And the Google browser privacy saga continues….

This time, with Internet Explorer – but the plot thickens along the way…  Number Six

From CNN Money:
Microsoft: Google violates our users’ privacy too

“…NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Last week, Google was caught circumventing Apple’s Safari browser privacy settings. Microsoft chimed in Monday with a “me too” complaint, saying that Google is also dodging around Internet Explorer’s privacy settings.

But the Microsoft/Google standoff is especially complicated, and spotlights the technical swampland that surrounds online privacy issues.

In a blog post, Microsoft browser chief Dean Hachamovitch revealed that Google bypasses a feature in IE designed to let users set their cookie preferences. “Cookies” are files that are used to follow users’ movements and log-ins as they travel through the Web.

Hachamovitch suggests that Google is purposefully tricking Microsoft’s browser into accepting cookies that users would have otherwise blocked. The implication is that Google could track some IE users even if their privacy settings ask Google not to. Google slammed Microsoft’s criticism, calling it disingenuous.

“It is well known — including by Microsoft — that it is impractical to comply with Microsoft’s request while providing modern web functionality,” Rachel Whetstone, Google’s head of policy, said in a written statement. “We have been open about our approach, as have many other websites.”

The problem is that Microsoft made an outdated and commonly ignored standard the cornerstone of its browser’s privacy controls……”