Privacy News Update, 9-19-14


9/7/14: Watchdogs question new Denver police body cameras

9/7/14: Wyoming considers restricting police use of drones

9/6/14: Redactions in U.S. Memo Leave Doubts on Data Surveillance Program

9/5/14: The U.S. Government’s Secret Plans to Spy for American Corporations

9/5/14: Meet the shadowy tech brokers that deliver your data to the NSA

9/4/14: New York police officers to test body-worn cameras

9/4/14: Appeals Court Will Reconsider Ruling on Cellphone Tracking

9/4/14: The CIA’s Mop-Up Man: L.A. Times Reporter Cleared Stories With Agency Before Publication

9/3/14: First US Appeals Court Hears Arguments To Shut Down NSA Database

9/3/14: Holder, Clapper endorse reforms in bulk collection of intelligence

9/3/14: Verizon to pay $7.4 million to settle FCC privacy investigation

9/3/14: Froomkin Blogs Again: Obama Makes Bushism the New Normal

9/3/14: Senate Torture Report Will Be Public in 2 to 4 Weeks, Says Feinstein

9/3/14: Mysterious Fake Cellphone Towers Are Intercepting Calls All Over The US

9/2/14: NSA Data-Sweep Lawfulness Challenged in NY Appeal Hearing

9/2/14: Obama Faces Calls to Reform Reagan-Era Mass Surveillance Order

8/31/14: How the NSA Helped Turkey Kill Kurdish Rebels

8/31/14: Karen Peterson: Police alone shouldn’t decide when it’s OK to snoop into phone records

8/31/14: Ferguson police now wear body cameras

8/31/14: Microsoft Continues Its Campaign Against A US Warrant Demanding Overseas Data

8/30/14: Judge Allows L.A. Cops To Keep License Plate Reader Data Secret

8/30/14: Microsoft Defies Court Order, Will Not Give Emails To US Government

8/29/14: (California) Smartphone kill switch mandate raises privacy, civil liberty concerns

8/27/14: Homeland Security Arms Local Cops With Super Spy Bug



9/15/14: Snowden: NSA collects mass data on New Zealanders

9/5/14: What could possibly go wrong? Banks could provide ID assurance for Gov.UK – report

9/3/14: “Plebgate” report shows why the UK’s data retention laws are such a terrible idea

9/3/14: Privacy law reboot needed says Oz Law Reform Commission

8/31/14: GCHQ protesters stick it to British spooks … by drinking urine

8/27/14: Australian authorities don’t want to track web surfing, but they do want bandwidth data



9/7/14: Stallman Does Slides — and Brevity — For TEDx

9/7/14: Facebook Generation Rekindles Expectation of Privacy Online

9/6/14: Photo-hacking scandal should spark new discussion on Internet privacy

9/5/14: Why Privacy Policies Are So Inscrutable

9/5/14: DEATH TO TCP/IP cry Cisco, Intel, US gov and boffins galore

9/3/14: Is Internet privacy a lost cause?

9/2/14: How Much Privacy Do Your Employees Need?

9/1/14: Two Reasons Why Extreme Social Surveillance Doesn’t Replace Privacy

8/30/14: Online Anonymity Will Soon Be The Only Kind We Have


9/10/14: Flextivity helps small businesses monitor employee computer use, but CEO says it’s not a ‘spying device’

9/7/14: Off-the-grid texting device GoTenna attracts antisurveillance crowd

9/5/14 For Sale Soon: The World’s First Google Glass Detector

9/5/14: Want lower car insurance rates? Big Brother may need to watch you

9/5/14: What Apple’s Changing After Massive Celeb Hack

9/5/14: App of the Week: AVGPrivacyFix manages your privacy across social networks

9/5/14: Technology Companies Need To Take Responsibility And Give Us A Better Default

9/4/14: Facebook wants you to run a quick privacy checkup on your profile

9/4/14: Apple And Google Need Facebook’s Privacy Dinosaur

9/4/14: The Complete Guide to Locking Down Facebook Privacy for Good

9/4/14: UK Menswear Brand, The Affair, Wants To Make Privacy Tech A Fashion Statement

9/4/14: Facebook Gets Unwanted Attention Over EU’s Google Ruling

9/3/14: Can Casinos Offer Lessons About Protecting Privacy?

9/3/14 Phone Firewall Identifies Rogue Cell Towers Trying to Intercept Your Calls

9/3/14: Free cybersecurity MOOC

9/1/14: Tox, a Skype Replacement Built On ‘Privacy First’

9/1/14: Apple to devs: NO slurping users’ HEALTH for sale to Dark Powers

8/31/14: With hack of anonymous app Secret, Seattle hackers prove no one can hide

8/30/14: Hal Finney, Cryptographer and Bitcoin Pioneer, Dies at 58

8/30/14: Hal Finney dies at 58; software developer and privacy activist

8/27/14: Anti-spy technology remains hot a year after NSA leaks