Privacy News Update, 1-1-18

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12/30: The man who can’t face the internet

12/29: Easy, Expert Setup Tips for Maximum Privacy on Your New Device

12/29: How to securely erase hard drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs)

12/29: Hundreds of Creepy Mobile Games Can Use Your Mic to Track What You Watch on TV

12/28: Facebook Just Clarified That It Is Not Collecting Data From India’s Controversial National ID Database

12/28: Dirt Boxes: The Newest Government Tool for Warrantless Privacy Invasion

12/28: Congressional Discussion On Section 702 Renewal Postponed Until 2018

12/28: How to Keep Your Smartened-Up Home Safe From Hackers

12/28: How to Stop Creeping Authoritarianism

12/27: 5 New Year’s Resolutions to Protect Your Technology

12/27: Column: A federal judge takes aim at ‘voluntary’ company wellness programs that invade your privacy

12/27: Meet the Newest Cryptocurrency Trend: Privacy Coins

12/27: Privacy Advocate Richard Holober on the Tech Backlash of 2017

12/24: In Practice, Police Accountability Is Not The Main Function Of Body Cameras

12/24: StealthCrypto Launches Privacy for Mobile Phones Worldwide

12/23: Companies you’ve never heard of are exposing your personal data

12/23: What to do before selling or donating your phone

12/22: ‘Tis the season for unfettered government access to your data

12/22: Tech toys could put kids’ privacy at risk. Here’s how to stay safe.

12/22: Top 10 privacy podcasts of 2017

12/22: Justice Dept. Won’t Budge on Terms of Intelligence Law

12/22: Privacy Complaints Mount Over Phone Searches at U.S. Border Since 2011

12/22: US Government Alleges Edward Snowden Is Talking With Russian Spy Agencies

12/22: FOIA Researchers Are Targeting a Shadowy FBI Program Called ‘Gravestone’

12/22: Snowden’s New App Turns Your Spare Android Phone into a Pocket-Sized Security System

12/21: A look back at privacy in 2017

12/21: Privacy in 2017: A year in review

12/21: Senators seek to stop expansion of airport facial scans

12/21: Burger Joint Teams Up With Surveillance Giant to Scan Your Face for Loyalty Points

12/21: Homeland Security’s Airport Facial Scans Are Buggy and Possibly Illegal, Report Finds

12/20: Central banks using big data to learn about who they serve

12/20: Facebook launches facial recognition service to address privacy concerns

12/20: How to securely erase an iPhone in just 3 steps

12/20: Wickr introduces end-to-end encryption for screen sharing

12/19: A Groundbreaking Case May Force Controversial Data Firm Cambridge Analytica to Reveal Trump Secrets

12/19: The most read Privacy Advisor stories of 2017

12/19: Facebook Swears It Won’t Use Its New Powerful Face Recognition to Suggest ‘People You May Know’

12/19: Facebook wants your face data in the name of privacy

12/19: Facebook to notify users when photos of them are uploaded

12/19: Facebook Wants Your Face and You’ll Probably Let Them Have It

12/18: What to keep in mind about your privacy when taking genetics tests like 23andMe or AncestryDNA

12/18: When Justin Trudeau was in opposition, he voted for Canada’s PATRIOT Act but promised to fix it; instead he’s making it much, much worse

12/18: Facebook said the US government is making more secret requests for data than ever before

12/17: Uber Ex-Manager Details Company’s Alleged Surveillance Tactics

12/16: Big Brother on wheels? Fired security robot divides local homeless people

12/15: 35 Times Privacy Was A Lie In 2017

12/15: ACLU calls for public involvement on Boston IoT project

12/15: Former Employee Accused Uber of Hacking and Surveillance

12/14: Social media may help chronically ill connect to doctors, fellow patients

12/13: FPF announces 2017 Privacy Papers winners

12/13: Teens don’t realize how much their parents track them online

12/13: DNA kits raise security concerns

12/13: Digital assistants offer convenience,​ but what about privacy?

Local (PNW):

12/28: Seattle Bans Landlords From Screening “Qualified” Tenants

12/26: Commentary: Portland takes further steps to ensure HIV patients’ privacy, city’s public health director says

12/15: Error With Recording Device Leads to Dismissal of 61 Cases From Prostitution Bust

Govt (Fed):

12/26: Worried about your online privacy? So is SC Congressman Mark Sanford

12/21: Spy chiefs pressure Congress to renew expiring surveillance law

12/21: Paul, Wyden plan filibuster to oppose Section 702 extension

12/21: Senators Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Secure Election Systems

12/20: Snowden, privacy groups oppose new surveillance bill

12/20: Senate Republicans seek short-term Section 702 extension

12/20: U.S. lawmakers seek temporary extension to internet spying program

12/20: Congress Keeps Delaying Renewal of Its ‘Must-Pass’ Warrantless Surveillance Program

12/19: HHS launches efforts to address opioid crisis while focusing on privacy

12/17: “There Is a Constitutional Right of the Public to Film the Official Activities of Police Officers in a Public Place.”

12/16: Sen. Brian Schatz: Net neutrality isn’t dead

Govt (States & Cities):

12/30: Here’s how California lawmakers could step in to protect the online privacy of consumers in 2018

12/29: Excessive Force, Bodily Privacy Claims Upheld Against Gwinnett Deputies

12/21: Santa Clara County names first chief privacy officer

12/20: Wyoming Supreme Court: Users can sue rent-to-own company for privacy invasion

12/20: Maine AG to review whether sharing patient data violated privacy law

12/18: Can privacy trump First Amendment in Iowa Supreme Court case v. Des Moines Register?

12/15: Wisconsin, the Surveillance State

12/13: NYC passes legislation to address algorithmic bias

Policy & Opinion:

12/30: The Best Way to Rule for Carpenter (Or, How to Expand Fourth Amendment Protections Without Making A Mess)

12/28: Fourth Amendment Challenge to Personal Privacy in the 21st Century

12/21: The Disparate Impact of Surveillance

12/21: Commentary: Technology is an important tool, but we must limit its influence over our lives

12/21: What to do about internet-connected toys?

12/21: Reconciling Katz and the Fourth Amendment Text

12/19: On the tension between municipal open data and privacy

12/15: Op-Ed: Why engineering for privacy needs standards


12/31: Iran Moves to Block Social Media Apps, Mobile Networks as Protests Spread

12/30: Tracking part of tech firm’s plan to transform part of Toronto

12/29: Police, civic workers could be fined or jailed under new anti-snooping law (Canada)

12/29: What is the GDPR? GeekWire’s guide to new European data protection laws that impact the cloud

12/29: City of the Future? Humans, Not Technology, Are the Challenge in Toronto (Canada)

12/28: NSW failing to protect public’s private data from identity fraud (Oz)

12/27: China is testing an electronic identification system on WeChat

12/26: Olympic Planners Want to Scan the Faces of Hundreds of Thousands at the 2020 Tokyo Games

12/23: One of America’s biggest allies in the Middle East is hiring ex-CIA officers to build a spy empire

12/22: P.E.I. privacy commissioner: 2011 election leak violated provincial law (Canada)

12/22: Op-Ed: ePrivacy reg shouldn’t penalize sites for blocking ad-blockers (EU)

12/22: ECHR: Video surveillance at work breached personal privacy (EU)

12/21: Op-Ed: Hong Kong surveillance ordinance needs an update

12/21: Researchers able to re-identify government data (Oz)

12/21: Chinese company ends live-streaming feature amid privacy concerns

12/21: Canadian Government Looking To Step Up Domestic Surveillance, Scale Back Intelligence Oversight

12/20: China surveillance streaming platform shut down amid privacy concerns

12/19: Australian government’s recklessness with medical data is symptom of deeper problems

12/19: Facebook just added a simple ‘on/off switch’ for its facial recognition features

12/19: Twelve Days in Xinjiang: How China’s Surveillance State Overwhelms Daily Life

12/19: Court Says German Intelligence Agency Can No Longer Hoard Billions Of Metadata Records

12/18: France to Facebook: You Have 30 Days to Stop Harvesting WhatsApp User Data

12/18: China will collect the DNA of every adult in Xinjiang province, where Uyghur people are systematically oppressed

12/16: Uber secretly recorded phone calls with its employees without their permission, explosive letter claims

12/15: Halifax airport installs facial recognition kiosks (Canada)

12/15: Will Canada have its own right to be forgotten?

12/14: Human Rights Watch sounds alarm on biometric data collection in Xinjiang

12/14: NZ Privacy Commissioner files brief in US v. Microsoft

12/14: Op-Ed: Australian businesses need a culture shift around privacy

12/13: Want cheaper British car insurance? Mind how you shop

12/13: World’s Biggest Biometric Database Grows in India Amid Doubt

12/13: India’s digital ID sparks debate over human right to personal data


12/29: What the Tech? Cyber snoopers

12/29: How to Get Around OkCupid’s Stupid New ‘Real Name’ Policy

12/28: Smart products gaining favor in American homes

12/28: What is Windows Hello? Microsoft’s biometrics security system explained

12/26: Guidemaster: Everything Amazon’s Alexa can do, plus the best skills to enable

12/26: Privacy Concerns about ‘always listening’ smart home devices

12/22: Amazon acquires security camera and doorbell maker Blink

12/22: Mandrake Linux Founder Announces Android OS Without Google Apps

12/21: CVS-Aetna merger could see tech advances, and privacy issues

12/20: After a busy 2017, Alexa is still on top — and still evolving

12/20: These three privacy-centric companies took part in Google’s ‘Adopt a Startup’ program

12/20: Twitter Finally Fixed Its Two Factor Authentication

12/20: Who’s who in the cybersecurity market? The inside scoop for 2018

12/20: An AI Accurately Guessed Race and Voting Patterns by Counting Cars on Google Street View

12/19: Drone Tracking Plan Moves U.S. Delivery by Air Closer to Reality

12/18: New Cybersecurity Nonprofit SAMSOC Aims to Draw Business to San Antonio

12/18: Why Siemens sees data privacy as a competitive advantage

12/18: World View unveils first pictures from its Stratollite high-altitude balloon platform

12/15: As drones rise in popularity, privacy concerns grow as well

12/15: Industry group releases privacy guidance on mobile health apps

12/14: Symantec CTO warns financial industry about using biometric authentication


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