the Liberal Party Defence of Its Support for Bill C-51 Falls Flat (Canada)



7/25: Fiat Chrysler’s Anti-Hacking Recall a Milestone for Industry

7/24: How Amazon Could Drive Blended Reality Into The Living Room

7/24: What amateurs can learn from security pros about staying safe online

7/24: Fiat recalls 1.4 million cars vulnerable to being hacked

7/23: Apple eyes remote control personalized via fingerprint, retinal scan

7/23: Trying To Keep Your Data Safe? You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

7/23: Follow The Leader: Drones Learn To Behave In Swarms

7/22: Keeping Dictation on a Mac Private

7/22: Silent Pocket Bets On Privacy As Fashion Accessory

7/22: Microsoft to deliver Advanced Threat Analytics cybersecurity product in August

7/21: The Ghost In The Car May Be A Hacker

7/18: Apple Ads Based On Your Credit Balance Pushes Privacy Beyond The Limit

7/16: Your Phone Can Tell Whether You’re Depressed

7/16: How smart are connected toys?

7/15: OKCupid Founders Get $10.8M To Build A Kinder, Gentler Public Key Encryption Tool

7/14: NASA algorithms keep unmanned aircraft away from commercial aviation

7/14: ​Firefox now blocks all versions of Flash Player by default

7/13: The Tor Project is hiring a new executive director

7/13: A $200 privacy device has been killed, and no one knows why

7/10: Carmakers to Tech Partners: Keep Your Hands Off Our Data

7/7: Consumer group wants government to make Google give Americans the ‘right to be forgotten’ online

7/3: How Personal Should A Personal Assistant Get? Google And Apple Disagree

6/29: Fitbit data just undermined a woman’s rape claim

6/25: Facebook just hired the executive who was steering Yahoo’s security turnaround

Privacy News Update, 7-11-15


7/10:  The rise of the new Crypto War

7/10:  Wolverton: New, smarter light bulbs do more than just turn on

7/10:  Carmakers to Tech Partners: Keep Your Hands Off Our Data

7/10:  UK Privacy Advocate Caspar Bowden Dies

7/8:  Manhattan DA: iPhone Crypto Locked Out Cops 74 Times

7/8:  FBI, Justice Dept. Take Encryption Concerns to Congress

7/7:  A list of the well-known politicians who have defended Edward Snowden

7/7:  Security Experts Oppose Government Access to Encrypted Communication

7/7:  Is the Obama administration softening on Edward Snowden?

7/7:  Eric Holder Says DoJ Could Strike Deal With Snowden; Current AG Takes Hard Line

7/7:  Senate Advances Plan To Make Email and Social Sites Report Terror Activity

7/5:  Coming soon to your St. Paul library: Data tracking

7/5:  Encryption’s holy grail is getting closer, one way or another

7/5:  Steer clear of low-tech hacks: How to keep your information safe

7/3:  Student sues Fordham over demand for mental health records

7/2:  WikiLeaks drops new set of secret TISA docs: Yep, no one agrees

7/2:  Marketers’ Next Trick: Reading Buyers’ Minds

7/1:  NSA’s spying on UN and others detailed in newly published documents

7/1:  This Online Anonymity Box Puts You a Mile Away From Your IP Address

6/30:  7 Technologies to Track People

6/30:  Why I Walked Out of Facial Recognition Negotiations

6/30:  MIT’s Bitcoin-Inspired ‘Enigma’ Lets Computers Mine Encrypted Data

6/30:  Surveillance Court: NSA Can Resume Bulk Surveillance

6/30:  Stanford Starts the ‘Secure Internet of Things Project’

6/29:  Lincoln Chafee Adds a Proposal to the 2016 Debate: ‘Let’s Bring Edward Snowden Home’

6/29:  Want to shoot down a drone? It’ll cost you, Modesto man learns

6/29:  When a Company Gets Sold, Your Data May Be Sold, Too

6/26:  Cisco Security Appliances Found To Have Default SSH Keys

6/26:  MAC address privacy inches towards standardisation

6/25:  Snapchat Still May Not Be as Safe as You Think

6/23:  Low-tech ways you can protect your privacy online

6/23:  Why Jeb Bush Wants the United States to Be More Like Estonia

6/23:  Google cures Chrome security flaws in fresh update

6/23:  Cars that can read your mind — through the steering wheel

6/23:  New Snowden Leaks Show NSA Attacked Anti-Virus Software

6/22:  Allstate Patents Physiological Data Collection

6/22:  U.S. Supreme Court sides with innkeepers on right to privacy

6/17:  FBI aerial surveillance revelations prompt backlash from US lawmakers

6/12:  Government’s Secret Surveillance Court May Be About to Get a Little Less Secret

6/8:  June 8, 1949: George Orwell’s ‘1984’ Is Published

6/1: NSA Reform? No Way! Scott Walker Wants ‘Something Closer to the Patriot Act’



6/23:  The future of police video: Inside the Seattle PD’s workshop on wearable cameras



7/9:  Privacy campaigners question credibility of NHS ‘endorsed’ apps

7/8:  Amtrak Is Urged to Install Cameras to Monitor Engineers

7/8:  Sheriff’s office wants funds for body cams(Houston, TX)

7/7:  Utah lawmakers look at passing statewide body camera rules

7/7:  Pennsylvania court rules police videos can be public records

7/6:  New Mexico lawmakers discuss drone regulations

7/4:  Gov. Walker and Wisconsin GOP Retreat on Open Records Limits

7/3:  Bill would allow cameras in Illinois nursing homes

7/1:  Federal wiretaps down slightly, encryption impact decreases

6/25:  We need to know about the Internet of Things, say US Senators

6/22:  Privacy group asks FTC to investigate Uber

6/12:  The FCC will now take your net neutrality complaints

6/4:  Newly revealed NSA surveillance program draws support, ire



7/10:  Should Google be forced to bring the right to be forgotten to the U.S.?

7/7:  Encryption debate shows Silicon Valley takes power back from feds

7/7:  Automakers need to make security ‘part of the conversation’

7/5:  Forget Bitcoin — What Is the Blockchain and Why Should You Care?

7/4:  Readers React – Why can’t we watch the police?

7/2:  Do Privacy Concerns Really Change With The Internet Of Things?

7/2:  Are Hotels Dangerous?

7/2015:  ICYMI: June’s #maketechhuman Debate Tackled Google, NSA, and Cyberwarfare

6/30:  Data Policy 101: What Businesses And Consumers Need to Know About Privacy

6/25:  There’s no law to prevent intelligence agencies using private data. That has to change

6/23:  ‘Fear of One Company Knowing Too Much About Us’ and Other Privacy Concerns

6/22:  Privacy is awesome, in theory: Column

6/20:  Google’s backward step on Android app privacy

6/11:  Policing Privacy in the Age of Surveillance

6/10:  Bridging Policy Silos in Digital Field

6/2:  Internet privacy lawsuits, once all the rage, fizzle out



7/8:  China Mulls Privacy Protection, Further Curbs on Internet

7/8:  EU ombudsman slams Commish handling of German ePrivacy laws

7/5:  Theresa May Named UK’s Internet Villain of the Year

7/3:  Germany Wants Quick Clarification of New NSA Spy Allegations

7/3:  Russian Parliament Approves Internet Privacy Bill

7/3:  Angry Austrian takes a hit in David and Goliath Facebook battle

7/2:  French privacy cops snarl at websites over crap EU cookie warnings

7/2:  CNIL Enforces Cookies Rules in France

7/2:  Privacy watchdog ICO slashes its fines in half

7/1:  UK Gets Ironic by Spying on Amnesty International

6/26:  US tech companies still not doing enough to help police and spies, claims UK

6/25:  U.K. MPs Debate Judicial Authorization For Intercept Warrants

6/25:  France, Up In Arms Over NSA Spying, Passes New Surveillance Law

6/24:  Privacy advocates descend on proposed domain name change

6/24:  Three-way EU Big Data privacy wrestling match kicks off

6/23:  GCHQ: Security software? We’ll soon see about THAT

6/22:  Oi,, your Verify system looks like a MASS SPY NETWORK

6/22:  GCHQ didn’t illegally spy on Brit NGOs, tribunal rules

6/19:  Australia seeks rules for ‘peacetime norms’ in cyberspace

6/11:  ‘Big Parenting’: How data and technology are changing our families



7/11:  Like gym memberships, enthusiasm for fitness trackers drops

7/10:  Would you pay $5 for an ad-free Internet?

7/9:  How to see the photos your friends are hiding on Facebook

7/6:  Hacking Team Breach Shows a Global Spying Firm Run Amok

7/6:  Farm Use of Drones to Take Off as Feds Loosen Restrictions

7/3:  PureVPN calls pure BS on VPN insecurity study

7/1:  Script-blocker NoScript lets in ANYTHING from

7/1:  Amazon’s New SSL/TLS Implementation In 6,000 Lines of Code

6/29:  Athletes adjusting to cameras all over arenas, stadiums

6/28:  Where Are The Invisible Apps?

6/23:  Parrot’s New MiniDrones Conquer Air, Land…and Sea

6/23:  Google eavesdropping tool installed on computers without permission

6/23:  Seven tips for securing your Facebook account

6/19:  The Arlo and Flir FX security cameras: plug-and-play, mobile ready omnipresence

6/18:  Your smartphone could have serious security flaws

6/17:  Nest Cam keeps a high-def eye and ear on your home: First Look

6/8:  Apple to require 6-digit passcodes on newer iPhones, iPads under iOS 9

5/15:  Freightliner wants to know if we’re ready for autonomous trucks



6/25:  Emma Watson’s next movie will tackle online privacy

Privacy News Update, 6-22-15


6/2015: Who Has your Back? EFF’s annual corporate privacy report

6/20: The snitch in your pocket: making sense of Stingrays

6/19: Google Criticized For ‘Opaque’ Audio-Listening Binary In Debian Chromium

6/18: FBI says in secret that secret spy Cessnas aren’t secret – Men in black shrug off criticism of warrantless domestic spyplane fleet

6/18: Why Apple, Yahoo, Adobe And Dropbox Received Perfect Scores On EFF’s Annual Privacy Ranking

6/16: Push for facial recognition privacy standards hits roadblock

6/15: Privacy Advocates Walk Out in Protest Over U.S. Facial Recognition Code of Conduct

6/16: Taser Is Charging Stunning Fees to Handle Police Video

6/10: School Lunch Program Scans Student Thumbprints For ‘Tracking Purposes’

6/10: How’s My Driving? The Insurer Knows

6/9: U.S. tech companies expected to lose more than $35 billion due to NSA spying

6/9: Audi CEO’s Privacy Appeal Takes Aim at Google’s Car Push

6/5: Periscope shares your exact location in global map

6/5: What to look out for in Britain’s new surveillance bill

6/5: How my doppelgänger used the Internet to find and befriend me

6/4: NSA’s use of ‘back-door searches’ against hackers is reformers’ next target

6/4: Phone Carriers Tight-Lipped On How They Will Comply With New Surveillance Law

6/4: Edward Snowden Is Not Going Away

6/3: The NSA’s Bulk Collection Is Over, but Google and Facebook Are Still in the Data Business

6/3: Obama Admin Seeks Revival of Lapsed NSA Spying Program

6/3: The War Over NSA Spying Is Just Beginning

6/3: Under New Rules, NSA To Again Access Americans’ Phone Records

6/3: Sen. Patrick Leahy: ‘Our Privacy Is Part Of Our Security’

6/3: Staying safe on public Wi-Fi

6/2: How you can track the FBI’s spy planes

6/1: Why We Can’t Trust the NSA (And Why That’s a Crisis)

6/1: Americans Say They Want The Patriot Act Renewed … But Do They, Really?

6/1: Google streamlines privacy controls, analyzes your security settings

5/29: As Police Body Cameras Increase, What About All That Video

5/29: A little-known Yelp privacy setting tells businesses your gender, age and hometown

5/28: Facebook Messenger Is Following You

5/28: That Cessna Flying Over Your House May Be Sending Photos to the Tax Assessor

5/27: Questions Remain About How To Use Data From License Plate Scanners

5/27: Yahoo Ordered to Face Group Privacy Suit Over Scanned E-Mail

5/18: Your Boss Is Now Tracking You at Home



6/15: Time for SPD officers to wear body cameras ‘is now,’ federal monitor says

6/15: SPD Monitor Declares Reforms “Well Underway,” Calls for Body Cams Now

6/11: Gov. Brown signs legislation making conversations between alleged campus sexual assault survivors and victims’ advocates confidential

6/9: David Sarasohn: Oregon’s senators led way on privacy protection (OPINION)



6/21: California’s Obamacare exchange to collect insurance data on patients

6/20: Jindal kills bill allowing cops to automatically scan plates

6/20: Revealed: How DOJ Gagged Google over Surveillance of WikiLeaks Volunteer

6/20: Lawmakers consider UW student email privacy (Wyoming)

6/18: Lawmakers consider citizen privacy (Wyoming)

6/18: Many L.A. building records now just a few clicks away

6/17: New Senate Bill Would Require Warrants for Federal Aerial Surveillance

6/16: US Lawmakers Demand Federal Encryption Requirements After OPM Hack

6/13: California bill brings needed protections to digital privacy

6/12: NSA Backdoor Searches Would End if House Amendment Survives

6/12: Anti-surveillance steamroller still rolling through Congress

6/12: Face Recognition Tech Pushes Legal Boundaries

6/11: U.S. Senate Democrats Block Cybersecurity Liability Measure

6/11: Patriot Act Reform Curbed NSA; Cybersecurity Bill Would Empower It

6/9: Congress: We Didn’t Know the FBI Was Creating a Small Surveillance ‘Air Force’

6/9: White House Asks FISA Court To Ignore 2nd Circuit’s Decision On Bulk Surveillance

6/9: Exclusive: U.S. Tech Industry Appeals to Obama to Keep Hands Off Encryption

6/9: Undetectable NSA-linked hybrid malware hits Intel Security radar

6/8: The Computers Are Listening – NSA Won’t Say If It Automatically Transcribes American Phone Calls in Bulk

6/6: Hackers Are Next on Government-Spyware Company’s List of Targets

6/5: Maryland law grants students social media privacy rights

6/5: US government responds to latest hack: give us more power over data collection

6/4: The US Secretly Expanded Domestic Spying While Praising Transparency

6/2: The Patriot Act Is Changing. Here’s What That Means for Your Privacy

6/1: How the Government Will Spy on You If the Patriot Act Dies

5/17: How Will The Next President Protect Our Digital Lives?



6/17: Edward Snowden Supports Apple’s Public Stance On Privacy

6/17: Beware the Listening Machines

6/17: Women Are Starting To “Lean In” To Data Privacy Careers

6/16: Should Edward Snowden Trust Apple To Do the Right Thing?

6/15: Adjusting to a World Where No Data Is Secure

6/14: Amazon Publishes Opaque Transparency Report

6/10: In The Information Debate, Openness and Privacy Are The Same Thing

6/10: Do Women Make Better Privacy Professionals?

6/10: What Apple’s Tim Cook Overlooked in His Defense of Privacy

6/9: If the FBI has a backdoor to Facebook or Apple encryption, we are less safe

6/8: Internet users care about their privacy but have given up on safeguarding it

6/8: The Online Privacy Lie Is Unraveling

6/8: The ‘devious defecator’ case shows why employers should never ask for DNA

6/6: Surveillance laws are being rewritten post-Snowden, but what will really change?

6/5: You’re Way Less Apathetic About Privacy Than You Realize

6/3: Surveillance reform explainer: can the FBI still listen to my phone calls?

6/2: Sacrifice privacy for national security? #tellusatoday

6/1: Mercury News editorial: Privacy fight is far from over

6/1: Guest commentary: Encryption, the next battle between security and privacy

5/30: Let gridlock bury mass surveillance, preserve U.S. right to privacy

5/29: If NSA surveillance program ends, phone record trove will endure



6/19: Germany Sees Privacy Road Block to EU Plan on Tax Rulings

6/18: Search Delisting Appeals ‘Working Efficiently’, Say European Regulators

6/18: Metadata: Australians’ phone and internet details accessed 334,658 times in 2013-14

6/15: How the Budget Bill Quietly Reshapes Canadian Privacy Law

6/15: Police Scanning Every Face At UK Download Festival 133

6/15: European Ministers Agree To Disagree On Data Protection Reform

6/14: Santander To Track Customer Location Via Mobiles and Tablets

6/14: There is no real case for a snooper’s charter – but that won’t stop it

6/13: Germany Abandons Investigation Into NSA Spying on Chancellor Merkel

6/13: Theresa May keeps snooper’s charter secret

6/12: Google Must Expand Privacy Delistings, Says French Watchdog

6/11: Indie review of UK surveillance laws: As you were, GCHQ – Government pressing on with Snoopers’ Charter

6/11: Downing Street faces fight over call to strip ministers of surveillance powers

6/11: U.K. Review Backs Mass Surveillance But Wants Judges To Sign Warrants

6/11: UK Terrorism Law Watchdog Calls for Major Surveillance Overhaul

6/10: Fake Mobile Phone Towers Operating In The UK

6/10: The German Government’s Surveillance Hypocrisy

6/9: European Cloud Companies Play Up Privacy Credentials

6/8: After U.S. Freedom Act, U.K. Spy Agencies Face Fresh Legal Challenge Over Domestic Dragnets

6/7: GCHQ continues to use data techniques outlawed in US, say campaigners

6/5: Merkel Says Facebook Is ‘Nice,’ Like a Washing MachineU.K. Review Backs Mass Surveillance But Wants Judges To Sign Warrants

6/3: America curbs state snooping, Britain gives the green light

6/2: Secret report urges treaty forcing US web firms’ cooperation in data sharing

6/2: Google hit with antitrust complaint over banned privacy app



6/20: Banjo’s ability to track events in real time gives clients competitive edge

6/19: DuckDuckGo Sees Massive Growth In Post-Snowden World

6/19: To take the wheel, robot cars must pry it from my cold dead hands

6/18: Drone Startups Grab Record Cash as Kleiner, FF Venture Seek Wins

6/17: Nowy Friends Is A P2P Social Radar App That Does Not Log Your Location

6/17: Google’s Nest targeting ‘thoughtful’ homes with new products

6/17: Google’s Nest launches new home camera, smoke detector

6/16: Bing to encrypt search traffic by default

6/15: Non-creepy social networks make it to your smartphone

6/11: Samsung, LG smartwatches give up personal data to researchers

6/9: Why it took us so long to match Apple on privacy – a Google exec explains

6/8: Apple Stresses User Privacy At WWDC

6/6: ‘Responsive street furniture’ in cities could boost accessibility

6/2: Are You Willing To Share Your Wearables Data With Your Boss?

6/2: Google offers users portal to delete data

6/1: Go Check Up On Your Google Privacy Settings in the New Accounts Page

5/28: Android M And Chrome Are Doing Something Great For Users

5/29: When Are Employee Wellness Incentives No Longer Voluntary?

5/28: Uber Broadens Rider Privacy Policy, Asks for New Permissions

5/26: Lost Explorers: The unrealized vision of Google Glass

5/16: Live Video Apps Like Periscope Make Life Even Less Private



6/19: Jeremy Hutchinson talks to Alan Rusbridger – books podcast

6/17: Democracy in the Dark: A Book Talk with Frederick A.O. Schwarz, Jr.

6/3: Infiltrating ‘The Dark Net,’ Where Criminals, Trolls And Extremists Reign

5/29: Law, Privacy and Surveillance in Canada in the Post-Snowden Era

Privacy News Update, 6-12


6/6: Divining the capabilities of the FBI’s ubiquitous spy aircraft

6/6: Librarians As the First Line of Privacy Defense

6/6: How the country’s top privacy cop is trying to protect consumers in the digital age

6/6: The Online Privacy Lie Is Unraveling

6/5: What an NYPD Spy Copter Reveals About the FBI’s Spy Planes

6/4: After Partial NSA Reform, Expanded Internet Surveillance Of Americans Emerges

6/4: Hunting for Hackers, N.S.A. Secretly Expands Internet Spying at U.S. Border

6/4: New Snowden documents reveal secret memos expanding spying

6/4: Study shows consumers lament being monitored online for marketing

6/4: Leaked TISA Documents Reveal Privacy Threat

6/4: Edward Snowden: The World Says No to Surveillance

6/4: Report: NSA Sifts Americans’ International Internet Traffic to Hunt Hackers

6/3: USA Freedom Act: the good, the bad, and what’s next

6/3: Thank You, Edward Snowden: Without You, Congress Would Not Have Ended the NSA’s Bulk Phone Data Collection

6/3: WikiLeaks releases secret TISA docs: The more evil sibling of TTIP and TPP

6/3: Analysis: NSA bill barely touches the agency’s vast powers

6/1: Nosy Brit cops demand access to comms data EVERY TWO MINUTES

5/30: As Patriot Act Debated, Privacy Tools More Accessible

5/30: Unmasking hidden Tor service users is too easy, say infosec bods

5/29: Tech companies aren’t so transparent when it comes to politics

5/28: How metadata compromises you

5/27: The Key to Ending Mass Surveillance? Math.

5/26: Boffins silently track train commuters without tripping Android checks

5/25: Lessons from a Sydney cryptoparty

5/25: How one mayor struggles with balancing privacy and surveillance (Oakland, CA)

5/22: FBI admits it didn’t crack any major cases with Patriot Act powers

5/15: New Iris Recognition Tech Could Make It Easier To Catch Criminals — Or Find Protesters



6/2: Ron Wyden: USA Freedom Act passage is ‘biggest win for privacy rights in a decade’



6/5: Why did Snowden swipe 900k+ US DoD files? (Or so Uncle Sam claims)

6/5: County sheriff warrantlessly used stingray 500+ times, claims to have no records (Sacramento)

6/5: Edward Snowden Celebrates NSA Reform as the “Power of an Informed Public”

6/4: House easily passes further anti-surveillance amendments

6/4: US Prosecutors Say Clearing Browser Data Can Be Obstruction of Justice

6/4: New Jersey seeks to make ‘upskirting’ a crime

6/4: Oklahoma governor signs police body camera footage measure

6/4: Body camera bill on its way to South Carolina governor

6/4: US lawmaker: Next, we stop the NSA from weakening encryption

6/3: Governor vetoes bills involving photo traffic enforcement (CO)

6/3: The NSA will stop collecting U.S. phone data. Now what?

6/3: California Senate OKs requiring warrants to search smartphones, tablets

6/3: US Senate passes USA Freedom Act – a long lip service to NSA reforms

6/3: Congressman Warns of Encrypted “Dark Spaces”; Another Says: “Ooooh It Sounds Really Scary”

6/3: State high court limits right to warrantless home searches (AZ)

6/3: Get Your NSA Reform Hot Takes Here

6/2: How Mitch McConnell Tried—and Failed—to Weaken NSA Reform

6/2: US Airport Screeners Missed 95% of Weapons, Explosives In Undercover Tests

6/1: Privacy Advocates Hope Sunset Of Section 215 Marks Dawn Of Surveillance Reform

5/31: Oakland council to vote on surveillance camera limits

5/28: Court weighs S.F. policy on who reviews police files

5/28: NSA chief: Encryption isn’t bad, it’s the future

5/28: Reality Checks in Debate Over Surveillance Laws

5/28: Inside NSA, Officials Privately Criticize “Collect It All” Surveillance

5/27: Obama Asks Congress To Renew ‘Patriot Act’ Snooping

5/27: On Patriot Act Renewal and USA Freedom Act: Glenn Greenwald Talks With ACLU’s Jameel Jaffer

5/26: Privacy and Security Innovation: The Cautionary Tale of Nomi Technologies And The FTC



6/6: Why Is Apple’s Tim Cook Taking Shots At Google And Facebook?

6/5: Ed Snowden should be pardoned, thunders Amnesty Int’l

6/4: Snowden deserves credit for NSA reform — and to stand trial

6/4: Welcome to the Age of Digital Imperialism

6/4: Mad John McAfee: ‘Can you live in a society that is more paranoid than I’m supposed to be?’

6/3: Privacy Protection and Security: We Can Have Both

6/3: In Pushing for Revised Surveillance Program, Obama Strikes His Own Balance

6/3: Tim Cook just sent a powerful warning to the US government

6/3: Privacy In The Competency Marketplace: Who Owns Your Profile Metadata?

6/2: Fusion’s Alicia Menendez: Millennials Have A Complicated Relationship With Privacy

6/2: How Edward Snowden Sparked a Librarians’ Quarrel

6/2: Suspended Surveillance: Two Years of Heretical Thinking

6/1: Not a false choice between ideals and security

6/1: Debate on NSA surveillance looks phony on both sides

6/2015: The Tradeoff Fallacy: How Marketers are misrepesenting American Consumers and Opening them up to Exploitation

5/30: Not To Be A Buzzkill, But An Apple Car Will Kill Privacy

5/30: Security News This Week: If the Patriot Act Expires It Won’t Spell Doom

5/29: Choosing between Big Brother and the Bill of Rights

5/29: Five myths about body cameras

5/28: Mercury News editorial: Californians deserve digital data privacy protection

5/28: Let Patriot Act Provisions Expire

5/27: 5 Ways to Take Back Tech

5/26: Stop logging our phone calls

5/22: Rewrite body camera bill or put it aside (California)

5/19: In defense of ad-blockers, a vital tool for the privacy conscious

5/2015: Privacy Behaviors After Snowden



6/4: Passions run high in EU parliament debate over air passengers’ privacy

6/4: U.K. State Surveillance Powers Challenged Under Human Rights Law

6/4: 2 UK Lawmakers Challenge Government on Surveillance Powers

6/4: Less than a day left to kill Paraguay’s mass surveillance bill

6/4: There was a David Cameron who swallowed a fly..

6/3: Cop cams hit London: 20,000 police to wear video cameras

6/2: GCHQ gros fromage stays schtum on Snowden and snooping

5/30: When a government spies on its citizens: lessons from Chile

5/30: German Court Turns Down Drone Lawsuit but Leaves Door Open to Others

5/29: Germany licks lips, eyes new data gulp with revised retention law

5/28: UN says encryption “necessary for the exercise of the right to freedom”

5/27: UK surveillance commish asks CCTV operators to please be good

5/26: Skype hauled into court after refusing to hand call records to cops

5/22: Which Colombian ISPs keep your data private?

5/20: Gov’t to spy upon South Korean minors through smartphone apps



6/5: Here’s new evidence that Google Glass is moving forward

6/5: Would You Be Willing to Pay for Facebook or Google in Exchange for Your Privacy?

6/5: Look, Ma, No Hands!

6/4: Turn It On: How to enable two-factor authentication for over 100 websites

6/4: Microsoft Gives Details About Its Controversial Disk Encryption

6/2: Did Little Caesars Just Start The Privacy War?

6/1: Facebook Now Supports PGP To Send You Encrypted Emails

5/29: Hola: A free VPN with a side of botnet

5/27: Make Adama proud: Connect your Things wisely, cadet

5/27: Need a simple, instant warrant canary? Now there’s an app for that

5/27: For iPhone, iPad privacy, here’s how to turn on encryption in just one minute

5/26: Bluetooth privacy is mostly ignored, so you’re beaming yourself to the world

5/26: In New York City, “freelance spies” are recording your conversations

5/25: Encryption for Everyone: The free service that will change how you think about security

Privacy News Update, 5-24 part 2


5/24: County sheriff has used stingray over 300 times with no warrant

5/23: Apple and Google met with spy chiefs at an 18th-century mansion in England to secretly discuss government surveillance

5/23: NSA Winds Down Once-Secret Phone-Records Collection Program

5/23: Fate of U.S. Domestic Surveillance Program Uncertain After Senate Vote

5/23: The Government’s Consumer Data Watchdog

5/22: What are cellphone networks blabbing about you to the Feds? A US senator wants to know

5/21: Here’s the Best Stuff from Edward Snowden’s Reddit “Ask Me Anything”

5/21: Academics Build a New Tor Client Designed To Beat the NSA

5/20: I say Zuck off, YOU say Zuck off, we ALL say Zuck off

5/20: Anti-NSA Pranksters Planted Tape Recorders Across New York and Published Your Conversations

5/20: ISPs really don’t want to follow new customer data privacy rules

5/20: Survey Finds Americans Don’t Trust Government and Companies to Protect Privacy

5/19: Snowden Sees Some Victories, From a Distance

5/17: FBI claims security researcher took control of plane

5/15: Court won’t force US to divulge secret strategy to cut mobile phone service

5/15: Advocacy groups propose rules for police body cameras

5/15: Emails Show FBI Privacy Concerns About License-Plate Readers

5/15: San Jose, police union reach agreement on body-camera use

5/14: How You Can Better Protect Your Privacy

5/13: Employee Says She Was Fired for Refusing to Be Tracked 24/7 (California)

5/12: Rand Paul Is Fighting for Your Privacy—Unless You’re a Woman

5/12: Oakland puts off acting on controversial surveillance system



5/22: The Body Cam Hacker Who Schooled the Police

5/20: Oregon to Test Pay-Per-Mile Idea as Replacement for Gas Tax

5/20: Oregon to test pay-per-mile idea as replacement for gas tax

5/13: Gov. Inslee signs health care information sharing measure



5/23: The Obama administration just effectively ended one of the NSA’s most controversial programs

5/23: After Break, Senate to Reconsider Patriot Act Extension

5/23: Police body-camera bill raises privacy issues(CT)

5/23: San Jose police’s body camera policy worries watchdog

5/22: NSA Planned To Hijack Google App Store To Hack Smartphones

5/22: California may set rules for police tracking of cellphones

5/22: Justice Department Issues Policy on Domestic Drone Use

5/22: Bush, Christie Rise in Defense of Patriot Act (tweedlea** and tweedleh***)

5/21: Senate Is Sharply Split Over Extension of N.S.A. Phone Data Collection

5/21: Do Police Have a Right to Withhold Video When They Kill Someone?

5/21: Future of Domestic Surveillance Powers Uncertain as Congress Fights

5/20: 5 Ways We Must Regulate Drones at the US Border

5/20: Utah lawmaker working on police body camera rules

5/20: U.S. Senators Try to Block Extension of Bulk Data Collection

5/20: Paul Commandeers Senate to Protest Patriot Act

5/19: Apple, Google and More Bring Privacy Fears to Obama

5/18: Republicans Clash Over NSA Surveillance Powers

5/17: Stamford seeks body cams as state lags on records laws(CT)

5/14: Body cams for SF cops, stalled for years, now given deadline

5/14: Police surveillance bill heads to House (CT)

5/14: More SAPD officers to wear body cameras (TX)

5/14: Gabbard co-introduces surveillance oversight bill

5/14: Deal could come soon on license plate data retention (Minnesota)

5/13: Top Senator: Domestic Surveillance Needs to Be Ramped Up

5/11: Illinois State Police will fly “unmanned aircraft” not “drones”

5/11: Speech Recognition is NSA’s Best-Kept Open Secret



5/24: Body cam oversight crucial for success

5/24: The Bear Case for Wearable Health Technology

5/22: Quoted: Edward Snowden on caring about privacy

5/22: Mercury News editorial: Tech industry must secure privacy rights

5/22: Poe, Rand: NSA bulk collection of data tramples our rights

5/22: Henry: Cranks see new item to drone on about

5/20: Wolverton: We actually do care about online privacy

5/17: Surveillance Without Borders

5/14: Shortcomings of Cybersecurity Bills

5/10: Proposed SF home-sharing platform regulations are privacy invasive



5/23: Germany Declines Comment on Reported ‘Deep Freeze’ With U.S. Intelligence

5/21: Another Spying Scandal in Germany Adds to Political Crisis for Merkel

5/20: Firms to Face Stiffer Fines for Breaking EU’s ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Rules

5/20: For US Allies, Paradigm Shift in Intelligence Collection

5/20: Poll Shows a Third of Germans Feel Deceived by Merkel in Spy Row

5/20: Australian Law Could Criminalize the Teaching of Encryption

5/19: Merkel Backs Coalition Partner After Spy Scandal Rifts

5/19: European Internet Users Urged To Protect Themselves Against Facebook Tracking

5/16: GCHQ Officials Given Immunity From Hacking Charges

5/15: Facebook ‘Tramples European Privacy Law’: Belgian Watchdog

5/15: Prying Parents: Phone Monitoring Apps Flourish in S. Korea

5/23: David Cameron is about to redefine what it means to be an ‘extremist’ in Britain

5/15: Law changed to allow GCHQ hacking … just as GCHQ hauled into court for hacking

5/14: Metadata scope creep sees Border Force ask for access (Oz)

5/13: Germany Gives Huge Amount of Phone, Text Data to U.S.: Report

5/13: Mozilla flings teddy out of pram over France’s ‘Patriot Act’

5/13: WikiLeaks, er, leaks the Bundestag Inquiry into NSA naughtiness



5/23: Cute Or Creepy? Google’s Plan For a Sci-Fi Teddy Bear

5/23: Smart home of the future is here; why aren’t people buying in?

5/22: Factory Reset On Millions of Android Devices Doesn’t Wipe Storage

5/22: Ads Based On Browsing History Are Coming To All Firefox Users

5/19: Google, Apple among tech giants urging US to support encryption

5/19: Redmond promises even MORE cloudy crypto

5/19: Reddit CEO Ellen Pao: ‘It’s not our site’s goal to be a completely free-speech platform’

5/18: Privacy Concerns About Verizon-AOL Deal Are Really Concerns About Increased Competition

5/18: What is an IP address and what can it reveal about you?

5/11: Mirror, mirror on the wall: Smart mirrors boost sales

5/11: Google acknowledges 11 accidents with its self-driving cars

5/09: Anonymous Tor Cloud Project Closes Down



5/15: ‘Future Crimes,’ by Marc Goodman

Privacy News Update, 5-24 part 1


5/8: Airport Security Advances Clash With Privacy Issues

5/8: Useful data, from L.A. County? There must be some mistake

5/8: Get ready for Android M, for “more privacy”

5/7: The philosophy of privacy: why surveillance reduces us to objects

5/7: Of Snowden and the NSA, only one has acted unlawfully – and it’s not Snowden

5/7: What To Say When the Police Tell You To Stop Filming Them

5/6: Drummond: How valuable a policing tool is ShotSpotter?

5/6: LinkedIn serves up resumes of 27,000 US intelligence personnel

5/6: Here’s What’s Wrong With the USA Freedom Act

5/6: Police union sues over cellphone searches after rowdy party

5/6: Librarians Versus the NSA

5/4: US Gov’t Will Reveal More About Its Secret Cellphone Tracking Devices

5/4: Privacy and the Profit Motive

5/3: It’s Your Right to Film the Police. These Apps Can Help

5/1: WikiLeaks Finally Brings Back Its Submission System for Your Secrets

5/1: ‘Just follow the damn Constitution!’ FBI, DoJ skewered over demands for crypto backdoors

5/1: Protecting Users’ Location Data From An Unconstitutional Search

5/1: The NSA’s greatest hiring strength is students, but resistance is growing

4/30: Smartphone app from ACLU of California aims to preserve videos of police

4/28: Automated Vehicle Occupancy Detection Knows Exactly Who’s in Your Car

4/26: Declassified Report From 2009 Questions Effectiveness of NSA Spying



5/7: Editorial: Public work on private devices must remain public

5/5: Oregon House approves bills clarifying filming of police

4/30: Oregon House passes bill targeting insurance confidentiality

4/30: Alex Alben appointed to Washington state privacy office



5/11: Court: Border search of businessman’s laptop ‘unreasonable’

5/10: GOP candidates divided over renewing USA Patriot Act

5/10: 5 things to know about the NSA court ruling

5/8: New US attorney general refuses to drop Microsoft foreign data warrant

5/8: Did judge who ruled NSA phone dragnet illegal call Snowden a whistleblower?

5/8: James Comey: the Man Who Wants To Outlaw Encryption

5/8: Deadline May Force Compromise on U.S. Surveillance Law

5/8: Bowser: Vote on police-camera funds would likely precede one on rules (DC)

5/8: Legislature approves employee privacy bill (CT)

5.8: Wilmington mayor orders study on police body cameras (Del)

5/8: Republicans Make Dubious Claims in Defense of NSA Surveillance

5/7: NSA surveillance ruled illegal

5/7: Senate passes first Minnesota rules on police body cameras

5/7: Nevada lawmakers continue reviewing drone privacy bill

5/7: FBI admits providing air support to Baltimore Police during Freddie Gray unrest

5/7: Bill Would Let Companies Secretly Record Some Phone Calls (California)

5/7: Court Rules NSA Bulk Data Collection Was Never Authorized By Congress

5/7: Santa Clara County Opts Against Buying Stingray Due To Excessive Secrecy

5/7: Santa Clara County drive to acquire cellphone tracker derailed

5/7: Cost for Cleveland police body camera program could rise

5/6: Walnut Creek police: Body cameras, yes; drones, no

5/6: Virginia Man Sues Police Over License Plate Database

5/6: Supreme Court: Warrantless drug-sniffing dogs OK in condos

5/6: CNN and FAA Team Up to Test Drones

5/6: Stamford considers surveillance cameras downtown, in parks (CT)

5/5: Colorado effort to limit drone surveillance fails

5/5: Creeps Embrace a New Tool: Peeping Drones

5/5: Court: warrantless cellphone tracking not illegal search

5/5: Gov. Baker: Police body cameras raise privacy concerns (MA)

5/5: Court’s Reversal Leaves Phones Open to Warrantless Tracking

5/5: New Louisiana public school student ID system developed

5/3: State is trying police cameras but still needs to build trust

5/3: Regulators ordered to reopen dispute over smart meters

5/1: Mayor eclipses sheriff’s plan for body cameras (SF, CA)

5/1: The Pentagon Could Soon Share Americans’ Data With Foreign Militaries

5/1: Senate approves social media password bill (NH)

5/1: Unrest in Baltimore means big business for Taser

5/1: NSA-restraining US law edges closer to reality, leaves just 6.81 billion under mass surveillance

5/1: Secret law is a ‘direct threat’ to Americans’ privacy, says NSA whistleblower

4/30: NSA is so overwhelmed with data, it’s no longer effective, says whistleblower

4/30: The FBI is fighting a losing battle over phone snooping

4/30: Mayor Ed Lee says SF cops will be wearing body cameras

4/30: Public-safety reform package includes body cams for SF cops, but no date announced

4/29: Why the US government reckons it should keep phone network kill-switches a secret

4/29: Paranoid about the NSA? The case for dumping cloud’s Big 3

4/28: LAPD board OKs body camera policy despite opposition

4/28: Assembly bill seeks ban on smart TVs becoming ‘Big Brother’ (California)

4/28: San Jose: Police auditor wants more sunshine on internal misconduct probes

4/28: Why Crypto Backdoors Wouldn’t Work

4/28: WHY can’t Silicon Valley create breakable non-breakable encryption, cry US politicians

4/27: Quoted: Privacy concerns over police body cameras

4/27: Divided Police Commission approves rules for LAPD body cameras

4/24: Looking for laxatives, miss? Shoppers stalked via smartphone Wi-Fi

4/20: New York City Just Outlawed Running Credit Checks on Job Applicants



5/8: Government Arrogance on Surveillance

5/8: Intelligence Gathering, Secrecy and the Congress Problem

5/7: Contra Costa Times editorial: Court is right Congress must fix NSA spying

5/7: Why the NSA decision matters

5/7: The Illegal Phone-Data Sweeps

5/7: Second Circuit rules, mostly symbolically, that current text of Section 215 doesn’t authorize bulk surveillance

5/7: Snowden vindicated in court’s ruling against secret laws: Bloomberg View

5/6: Urging police to wear cameras is just the first step: Our view

5/6: Balance privacy with public good: Another view (Florida)

5/6: The USA Freedom Act: A smaller Big Brother

5/5: Eleventh Circuit rules for the feds on cell-site records — but then overreaches

5/4: Justice Dept. review of cell-phone tracking needs to go further

5/2: How fear and self-preservation are driving a cyber arms race

4/26: Internet Privacy Is The Wrong Conversation



5/8: Privacy Breach Blowin’ in the Wind (Canada)

5/7: Red-faced Germans halt NSA cooperation after Euro spying revealed

5/6: Pressure Mounts on Merkel to Explain German Role in N.S.A. Espionage

5/6: Familiar Swing to Security Over Privacy After Attacks in France

5/6: French Version of ‘Patriot Act’ Becomes Law

5/4: Telstra breached privacy law by refusing to give customer his metadata

5/4: Framework aims to embed privacy culture in Australian organisations

5/1: Encryption backdoors are like TSA luggage-locks for the Internet

4/30: France wants to make les citoyens’ health data available to world+dog

4/29: Your new car will dob you in to the cops if you crash, decrees EU

4/29: Stop the war between privacy and security – EU data watchdog

4/29: Facebook says EU’s privacy investigations hurt innovation, economy

4/6: The mere idea of regaining privacy sends law enforcement into a tizzy



5/8: Web Served: How to make your site all-HTTPS, all the time, for everyone

5/8: Dropbox Moves Accounts Outside North America To Ireland

5/8: How to permanently delete your dating profiles on Tinder, Hinge and Match

5/7: Choc Factory finds 84,000 ad injectors targeting Chrome

5/7: Business Travelers Want to Be Left to Their Own Devices

5/7: Flier beware: Airlines aren’t clear about their photography policies

5/7: Drone use poised to expand to newsrooms despite FAA limits

5/7: Fake privacy gadgets, from Anonabox to Sever: Fighting a strange and profitable epidemic

5/6: Scared of Self-Driving Cars? They’re a Lot Closer Than You Think

5/6: Encrypted Chat App Wickr Creates New Non-Profit Arm, Nico Sell Steps Down As CEO To Lead It

5/6: High-tech sensors help kids keep eye on aging parents

5/6: We’re Closer to an Encrypted Internet than You Think

5/5: Android tool catches apps silently pumping hundreds of ad, tracking servers red-handed

5/4: Would You Like to Ride in a Car That Drives Itself?

5/4: Facebook Opens Up Platform, Tramples All Over User Privacy

5/4: Free Android apps quietly connect to thousands of user tracking, ad sites

5/1: Mozilla Begins To Move Towards HTTPS-Only Web

4/30: Telescreen watch: Vizio adds spyware to its TVs

4/30: Smart devices have confusing policies, may be tracking you

4/30: Once a Forgotten Child, OpenSSL’s Future Now Looks Bright

4/28: Your smartphone may be tracking your every move

4/28: Facebook is breaking some apps, but it’s a good thing for privacy

4/27: Bodyprint could let you unlock your phone with your ear print

4/25: As Health Apps Hop On The Apple Watch, Privacy Will Be Key



5/8: ‘Deep Web’ director Alex Winter on the mystery of Ross Ulbricht

5/3: Bruce Schneier’s Data and Goliath – solution or part of the problem?

4/30: 1970s Researchers Predicted Debit Cards Would Be Great For Surveillance

Privacy News Update, 3-28-15



3/20: The Google backlash is growing

3/20: A Clever Way to Tell Which of Your Emails Are Being Tracked

3/20: Q&A: Cindy Cohn, EFF’s new executive director

3/19: Bills that would restrict access to body camera footage

3/18: Court: NSA Spying May Continue Even If Congress Lets Authority Expire

3/18: Internet of things: Sillier and scarier and coming your way

3/17: Bipartisan Drone Privacy Bill Back on the Table

3/16: Princeton boffins sniff Tor users’ IDs from TCP ACKs and server sweat

3/16: How Police Body Cameras Were Designed to Get Cops Off the Hook

3/16: Virginia nears passing shortest limit in US on keeping license plate data

3/16: Don’t want NSA to spy on your email? 5 things you can do

3/15: An ‘Upstream’ Battle As Wikimedia Challenges NSA Surveillance

3/14: Anti-terror law approaches expiration date in shadow of Snowden

3/13: Here’s The Digital Privacy Battle At The Center Of Obama’s Big Trade Deal

3/13: Freedom of information issues in all 50 states

3/13: Mass Surveillance: Can We Blame It All On the Government?

3/13: Angry Austrian could turn Europe against the US – thanks to data

3/12: Epic Google snafu leaks hidden whois data for 280,000 domains

3/11: ACLU files new lawsuits in hunt for police ‘Stingray’ mobe-trackers



3/20: Body cam compromise acceptable for short term

3/15: Seattle channel for police body-cam videos draws attention

3/14: Bill would give stiffer penalties to criminals using drones

3/12: Wyden, UO Senate cite college medical privacy concerns



3/21: Is a lifetime of involuntary GPS monitoring constitutional?

3/21: Nevada Legislature Week 8: Drone law and union fights

3/20: Leaked Document Reveals Upcoming Biometric Experiments At US Customs

3/20: Despite A Wave Of Data Breaches, Fed Says Patient Privacy Isn’t Dead

3/20: CISA Security Bill: An F for Security But an A+ for Spying

3/20: CISA Bill Promises Safety, But Actually Expands Government Surveillance

3/20: Issues at the heart of the debate over body camera videos

3/20: State bills would limit access to officer body camera videos

3/19: The DOJ Is Sneaking in a Policy That’d Crap All Over the 4th Amendment

3/19: The Government Is Testing Myriad Invasive Biometric Surveillance Methods

3/19: SF zookeepers say officials ‘bugged’ radio conversations

3/19: 15 Years of FTC Failure to Factor Privacy Into Merger Reviews

3/19: Outgoing NSA lawyer helped preserve controversial programs

3/19: Political Pressure To Pass CISA Quickly Could Pose ‘Big Problem’ For Civil Liberties

3/19: To protect our privacy, make the FISA court act like a real court

3/18: San Diego police body camera report: Fewer complaints, less use of force

3/18: ‘All browsing activity should be considered private and sensitive’ says US CIO

3/17: Is your DMV data safeguarded properly?

3/17: Judge orders sheriff to disclose cellphone surveillance info (Buffalo, NY)

3/16: Pentagon seeking ways to protect personal data online

3/16: Snowden leaks lead Americans to scale back online activity, survey finds

3/16: Snowden tells tech bigwigs: It’s up to you to thwart mass surveillance

3/16: Competing bills aim to regulate Michigan police body cameras

3/16: Facebook: Governments still clamoring for user data

3/16: How Police Fight To Keep Use of Stingrays Secret

3/16: FBI’s Plan to Expand Hacking Power Advances Despite Privacy Fears

3/16: Republicans Have Less Faith in the NSA than Democrats

3/16: TSA Screening Enters the Spotlight

3/16: Memo: San Jose police aim to have officer-worn cameras by next year, working drone by 2017

3/14: How one agency redacts the public’s right to know

3/13: Feds, Google at odds over computer search-warrant proposal

3/13: Psssst: Wanna Buy a Used Spy Website?

3/12: Senate panel approves controversial cybersecurity bill

3/12: Sacramento sheriff: Documents given on phone-tracking tech

3/10: Report: CIA Has Tried for Years to Break Into Apple Gear

3/9 – Net Neutrality Has Sparked an Interagency Squabble Over Internet Privacy

3/8: Use of license-plate scanner technology, data stirs controversy

2/25: The Government Refuses to Prove Snowden Damaged National Security



3/21: It’s a Whole New Paranoid World

3/20: Apple Watch: Science fiction nightmare or a digital dream come true?

3/19: Questions To Ask About Ed-Tech At Your Kids’ School

3/18: The Privacy Revolt: The Growing Demand for Privacy as a Service

3/18: Debate: Should The U.S. Adopt The ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Online?

3/13: Hey Twitter, Killing Anonymity’s a Dumb Way to Fight Trolls

3/11: We are citizens, not mere physical masses of data for harvesting

3/9: Privacy for Personalization: Is It a Fair Trade-Off?

3/4: Why Watching the Watchers Isn’t Enough: My Talk on Privacy, Snowden & Bill C-51

1/28: Happy Data Privacy Day. Legally speaking, you’re mostly on your own.



3/20: Defending Privacy Doesn’t Pay: Canadian Court Lets Copyright Troll Off the Hook

3/20: UK Police Deem Snowden Leak Investigation a State Secret

3/20: Team Australia, your surveillance is ready

3/19: Location data to be stored under Australian data-retention regime

3/19: US Threatened Germany Over Snowden, Vice Chancellor Says

3/19: PM Dismisses ‘French Patriot Act’ Fears as Spies Get More Powers

3/19: UK’s GCHQ Admits To Using Vulnerabilities To Hack Target Systems

3/19: Australia’s new ‘improved’ data retention laws: how will they work?

3/18: Australia’s data-retention debate hits Derpcon Zero

3/18: Tony Abbott signals he is unlikely to let journalists fight metadata warrants

3/17: Respect mah privacy! EU delegation begs US to play nice with data

3/15: How Two Obscure Court Verdicts In Europe Could Impact Americans’ Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Taxes

3/14: New Zealand Used NSA System to Target Officials, Anti-Corruption Campaigner

3/13: Bulgaria nixes ‘metadata’ law, Paraguay delays

3/12: Why The Anti-Terrorism Bill is Really an Anti-Privacy Bill: Bill C-51′s Evisceration of Privacy Protection

3/12: David Cameron to close gap in oversight of mass surveillance

3/12: Bulk interception is NOT mass surveillance, says parliamentary committee

3/12: UK says comms metadata can kill personal privacy

3/12: Court Overturns Dutch Data Retention Law, Privacy More Important

3/12: 104 Australian orgs report breaches to privacy commissioner

3/12: Bill C-51: Privacy watchdog Daniel Therrien blocked from committee witness list

3/12: Internet carriers may be breaching Canadian privacy laws

3/12: What’s at stake in Spain’s controversial security law

3/11: Going on holiday? Mexico wants your personal data

3/11: Australians! Let us all rise up against data retention

3/10: New Zealand Targets Trade Partners, Hacks Computers in Spy Operations

3/9: Hammond Says U.K. Must ‘Draw a Line’ Under Net Spying Debate

3/9: BACK OFF, spooks: UK legal hacking code should be ‘resisted at all costs’ says lawyer

3/9: Scotland to get National ID system ‘by the backdoor’, campaigners mull challenge



3/20: How ‘The Cloud’ Eats Away at Your Online Privacy (Video)

3/20: After 350,000+ Beta Sign-Ups, ProtonMail Takes $2M To Scale Its Encrypted Email

3/20: Smart Home Guide: What to Know Before You Buy

3/19: Video Feature: Inside the F 015, Mercedes’s Self-Driving Car

3/19: Security Essentials for the Internet of Things

3/18: Apple Safari update BORKED private browsing

3/18: Tutanota, An Open Source Encrypted Gmail Alternative, Heads Out Of Beta

3/17: SAP admits – shock! – it sells to governments, denies that means backdoors

3/16: BlackBerry Spy-Proofs Samsung Tablets With IBM Software

3/13: Hertz puts cameras in its rental cars, says it has no plans to use them

3/12: Companies Are Tracking Employees to Nab Traitors

3/12: OpenSSL To Undergo Massive Security Audit

3/12: Mattel urged to scrap Wi-Fi mic Barbie after Register investigation

3/12: German Startup Campaigns For Personal Data API Law

3/11: The Guardian Publishes A Pretty Amazing Whisper “Clarification”

3/11: Ars tests ExoNet, the personal VPN that takes you home

3/9: The privacy and security questions we must ask about the Apple Watch

3/5: Windows 10 Settings menu: The Privacy tab


3/18: ‘The Age of Cryptocurrency,’ by Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey