Privacy News Update, 4-29-16


Finishing up the job from the previous two earlier this week – enjoy!



4/2016: ReCon: Revealing and Controlling Privacy Leaks in Mobile Network Traffic

4/29: U.S. High Court Approves Rule Change to Expand FBI Hacking Power

4/28: Google’s vision of the future is a smart assistant that follows you everywhere

4/28: The Critical Hole at the Heart of Our Cell Phone Networks

4/27: Former Tor Developer Created Malware To Hack Tor Users For The FBI

4/27: Whistleblower Snowden Gets Big Screen Treatment

4/27: A Complete Guide To The New ‘Crypto Wars’

4/27: Hacker Lexicon: What Is HTTPS?

4/26: Two Tips to Keep Your Phone’s Encrypted Messages Encrypted

4/25: Congress demands to know how many citizens are being spied on

4/21: National Security Letters are now constitutional, judge rules

4/19: US congressman calls for investigation into vulnerability that lets hackers spy on every phone

4/16: Drone-Shooting is Now a Federal Crime, FAA Confirms

4/16: 8 ways to protect your privacy online

4/12: Uber claims US regulators collected data from 11m passengers

4/10: Seattle Police Raid Tor-Using Privacy Activists

4/8: CIA’s Venture Capital Arm Is Funding Skin Care Products That Collect DNA

4/6: FBI Telling Congress How It Hacked iPhone

4/6: Nest Reminds Customers That Ownership Isn’t What It Used To Be

3/3: How Math Geeks Almost Doxxed Banksy



Local speaker – June 2: Atlas Distinguished Speaker Series with Security Expert Dr. Zvi Guterman and Atlas CEO Jordan Ritter

4/29: Seattle’s Food Waste Law Is Working, and It’s Not Because of the Garbage Snooping

4/28: State court partly blocks Seattle trash recycling/composting requirements, because of risk of unconstitutional searches

4/27: Seattle Compost Rule Thrown Out by Judge as Unconstitutional

4/25: Spy Chief Complains That Edward Snowden Sped Up Spread of Encryption by 7 Years

4/21: Police body cameras in Spokane don’t encourage better citizen behavior, study says

4/19: How Washington state became the ‘Wild West’ for drone use by law enforcement

4/15: Lawsuit: Seattle compost ordinance is rotten

4/14: Interview: Why Microsoft is suing the U.S. Justice Department over cloud secrecy

3/9: Public universities don’t reveal how student data is shared with local law enforcement and feds



4/29: Rule 41 would make it easier for the government to carry out hacks

4/29: Michigan lawmakers want to jail you for life for hacking cars

4/28: Senators play terror card to lobby public for backdoor crypto legislation

4/28: Top Security Experts Say Anti-Encryption Bill Authors Are ‘Woefully Ignorant’

4/27: With Finality, F.B.I. Opts Not to Share iPhone-Unlocking Method

4/26: Warrantless Surveillance in Terror Case Raises Constitutional Challenge

4/25: More questions than answers, literally, from America’s privacy rules

4/22: Stonewalled by NSA, Members of Congress Ask Really Basic Question Again

4/22: Spy Chief Pressed For Number Of Americans Ensnared In Data Espionage

4/22: Schools are helping police spy on kids’ social media activity

4/21: The FBI Spent More Than $1 Million to Hack One Potentially Useless Phone

4/20: US government sued by activists looking for backdoor smoking gun

4/19: Legislature weighs more disclosure for police body cameras (CA)

4/14: The CIA Is Investing in Firms That Mine Your Tweets and Instagram Photos

4/14: FBI Tried To Defeat Encryption 10 Years Ago, Files Show

4/13: Secure Cars, but Not Phones? Government Doublespeak on Cybersecurity

4/12: El Reg forces NSA to act

4/7: The US Government’s domestic spy-planes take weekends and holidays off

4/6: Spy Tool Ruling Inches the Stingray Debate Closer to the Supreme Court

4/5: Stingray ruling could challenge hundreds of Baltimore convictions

3/31: FCC to tackle consumers’ Internet privacy rules

3/30: Oregon senator threatens to filibuster any attempt to weaken encryption

3/22: Idaho mom who sued Obama over illegal surveillance loses at appellate court

3/22: FTC’s privacy champion Julie Brill steps down

3/18: Chelsea Manning: government anti-leak program a ‘blank check for surveillance’

3/17: Tim Cook: FBI’s claims of weakened surveillance powers are ‘a crock’



4/2016: You Can’t Escape Data Surveillance In America

4/29: It’s our business they’re doing — let us in!

4/29: The House Votes Unanimously to Strengthen Email Privacy

4/22: On Encryption Battle, Apple Has Advocates in Ex-National Security Officials

4/20: Weakening the security of our devices in the name of fighting terrorism doesn’t make us safer

4/8: Surveillance Debate Gets a Needed Dose of Racial Perspective

4/5: We Live In The Dark Ages of Internet Security, Says Kaspersky Labs CEO

4/3: Senator: let’s fix “third-party doctrine” that enabled NSA mass snooping

3/18: Here’s Why the Feds and Tech Companies Can’t Compromise Over Your Phone

3/15: FBI v. Apple is a security and privacy issue. What about civil rights?

3/30: Senator Wyden recalls SOPA fight in bid to defeat encryption-weakening efforts

3/29: In the wake of Apple v FBI, we need to address some uncomfortable truths

3/21: Why we should fear a cashless world

3/5: NY Times Blasts WH Privacy Bill



4/29: Google AI Has Access To 1.6M People’s NHS Records

4/22: UK spy agencies store sensitive data on millions of innocent people, with no safeguards from abuse

4/21: How innocent people ‘of no security interest’ are mere keystrokes away in UK’s spy databases

4/20: Documents Reveal Secretive U.K. Surveillance Policies

4/20: German Court Rules Antiterrorism Laws Partly Unconstitutional

4/14: European parliament approves tougher data privacy rules

4/13: Federal police admit seeking access to reporter’s metadata without warrant

4/11: European court to consider legality of UK surveillance laws

4/9: Revealed: immigration officers allowed to hack phones

4/4: Labour demands more privacy safeguards in new surveillance laws

4/4: British mobile phone users’ movements ‘could be sold for profit’

3/30: Internet users don’t understand security or privacy, says survey



4/28: Mozilla slings Firefox patches at flaw found by GCHQ’s infosec arm

4/22: Facebook: 1m Tor users

4/21: Stop laughing: Azure can analyse your mood in a crowd

4/14: A Scheme to Encrypt the Entire Web Is Actually Working

4/14: Google’s Eddystone beacons offer a privacy-focused way to track your stuff

3/29: Teen develops Mutter Mail privacy app

3/22: Banks Are Using Biometrics to Detect Scammers

3/19: This Bank Wants to Be Your Best Friend



4/28: The Hacker Wars

4/16: Scheer Intelligence: Jason Leopold and the power of FOIA

4/1: The Artist Using Museums to Amplify Tor’s Anonymity Network

3/5: New Edition of Determann