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Links to Privacy-related audio and video – please let us know if any of these are broken and we will fix asap!

On The Wire – Podcast   On the Wire is a news site that delivers the most relevant and timely stories, analysis, and opinions on fraud, information security, social engineering, authentication, and identity.


Internet Tracking Has Moved Beyond Cookies (538 Podcast, 9/2/16)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Encryption (3/13/2016)

PBS Nova S42E02 Rise of the Hackers (12/29/2015)

Nuala O’Connor, Racquel Russell, Ryan Calo, with Jenny Durkan – How Technology Impacts Civil Liberties  (audio, Seattle Town Hall July 2015)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Government Surveillance (4/5/2015)

America’s Surveillance State (PressTV, Jan 2015)

TED talks on privacy

Encryption (generally) – YouTube

TEDx talks on privacy (YouTube)

TEDx talks on privacy (TEDx site)

Chris Soghoian (incl. the recent Seattle Town Hall)

Bruce Schneier (incl. the recent Seattle Town Hall)

Cory Doctorow (noted sci-fi author and privacy activist, UK)

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