Privacy News update, 9-21-14


9/20/14 – Feds push Silicon Valley into a no-win situation

9/20/14 – BART Watch

9/20/14 – Apple’s warrant canary riddle: Cock-up, conspiracy, or anti-Google point-scoring

9/19/14 – First post-Ferguson legislation aims to curb police ‘militarization’

9/19/14 – Powerful NSA Official Potentially Self-Dealing With Defense Contractor

9/19/14 – Panel vote suggests protecting employee privacy

9/18/14 – No, Apple probably didn’t get new secret gov’t orders to hand over data

9/18/14 – License plate scanner networks capture movements

9/18/14 – Senate’s new overseas-email protection act gets mixed reviews

9/18/14 – Texas’ highest criminal court strikes down ‘improper photography’ statute

9/18/14 – Apple will no longer unlock most iPhones, iPads for police, even with search warrants

9/18/14 – San Diego judge denies request for license scans

9/18/14 – Legislation: To stop the next Snowden, social media security clearance screenings

9/18/14 – Apple protecting customer privacy from government requests

9/18/14 – Spies would need SUPER POWERS to tap undersea cables

9/18/14 – Snowden’s NSA leaks have galvanised the storage world

9/17/14 – Border Patrol to test wearing cameras

9/16/14 – PLEASE STOP with the snooping requests, begs Google as gov data demands skyrocket

9/16/14 – Google Transparency Report: Government requests for data still rising

9/16/14 – U.S. government to Yahoo: Comply with PRISM, or we’ll make sure you go bankrupt

9/16/14 – FBI Completes New Face Recognition System

9/14/14 – Treasure Map: The NSA Breach of Telekom and Other German Firms

9/14/14 – Spy court renews NSA metadata program

9/13/14 – Justice Sotomayor says technology could lead to “Orwellian world”

9/11/14 – Court unseals secret documents in Yahoo challenge to government data collection

9/10/14 – Microsoft tells judge: Hold us in contempt of court, we’re NOT giving user emails to US govt

9/9/14 – San Jose police can tap into volunteer residents’ cameras under newly-approved program

9/7/14 – Police intelligence targets cash



9/19/14 – ‘Right to be forgotten’ complaints streamlined by data watchdogs

9/19/14 – Vic government protects personal data with new privacy law

9/19/14 – Australian authorities seeking more customer data from Apple

9/18/14 – Hidden Message in Apple Transparency Reports Suggest New NSA Warrants

9/17/14 – Yelp Settles U.S. Suit Over Collecting Data on Children

9/17/14 – Victoria Police power heightened for terrorist-related investigations

9/16/14/ – Can Snowden finally kill the ‘harmless metadata’ myth?

9/16/14 – No, Snowden’s Leaks Didn’t Help The Terrorists

9/15/14 – Five Eyes Treasure Map surveys German telco networks: report

9/15/14 – Snowden, Assange, Greenwald, Dotcom: Can this gang of four take down a PM?

9/15/14 – The Questions for New Zealand on Mass Surveillance

9/14/14 – ‘Moment of Truth’ arrives for smallest of the Five Eyes

9/14/14 – Snowden: New Zealand’s Prime Minister Isn’t Telling the Truth About Mass Surveillance

9/14/14 – German Panel to Question Executives Over NSA Spy Report

9/10/14 – Forget silly privacy worries – help biometrics firms make MILLIONS

9/8/14 – Privacy group takes Five Eyes spy pact case to Europe’s top court



9/21/14 – Lauren Hockenson of BitTorrent: We Can Still Live In A World Where Privacy Is Achievable

9/20/14 – Reasons (not) to trust Apple’s privacy promises

9/20/14 – Privacy, Schmivacy

9/19/14 – So Apple doesn’t collect as much data as Google. Maybe it should

9/19/14 – Why It’s Too Easy To Dismiss Technology Critics: Or, The Fallacies Leading A Reviewer To Call Nicholas Carr Paranoid

9/19/14 – Apple And Google Will Force A Legal Battle Over The Privacy Of Your Passcode

9/18/14 – Once Vehicles Are Connected To the Internet of Things, Who Guards Your Privacy?

9/18/14 – For Sale: Your Name and Medical Condition

9/18/14 – Privacy technology everyone can use would make us all more secure

9/18/14 – Facebook ‘real name’ policy stirs questions around identity

9/17/14 – Digital Savant: Weighing right and wrong as technologies take hold

9/17/14 – The Right to Be Forgotten

9/15/14/ – It’s not too late for privacy

9/15/14 – Tim Cook Says U.S. Government Still Hasn’t Gotten Privacy Right

9/15/14 – App Developers Seek Clearer Health Data Privacy Guidelines

9/13/14 – Radical Librarianship: how ninja librarians are ensuring patrons’ electronic privacy

9/12/14 – Why Are Employers Checking Job Applicants’ Credit Histories?

9/10/14 – The most important Internet security group you’ve never heard of

9/9/14 – Google tries to define ‘Right to be Forgotten’

9/7/14 – Google to Host Meetings Across Europe on Privacy Rights

8/2/14 – The death of privacy



9/21/14 – Wired Profiles John Brooks, the Programmer Behind Ricochet

9/19/14 – Blood-crazed Microsoft axes Trustworthy Computing Group

9/19/14 – You Won’t Even Know These Facebook Drones Are In the Sky

9/19/14 – Android L will offer default encryption just like iOS 8

9/14 – Why Facebook, Google, and the NSA Want Computers That Learn Like Humans

9/18/14 – Your privacy, their paycheck

9/18/14 – Apple’s Touch ID privacy flaw just got worse

9/18/14 – Apple offers its own tips for securing your iPhone

9/18/14 – Apple locks itself out of devices with passwords

9/18/14 – Drones Are Good, Bad, and Proving Vital to Protect Endangered Species

9/14/14 – Places Is A Sharing Platform That Puts Privacy First

9/13/14 – Drones may provide big lift to agriculture when FAA allows their use

9/12/14 – Use Google’s new panel in security settings to keep your account safe

9/12/14 – Apps run roughshod over user privacy, study says

9/1/14 – The Challenges and Threats of Automated Lip Reading

9/10/14 – Privacy, Security and GPS-Based Apps: An Inside Look From SCRUFF

9/9/14 – Enigmail PGP plugin forgets to encrypt mail sent as blind copies

9/9/14 – This gadget can knock drones and Google Glass offline