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Privacy Law Commons: Latest articles published from law schools nationwide on privacy and related civil rights



6/2017: Corporate Surveillance in Everyday Life

Full PDF of report here: PDF


3/23: New draft article, ‘Encryption Workarounds’

From The Intercept:
The FBI’s Secret Rules
President Trump has inherited a vast domestic intelligence agency with extraordinary secret powers. A cache of documents offers a rare window into the FBI’s quiet expansion since 9/11.


Oct 2016:

Georgetown Law Center on Privacy & Technology

Necessary & Proportionate (EFF)
Americas Reports    Broad and detailed reports on surveillance and domestic spying in Central and South America.



Sept 2016:
Princeton University
Online Tracking::A 1-million-site Measurement and Analysis



Aug 2016:

UK’s mass-surveillance draft law grants spies incredible powers for no real reason – review
UK Govt Justification: Operational Case for Bulk Powers (PDF)
Review of same (doesn’t agree): REPORT OF THE BULK POWERS REVIEW (PDF)

The Intercept
Snowden Archive: The SidToday Files

University of Florida
Student Surveillance, Racial Inequalities, and Implicit Racial Bias



Aug 2015:
8/28: Bloomberg Law – Privacy Laws in Asia
Bloomberg BNA Insights – In this second article of a three-part series on the status of data protection laws in Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, the author explores developments in Asia, where 11 jurisdictions now have comprehensive privacy laws.


April 2015:
University of Georgia Law School: Internet of Things: A Privacy Law Case Study


Mar 2015:
3/16: Pew Research: American’s Privacy Strategies Post-Snowden

Automated enforcement (US Nationwide usage, maps and details)
Automated enforcement refers to the use of cameras to enforce traffic safety laws. Although many states have laws explicitly authorizing automated enforcement, not all states where cameras are in use have such laws, nor are they always necessary.


Feb 2015:
IT Security and Privacy: Concerns, initiatives and predictions

Security and privacy were top issues in 2014, and so Tech Pro Research conducted a survey to find out what companies are planning for 2015. Now more than ever, security and privacy protections are of paramount concern for both companies and consumers since the stakes are constantly climbing. Topics covered in the survey include who suffered from security breaches in 2014, top security projects completed in 2014 and planned for 2015, favored methods of protecting company data, and security and privacy predictions for 2015.


Jan 2015:
EFF’s Game Plan for Ending Global Mass Surveillance


October 2014:
Two Reports About FBI’s Use of National Security Letters Reissued

NSA’s Civil Liberties and Privacy Protections Report

Annual Report to Parliament: 2013-14 Transparency and Privacy in the Digital Age (Canada)


Online Tools:
Baker & McKenzie (worldwide international law firm)

Global Privacy Matrix (online, interactive query tool by jurisdiction): click here

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