Privacy News Update – 11-8-15



10/12:  Cops Don’t Need a Crypto Backdoor to Get Into Your iPhone

10/08:  5 Lessons From the Summer of Epic Car Hacks

10/02:  Has somebody shared your ‘anonymised’ health data? Bad news

9/29:  Now you can be tracked online by your email addy. Thanks, Google!

9/25:  New Reports Describe More Mass Surveillance and Schemes to Undermine Encryption

9/23:  These 7 apps are among the worst at protecting privacy

9/22:  Child abuse, drug sales, terrorism fears: Why cops halted a library’s Tor relay … for a month

9/17:  The Facebook of the Future Has Privacy Implications Today

9/16:  Let’s Encrypt issues first free digital certificate

9/16:  Senate panel considers updating law to increase email privacy protections

9/15:  Store scans your license: What do they learn?

9/15:  Twitter sued for scanning private messages

9/15:  Now You Can Find Out if the NSA and GCHQ Spied on You

9/15:  FBI Keeps Telling Purely Theoretical Encryption Horror Stories

9/14:  Federal Court Lifts National Security Letter Gag Order; First Time in 14 Years

9/10:  The ‘Crypto Wars’ of the 1990s are brewing again in Washington

9/10:  Intelligence Overseer Says Press Is More Aggressive Post Snowden

9/9:  Police develop MAC-sniffing software to track stolen devices

9/9:  Dear Internet of Things: human beings are not things

9/8:  Goodbye, privacy: ‘Selfie-drones’ will hover over vacationers

9/5:  One of the biggest features we’re expecting to see in the new Apple TV is really troubling for privacy, experts say

9/3:  The Feds Need a Warrant to Spy With Stingrays From Now On

9/3:  ACLU to Justice Department: Don’t give LAPD money for body cameras

9/2:  Your Next Car Could Reveal More About You Than Your Facebook Profile

9/1:  DARPA looking to sling and recover drones from aircraft motherships


8/28:  Court: We Can’t Rule on NSA Bulk Data Collection Because We Don’t Know Whose Data Was Collected

8/28:  Attention whitehats, The FTC wants you to lead new privacy, security push

8/27:  North Dakota Legalizes Armed Police Drones

8/26:  The Way GCHQ Obliterated The Guardian’s Laptops May Have Revealed More Than It Intended

8/17:  Bosses use tech tools to track, manage workers’ time

8/10:  See Through Walls by the Glow of Your Wi-Fi



10/09:  FBI boss: No encryption backdoor law (but give us backdoors anyway)

10/05:  Activists’ Drone Drops Anti-Spying Leaflets Over the NSA

9/29:  Monica Lewinsky lawyer named as first outsider on secret US spy court

9/28:  This New Campaign Wants To Help Surveillance Agents Quit NSA or GCHQ

9/19:  Wisconsin Supreme Court considers open records case

9/16:  Counterintelligence Agency Shrugs Off Responsibility for OPM Breach

9/15:  FBI: Deal with your own Internet of Things security

9/10:  FBI Director Claims Tor and the “Dark Web” Won’t Let Criminals Hide From His Agents

9/8:  Quoted: Microsoft vs. U.S. government on email privacy

9/7:  Report: Apple Rejected Justice Department Demands for iMessages

9/4:  Samsung wants you to put a motion tracker under a loved one’s mattress—what could go wrong?

9/2:  Watch out, new parents—internet-connected baby monitors are easy to hack

9/2:  Former NSA Chief Expresses Support for Third-Party Consultation at FISA Court

8/31:  Gov. Jerry Brown creates cybersecurity center



10/01:  When Security Experts Gather to Talk Consensus, Chaos Ensues

9/24:  Watch Live: Snowden Treaty Asks Nations to Resist Mass Surveillance

9/12:  An elegy for John Gibson – and our right to privacy

9/18:  Why Internet Privacy Should be a Key Election Issue (Canada)

9/15:  A statutory fix for the Microsoft problem — tentative draft #1

9/11:  Police body cameras show more than just the facts

9/11:  Police body cameras may solve one problem but create others

9/8:  College kids have too much privacy

9/8:  MAGID ON TECH: Personal security in a post-9/11 world

9/7:  What will the privacy and security landscape look like in 2025?

9/6:  The LAPD is instituting the largest body camera program in the country — but it has one major flaw

9/5:  Snowden accepts Norwegian prize via video link from Russia

9/4:  Victory against secret fake cell phone towers shows privacy isn’t dead

9/3:  How Microsoft’s data case could unravel the US tech industry

9/3:  Editorial Can Californians’ privacy be protected in a wired world?

8/28:  How To Think About Student Data Privacy

8/12:  Encrypt Like Everyone is Watching—Decrypt Like No One Is



10/12:  Fingerprints, facial scans, EU border data slurp too tasty for French to resist

10/10:  ​Government commits AU$18.5m for National Biometric Matching Capability

10-6:  The NDP and Greens Are Right—We Need to Repeal Bill C-51

10/06:  GCHQ’s SMURF ARMY can hack smartphones, says Snowden. Again.

9/28:  EU data protection chief: Snaffling all air traveller data goes too far

9/25:  Blighty’s GCHQ stashes away 50+ billion records a day on people. Just let that sink in

9/25:  KARMA POLICE: GCHQ spooks spied on every web user ever

9/22:  India’s daft draft anti-encryption law torn up after world+dog points out its stupidity

9/21:  Our cookies save you from TERRORISTS, Facebook thunders to Belgian judge

9/17:  NSW Police Force to receive AU$4m body-worn video camera rollout

9/17:  MI5 chief calls for more up-to-date surveillance powers

9/14:  Vodafone Australia Says Employee Breached Customer Privacy

9/10:  Do Adults Have a Privacy Right to Use Drugs? Brazil’s Supreme Court Decides

9/1:  NT Police cracks down on crime with facial recognition technology

8/31:  German Privacy Chiefs Seek EU Regulation Changes

8/31:  The NSA isn’t the only intelligence agency collecting bulk user data

8/14:  Germans are so scared of surveillance they microwave their ID cards



10/14:  AVG defends plans to flog user data as privacy row continues

10/08:  PGP Zimmermann: ‘You want privacy? Well privacy costs MONEY’

10/06:  Fast, wireless access to Tor? Just maybe

10/05:  Hacking Wireless Printers With Phones on Drones

9/21:  Hackers Launch Balloon Probe Into the Stratosphere to Spy on Drones

9/21:  Spy Agency Contractor Puts Out a $1M Bounty for an iPhone Hack

9/18:  Facebook’s new opt-out for tracking ads is not enough, says privacy expert

9/17:  New Crypto Tool Makes Anonymous Surveys Truly Anonymous

9/16:  Google has hired a bunch of engineers from Amazon’s Lab126 for a new wearable tech initiative called ‘Project Aura’

9/15:  Xerox bets printed memory labels, encryption can thwart counterfeiters

9/14:  Intel panel to study defense against car hacking

9/9:  Health care app uses Apple Watch to ID doctors, follow privacy law

9/8:  A new threat to self-driving cars: lasers

9/7:  Apple’s strict stance on privacy could undermine its ability to compete in a rapidly progressing field

9/7:  Fiat Chrysler recalls 8,000 extra Jeeps over remote control hacking worries

8/18:  No regrets for Harvard student who lost Facebook internship after exposing privacy flaw



9/11: Rise in Police Body Cameras Fuels Privacy Debate (video)