Privacy News Update – 11-21-15



11/20:  Law Enforcement Responding More Favorably To ACLU’s Recording App, But Some Still Think It Will Make Policing More Dangerous

11/19:  University breaks silence on FBI payments to bring Tor users out of the shadows

11/18:  The Koch intelligence agency

11/17:  Is There Any Evidence In The World That Would Convince Intelligence Community That More Surveillance Isn’t The Answer?

11/16:  Pathological: Surveillance State Defenders Use Their Own Failure In Paris To Justify Mass Surveillance

11/13:  Snowden Or NSA; These 3 Questions Are Kryptonite For Data Privacy Scandals

11/12:  Edward Snowden Explains How To Reclaim Your Privacy

11/12:  Here’s how to see what Google’s sharing about you publicly

11/10:  Congress Wants To Know How Government Agencies Are Using Stingray Phone Surveillance

11/10:  Facebook messenger can now recognise faces, but will the EU allow it?

11/9:  Even if you’re not using Facebook, Facebook is using you

11/9:  Bill Adding A Warrant Requirement For Aerial Surveillance Introduced In The House

11/9:  As Kids Go Online, New Tools For Parents To Spy

11/6:  How Law Enforcement Can Use Google Timeline To Track Your Every Move

11/6:  ​Ford: Our cars will give you control of your driver data

11/4:  Congressman introduces bill to end warrantless Stingray surveillance

11/3:  People’s Deepest, Darkest Google Searches Are Being Used Against Them

11/2:  Berkeley council rewrites police Suspicious Activity Reports guidelines

11/2:  What Happens When Your Lights, Appliances Are Connected To The Internet

11/2:  Putting A Price On Privacy; The App That Offers You Military Grade Data Encryption

10/28:  Runaway Surveillance Blimp Deflates Raytheon’s Hopes to Sell More

10/28:  Judge rules man had right to shoot down drone over his house

10/24:  Obfuscation: how leaving a trail of confusion can beat online surveillance

10/13:  Five Tools For Online Privacy And Security

10/13:  DARPA wants vanishing drones



11/20:  Drowned in data, whistleblowers speak of NSA’s “largest failure”

11/19:  As Car Hacking Spurs Fears In Congress, Tesla And GM Push Back

11/17:  Illinois Magistrate Judge Lays Down Ground Rules For Stingray Device Warrants

11/11:  Hacked Data Obtained By The Intercept Highlights Wholesale Spying On Inmate, Attorney Privileged Communications

11/9:  Federal judge halts NSA phone surveillance of plaintiffs

11/6:  The FBI says it has given up on trying to get backdoors into encryption software

11/4:  Federal prison system wants anti-drone technology

10/29:  Court Rejects ACLU’s Plea to End Collection of Telephone Data Early

10/29:  Privacy Groups Challenge Director of National Intelligence to Uphold Transparency Promise

10/26:  The IRS Is Using the Same Spy Tech as the FBI

10/21:  Image too good to be true? DARPA program targets image doctoring

10/27:  Senate Rejects All CISA Amendments Designed To Protect Privacy, Reiterating That It’s A Surveillance Bill

10/27:  FBI Director Finally Starts Answering Questions About Its Surveillance Flights Over US Cities

9/22:  CIA details agency’s new digital and cyber espionage focus



11/17:  Why the CIA wanting encryption backdoors is a failure of leadership, not intelligence

11/17:  User telemetry and encryption trade-offs need to be out in the open: Symantec CEO

11/13:  University researchers are being accused of ethics violations for allegedly helping the police catch drug dealers and paedophiles

11/13:  Here are 3 legal cases from the future

11/11:  Microsoft and I can see that this blog post displeases you

11/10:  Why The Supreme Court’s Pass On A Cellphone Warrant Case Means Your Privacy Remains At Risk

11/10:  Forrester Predictions: Get Your Privacy House In Order, or 2016 Will Hit Your Business Hard

11/9:  Modern genetics means you should say goodbye to privacy

11/7:  Americans Aren’t Doing Enough to Protect Their Privacy Online

11/7:  Privacy is starting to seem like a very 20th-century anomaly

11/1:  Crypto is For Everyone—and American History Proves It

10/28:  Wifi Networks Can Now Identify Who You Are Through Walls

10/25:  This Is the Battle Over Policing the Deep Web

10/20:  The CIA director was hacked by a 13-year-old, but he still wants your data

10/16:  Six key challenges loom over car communication technology

10/15:  Europe Leads In Global Privacy — Announcing Forrester’s 2015 Data Privacy Heat Map

10/9:  The rise of the ‘digilantes,’ the internet’s superheroes

10/2:  Washington Hardball



11/18:  Brandis warns of even less privacy for Australians

11/17:  France Already Expanded Surveillance Twice In The Past Year — Perhaps Expanding It Again Is Not The Answer?

11/3:  Code Name for U.K. Probe of Snowden Reporting Revealed: “Operation Curable”

11/12:  Europe, tech giants face off over consumer privacy

11/12:  Turnbull’s mutual respect campaign to kick off with taking away privacy

11/12:  A French retailer has started using overhead strip lights to track customers’ movements

11/11:  Microsoft is building data centres in Germany to protect European users from US spying

11/11:  Germany’s spy agency may have violated its constitution by monitoring a German diplomat

11/10:  Congress moves to give Europeans stronger data privacy rights in the U.S.

11/9:  Tech firms warn snooper’s charter could end strong encryption in Britain

11/8:  David Davis: British ‘intellectually lazy’ about defending liberty

11/6:  After Paris Attacks, Surveillance Remains A Key Issue In EU-U.S. Privacy Negotiations

11/5:  Facial recognition database would give police ‘unprecedented’ access (AU)

11/5:  The surveillance bill is flawed but at last we have oversight

11/5:  Seven Major Takeaways From the U.K.’s Proposed Surveillance Rules

11/4:  The UK government has revealed how it wants to spy on citizens

11/3:  Europe, Still Angry at U.S. Spying, Prepares to Increase Its Own

11/2:  Lord Carlile criticises proposals for judges to approve spying warrants

10/31:  Don’t be fooled by spook propaganda. The state still wants licence to pry

10/29:  Passports in the cloud? What could possibly go wrong? (AU)

10/28:  C-51 Reform, TPP Top the List of “Real Change” Tech Policy Priorities

10/20:  Real Change on Digital Policy May Take Time Under New Liberal Government

10/14:  The Guardian view on surveillance: licence to pry on parliament

10/14:  How the TPP Puts Canadian Privacy at Risk



11/13:  Vizio smart TVs watch you while you’re watching them. What’s the deal?

11/11:  Blackphone 2 review: privacy doesn’t have to come at the cost of usability

11/9:  The war on cash is advancing on all fronts

11/2:  Stealth Mode? Built-In Monitor? Not All Body Cameras Are Created Equal

10/30:  OK Google: Where Do You Store Recordings Of My Commands?

10/22:  No Details Yet For New Civilian Drone Operators’ Registration System

10/19:  More China App Store Headaches for Apple: Hundreds of Apps Found to Collect User Data

10/14:  Hewlett-Packard, 3M Team Up to Build Privacy Screens Right Into Business Laptops



9/29:  The Above (movie)