Privacy News Update, 8-18-14



8/15: A chance to limit spying on Americans

8/15: Sen. Wyden: Your data’s yours no matter on whose server it lives NOTE: the entire text of Wyden’s speech is here – #6

8/15: FTC Urged To Crack Down On Tech Firms’ Privacy Violations

8/15: Anonymity and Censorship

8/15: Attorneys protest Ohio prosecutor’s surveillance

8/15: How Drones Entered the FBI’s Spying Toolkit

8/14: IRS failed to do background checks on contractors

8/14: As racial tensions simmer over police shooting, how military police tactics aggravate crowds

8/14: Ferguson, a war zone or U.S. city?

8/14: The problem with the police’s plea to ‘Tweet Smart’

8/14: The Militarization of U.S. Police: Finally Dragged Into the Light by the Horrors of Ferguson

8/14: Forcing America’s Weaponized Police to Wear Cameras

8/14: In Wake of Clashes, Calls to Demilitarize Police

8/14: Five Muslim-Americans Sue Feds Over Watchlisting

8/13: Snowden: I Left the NSA Clues, But They Couldn’t Find Them

8/13: Meet MonsterMind, the NSA Bot That Could Wage Cyberwar Autonomously

8/13: Naughty NSA was so drunk on data it forgot collection rules

8/13: Report: NSA eyed preset strikes in cyberattacks

8/13: You have a right to record the police

8/13: Edward Snowden a ‘uniquely postmodern breed of whistle-blower’

8/12: Facial recognition tech leads feds to fugitive after 14 years

8/12: NPR Is Laundering CIA Talking Points to Make You Scared of NSA Reporting

8/12: Spy satellites fighting crime from space

8/12: DEA improperly paid $854,460 for passenger lists

8/11: U.S. Can Keep Secret Phone Companies Helping NSA Spying

8/11: Whoops, Anyone Could Watch California City’s Police Surveillance Cameras

8/8: The six tech policy problems Congress failed to fix this year

7/22: The Privacy Debate Isn’t About Secrets, It’s About Control

7/21: Data surveillance centers: Crime fighters or ‘spy machines?’

4/15: FBI Keeps Secret How Massive Facial Recognition Database Will Work


8/15: U.S. firm helped the spyware industry build a potent digital weapon for sale overseas

8/14: What happens in Europe, doesn’t stay in Europe: US giants accused of breaking EU privacy pact

8/13: Snowden: The NSA, not Assad, took Syria off the Internet in 2012

8/12: Data retention means telcos risk Privacy Act breach, Pilgrim warns

8/12: MPs to gaze upon biometric data industry’s ID-gobbling tech

8/12: Manchester United bans iPads from stadium

8/12: Poll: Australians hate government data retention plan

8/7: Leaked Files: German Spy Company Helped Bahrain Hack Arab Spring Protesters


8/16: EFF guide to cell phone use for US protesters

8/16: Apple Admits It’s Storing Users’ Data on Servers Based in China

8/16: McFeatters: Commercial drones coming to skies near you!

8/15: You Can Get Hacked Just By Watching This Cat Video on YouTube

8/14: The Gyroscopes in Your Phone Could Let Apps Eavesdrop on Conversations

8/14: Five Totally Believable Things Car Makers Must Do To Thwart Hackers

8/14: SpiderOak says you’ll know it’s secure because a little bird told you

8/14: Ryan Lackey, Marc Rogers Reveal Inexpensive Tor Router Project At Def Con

8/14: How Rare Is Internet Privacy in the Digital Age?

8/14: SpiderOak Implements A Warrant Canary

8/14: Is Facebook Ad Tracking a New Privacy Concern?

8/13: Smartphones Overstate Their Social Intelligence

8/13: What’s the matter with PGP?

8/13: A portable router that conceals your Internet traffic

8/12: Mobile Security vs. Blackphone Marketing and Sales Hype

8/12: Report: Apple in Talks With Major Hospitals to Work With HealthKit

8/12: McAfee: Dump Your Smartphone to Protect Privacy

8/12: Xiaomi updates cloud messaging after privacy scare

8/12: Do Tracker Bracelets Create a Privacy Nightmare?

8/12: Fitness Tech’s Big Data Collection Dilemma

8/11: Tech Companies, ACLU Voice Support For Facebook In Data Search Warrant Case

8/11: Change This iPhone Setting To Stop Closed Apps From Tracking Your Location

8/11: Busted: 5 Myths about Facebook’s messenger app

8/9: Father of PGP encryption: Telcos need to get out of bed with governments

8/09: Def Con attendees get tips on how to detect, escape surveillance

8/7: Yahoo to begin offering PGP encryption support in Yahoo Mail service

8/06: More Privacy Woes For Google: This Time It’s Autocomplete

7/25: Big Data Privacy Is Illegal [100 Words Into The Future]

5/30: Facebook Adds Microphone Spying to List of “Privacy” Features


8/13: Coneheads of Silence