Privacy News Update, 5-20-17

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5/21: Get Ready for the Next Big Privacy Backlash Against Facebook

5/20: Delta Airlines Tests Facial Recognition To Speed Up Baggage Check-In

5/18: What Twitter’s privacy changes mean for you

5/18: If you have a Twitter account, change these privacy settings now

5/16: ‘Alexa, what did I miss?’ Amazon introduces voice notifications

5/15: Never mind custody decisions, let’s AI up our police cars

5/14: Microsoft Wants To Monitor Your Workplace With AI, Computer Vision and the Cloud

5/12: Amazon Echo’s calling feature includes a major privacy flaw

5/6; Oklahoma Governor Signs Anti-Protest Law Imposing Huge Fines on “Conspirator” Organizations

5/5: How Burger King revealed the hackability of voice assistants

5/5: More Than Half of People Believe Using Spyware To Snoop On Family Members Is Legal, Study Finds

5/4: Real estate Q&A: Video surveillance allowed in condo’s common areas

5/4: Can smart-home tech stop a roommate from stealing your food?

5/3: ‘Sextortion’ case fuels legal debate over phone passwords

5/1: Ebooks undermine your freedom and privacy

4/30: Your data is priceless; that’s why some apps sell it

4/29: Stray WiFi Signals Could Let Spies See Inside Closed Rooms

4/27: What happens legally if you shoot someone’s drone out of the sky?

4/27: Can an app really track you after you delete it?

4/25: EFF study: ed-tech is spying on America’s kids and not telling them about it

4/24: 6 ways that ‘Big Brother’ technology in ‘The Circle’ is already happening

4/13: Easy ways to stop your gadgets from spying on you


Local (PNW):

5/16: Facing cost overruns, City Light quietly pares smart-meter project (Seattle)

5/7: Jive’s buyer responds to employee anxiety over workplace monitoring tool

5/5: Wells, internet privacy are unfinished business

5/5: Seattle Restored ISP Privacy Rules in the First Local Blow To Trump’s Rollback

5/4: Former councilman from Puyallup takes email privacy case to US Supreme Court

5/4: Privacy issues take center stage in Pullman drone discussion

5/3: New Seattle cable rule to protect internet data privacy

5/3: Parents upset by school district policy on seizing student phones to delete fight videos

5/2: Special session makes the Legislature seem like it’s in reruns


Govt (Fed):

5/19: America’s drone owner database grounded: FAA rules blown out of sky

5/19: Federal Agents Used a Stingray To Track an Immigrant’s Phone

5/11: Expiring Section 702 of FISA Helped US Conclude Russia Hacked Election To Help Trump, NSA Chief Says

5/5: Justice Department Opens Criminal Probe Into Uber

5/5: Uncle Sam backs down on slurping passwords from US visa hopefuls

5/4: The U.S. government could soon ask visa applicants to share their social media profiles

5/3: NSA Collected Americans’ Phone Records Despite Law Change, Says Report

5/3: US asked that 1,934 Americans’ names be ‘unmasked’ in intel

5/2: NSA collected 151M phone records in 2016, despite law change

5/2: Net neutrality redux: The battle for an open net continues

4/29: The NSA no longer claims the right to read your email in case you’re talking about foreigners

4/28: Investigate Uber for phone tracking, consumer group tells FTC

4/12: Congress tackles major privacy, surveillance issues

3/31: Facial recognition database used by FBI is out of control, House committee hears

3/30: Snoops may soon be able to buy your browsing history. Thank the US Congress


Govt (States & Cities):

5/2: NYPD Refuses to Disclose Information About Its Face Recognition Program, So Privacy Researchers Are Suing

5/2: Internet privacy effort in flux at Minnesota Legislature

5/2: Governor, attorney general to modernize wiretapping rules (MA)

4/27: Speed-camera trial for San Jose, San Francisco dies in Assembly


Policy & Opinion:

4/4: Trespassing on Internet privacy: Our view



5/18: Australian privacy commissioner flags new data mining rules for government agencies

5/18: Banking association calls for end of ‘screen-scraping’ (EU)

5/18: Bloke charged under UK terror law for refusing to cough up passwords (UK)

5/16: Facebook fined 150,000 euros for ‘massive’ data collection (France)

5/16: European Privacy Regulators Take Coordinated Action Against Facebook

5/16: German court set to rule on legality of IP address harvesting

5/15: Lib Dems pledge to end ‘Orwellian’ snooping powers in manifesto (UK)

5/11: Mozilla wants EU to slow down its ePrivacy Directive process

5/5: Leaked Document Reveals UK Plans For Wider Internet Surveillance

5/4: User Expresses Privacy Concerns After Software Update Replaces Default Phone App (Germany)

5/2: India’s controversial national ID scheme leaks fraud-friendly data for 130,000,000 people

4/29: Metadata fiasco shows need for parliamentary inquiry (Oz)



5/21: Netgear Adds Support For “Collecting Analytics Data” To Popular R7000 Router

5/19: BlackBerry Working With Automakers On Antivirus Tool For Your Car

5/18: Waze Wants to Help You Hitch a Ride

5/12: HP Issues Fix For Keylogger Found On Several Laptop Models

5/11: Keylogger Found in Audio Driver of HP Laptops, Says Report

5/9: Apple buys Beddit, maker of sleep-tracking device

4/28: Apple, others want to tweak California’s self-driving car rules

4/28: Open Ports Create Backdoors In Millions of Smartphones

4/7: 3 stealth ways to search the Web



5/3: Posting about my son all over the internet (Status Update, Ep. 3) (podcast)