Privacy News Update, 8-10-14

Aug 10: For some firms, NSA eavesdropping means business

Aug 10: Sen. Schumer Asks FTC To Probe Use Of Data Collected By Fitness Technology

Aug 9: Crypto Daddy Phil Zimmerman says surveillance society is DOOMED

Aug 8: Everything You Need to Know About the New USA FREEDOM Act

Aug 7: Snowden Wins Three-Year Extension of Russian Residency

Aug 7: LAPD want to crack down on civilian drones after police station incident

Aug 6: New leaker disclosing U.S. secrets, government concludes

Aug 6: US Homeland Security data possibly stolen in cyberattack

Aug 6: Why The Gmail Scan That Led To A Man’s Arrest For Child Porn Was Not A Privacy Violation

Aug 6: San Jose Police issue apology, release additional docs claiming FAA immunity

Aug 5: Visit the Wrong Website, and the FBI Could End Up in Your Computer

Aug 5: Missouri voters approve digital privacy protection

Aug 5: US terrorism database doubles in recent years

Aug 5: San Jose: Police apologize for drone secrecy, promise transparency

Aug 5: Barack Obama’s Secret Terrorist-Tracking System, by the Numbers

Aug 4: Rogue cellphone tracker alarms Seattle privacy activists

Jul 31: It’s About the Lying

Jul 30: Are New Advanced Electric Meters Gonna Fry Your Brain?

Aug 8: Leaked docs show spyware used to snoop on US computers

Aug 8: UK Police Won’t Comment On The Tracking of People’s Phone Calls

Aug 7: Spying revelations lead to German encryption boom

Aug 7: WhatsApp Age Blunts Australia Data Retention Plan, Turnbull Says

Aug 4: Snowden latest: NSA targets Gaza, pumps intelligence to Israel

Aug 4: wants public sector to rip up data protection law

Aug 4: NSA leaker Thomas Drake says Oz security reforms are ‘scary’

Aug 10: Silent Circle’s Blackphone Exploited at Def Con

Aug 10: Google Boosts Secure Sites in Search Results

Aug 10: Minority Report: Confronting Privacy Issues In Big Data Gathering

Aug 10: F-Secure: Xiaomi Smartphones Do Secretly Steal Your Data

Aug 10: Lavabit founder’s DarkMail needs help to cross finish line

Aug 9: John McAfee Airs His Beefs About Privacy In Def Con Surprise Talk

Aug 9: Def Con attendees get tips on how to detect, escape surveillance

Aug 9: Want a safe car? Check its cyber safety rating

Aug 8: Facebook Messenger Switch Controversy Is Part Misunderstanding, Part Mistrust

Aug 8: Protecting privacy while gathering health data

Aug 8: Microchips Will Be Implanted Into Healthy People Sooner Than You Think

Aug 7: Yahoo teams up with Google on encrypted webmail

Aug 6: Unmanned surveillance aircraft maker Insitu takes flight with new CEO

Aug 6: How Hackable Is Your Car? Consult This Handy Chart

Aug 6: Google using its clout to widen use of encryption

Aug 6: Facebook Data Privacy Class Action Now Oversubscribed

Aug 5: BAD VIBES: High-speed video camera records your voice from trash

Aug 4: Your fitness tracker is a SNITCH says Symantec

Aug 4: Want To Work Without Prying Eyes? Try Wearing a Body Sock

Jul 31: A High-Tech New Way for Your Boss to Follow You Everywhere

Jul 29: Forget Glass. Here Are Wearables That Protect Your Privacy

Aug 5: The High Price That Surveillance Costs the Press and Our Democracy

Aug 4: Insurance giants creating massive database of patient records

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