Privacy News Update, 4-24-16



4/24: 5 things George Orwell understood

4/23: Lawmakers want to know how often U.S. spies accidentally collect Americans’ data

4/22: 1 million people are now connecting to Facebook without leaving a digital trail

4/22: Court: Border Search Warrant Exception Beats Riley In The ‘Constitution-Free Zone’

4/22: FISA Court Rejects Arguments By First Public Advocate To Argue NSA PRISM Backdoor Searches Are Unconstitutional

4/22: How License-Plate Readers Have Helped Police and Lenders Target the Poor

4/22: Could skull echos and brainprints replace the password?

4/19: How to really erase any drive — even SSDs — in 2016

4/19: EFF files suit to seek answers on secret decryption orders

4/19: Bill Gates: Secret government data requests should be curbed

4/18: Hackers need only your cell number to eavesdrop on your phone

4/17: Need a secure smartphone? Answer is simple, experts say

4/17: Oculus reacts to virtual reality privacy questions

4/15: An App That Tracks the Police to Keep Them in Check

4/15: Your Conversation On The Bus Or Train May Be Recorded

4/14: Link Shorteners Can Spy on You

4/13: New York cops want to run your phone through a ‘textalyzer’ if you crash your car

4/12: Let’s Encrypt free security certificate program leaves beta

4/12: This is the new digital center of the United States

4/11: Will New York City’s Free Wi-Fi Help Police Watch You?

4/10: Obama Administration’s Expansion Of Domestic Spying Powers Dwarfs The ‘Good Old Days’ Of Bush And John Yoo

4/6: Adding End-To-End Encryption To WhatsApp Is Great…But Not Quite As Secure As People May Think

4/4: Just one iPhone, you say? FBI tells local police it will help unlock others.

4/1: Would You Let Companies Monitor You For Money?

3/31: Reddit’s Warrant Canary On National Security Letters… Disappears

3/30: The 63 other smartphones the government asked Apple and Google to help unlock

3/29: How to Spot an NYPD Cop Car Disguised as a Yellow Cab

3/28: 5 Tweaks to Take Back Your Privacy on Facebook

3/17: How the Government Keeps Its Phone Spying Gear a Secret

3/14: Can John Oliver Get Americans to Care About Encryption?

2/26: Tor Project Accuses CloudFlare of Mass Surveillance, Sabotaging Tor Traffic

1/19: 10 anti-surveillance tools that protect your privacy online

12/2015: There’s a Secret Catalog of Surveillance Tech for US Law Enforcement Agencies



4/14: Microsoft sues U.S. government over secret demands for customer data

4/4: When A Dark Web Volunteer Gets Raided By The Police

3/31: Wyden: ‘Plans to Weaken Strong Encryption Are a Double Loser’



4/23: U.S. government drops New York iPhone case after third party gives it the passcode

4/21: F.B.I. Director Suggests Bill for iPhone Hacking Topped $1.3 Million

4/20: Google Exec: Encryption Debate Lacks Evidence, On Both Sides

4/20: Tech Coalitions Urge Reconsideration of Burr-Feinstein Bill

4/19: Apple: ‘US asked us for data on 5,192 user accounts’

4/19: FBI: Using third parties to break encryption not only answer

4/19: Congress hears more views on iPhone encryption

4/19: F.B.I. Says It Needs Hackers to Keep Up With Tech Companies

4/16: Here’s what to expect from the high-profile witnesses at the House encryption hearing

4/15: Sixth Circuit Says Cell Site Location Data Just A Business Record; No Warrants Required

4/14: Strict student data privacy bill advances in Colorado House

4/14: Bill Requiring Phone Crypto Backdoors Dies in California Assembly

4/13: Stingray surveillance device questions prompt federal privacy complaint

4/13: Congress might actually do something to protect your email privacy

4/13: Major online privacy bill easily clears first vote in Congress

4/13: Here’s the final version of the Senate bill mandating encryption backdoors

4/13: F.B.I. Used Hacking Software Decade Before iPhone Fight

4/9: Draft of US Encryption Bill Leaks Online, Is Incredibly Stupid

4/8: Why The FBI Director Puts Tape Over His Webcam

4/7: The Method Bought By The FBI To Unlock San Bernardino iPhone Doesn’t Work On Other Models

4/7: Pa. Officials Consider Banning Drones Over State Game Lands

4/6: Yes, All of WhatsApp’s Data Is Encrypted, Even the Metadata

4/5: F.B.I. Lawyer Won’t Say if Data From Unlocked iPhone Is Useful

4/5: Americans back government hacking as long as cops tell tech companies how they did it

4/1: FBI’s Mystery iPhone Technique at Center of Discussion

3/31: FCC Votes To Propose New Privacy Rules For Internet Service Providers

3/31: Maryland Court Says Cops Need Warrants To Deploy Stingray Devices

3/29: Condolences to Apple for its Big Win

3/27: House Lawmaker Wants to Make it Illegal to Buy a Burner Phone Without ID

3/22: Like Apple, Tor Devs Would Quit Their Jobs If Ordered to Backdoor Their Software

3/21: Despite FBI Propaganda, Americans Love Encryption

3/1: FBI director implies that the NSA was unable to hack San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone



4/21: Big data, bigger brother: The rise of James Bond, data scientist

4/20: Apple’s Penchant for Consumer Security

4/19: Lawful Hacking: Should, Or Can, The FBI Learn To Overcome Encryption Itself?

4/15: What a Future of Backdoored Crypto Looks Like

4/14: Should the FBI Use Hackers to Hack Phones?

4/12: Here’s why it’s OK that Google knows everything about you

4/12: Study shows people care more about data privacy but are doing less to protect themselves

4/5: How Surveillance Stifles Dissent on the Internet

3/28: Encryption Is a Luxury

3/21: Encryption Pioneer Phil Zimmermann Backs Apple in Fight With FBI

3/15: Unpacking America’s privacy crisis at SXSW

1/26: Big data poses a threat to democracy

1/24: If a smartphone vendor acquiesces to anti-encryption laws, don’t use them

1/22: The future of tracking online behavior is already here



4/23: Questions In Belgium Over Security Do Little To Sway Minds Over Surveillance

4/22: Dutch Police Shut Down Encrypted Mobile Phone Network

4/21: UK’s spy agencies hold a massive database of ordinary citizens

4/21: British spies abused their powers to send people birthday cards

4/20: U.K. official confirms surveillance bill would let cops force companies to decrypt data

4/19: Can Switzerland become a safe haven for the world’s data?

4/19: Apple refused China access to source code, says chief lawyer

4/19: UK surveillance bill will force tech companies to disclose new products before they launch

4/14: Canadian police ‘obtained’ BlackBerry master encryption key

3/30: Top E.U. network-security official slams proposals for encryption backdoors

3/30: Punchtime employee tracking app raises privacy concerns

3/22: B.C. Information and Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham to step down

3/17: UK Government Pushes Forward With Insane Snooper’s Charter, Despite Widespread Concerns



4/21: Encryption Is Contagious: Viber Launching End To End Encryption

4/21: Former NSA security expert builds ransomware blocker for Mac

4/19: Apple Hasn’t Decided What To Do About iCloud Encryption — Yet

4/19: BlackBerry CEO: ‘We Are the Gold Standard’ in Security

4/15: How to connect with people at the office without sacrificing your privacy

4/14: Target is adding connected devices to care for the aging population

4/13: Silverpush Stops Using Sneaky, Inaudible TV Audio Tracking Beacons After FTC Warning

4/11: WordPress Turns on Encryption for 1 Million Sites

4/1: DARPA takes first step to develop technology that launches volleys of drones

3/30: Apple, Google Ordered To Unlock Smartphones Since At Least 2008

3/29: FAA doubles altitude limits for business drones

3/14: Researchers discover many March Madness apps are asking for permissions they don’t need

2/4: Three ways encryption can safeguard your cloud files



4/10: An animal’s right to privacy in the digital age

4/7: Alexa, Is Jeff Bezos Spying on Me? (Guest: Dan Seifert, Senior Editor, The Verge) – podcast

2/1: Privacy study prompts re-think of tracker use