Privacy News Update, 4-25-15, part deux


4-24: Why Senator Ron Wyden Has It Wrong About the Open Internet

4-24: Personalizing the In-Store Experience — Will Consumers Give Up Their Privacy?

4-23: A New Bill Could Extend the Patriot Act to 2020

4-23: Silicon Valley’s privacy efforts must be working, because our governments are freaking out

4-23: Creepy but legal phone-tracking company gets wrist slap for empty privacy promise

4-22: Privacy Groups Declare War On McConnell’s Patriot Act Bill

4-22: Counterterrorism Conference Kicks Out Intercept Journalist

4-22: Right to privacy ‘could be meaningless in 10 years under Tory and Labour plans’

4-21: Supreme Court to Justice Department: No, the Fourth Amendment Is Not a ‘Useless Piece of Paper’

4-21: Citing privacy concerns, Airbnb slams bill on short-term rentals

4-21: Federal data-breach bill would replace dozens of stronger state laws

4-20: This machine catches stingrays: Pwnie Express demos cellular threat detector

4-20: Google now lets you download your search history

4-17: How to blur out personal details on Google Maps

4-17: Boston Marathon Surveillance Raises Privacy Concerns Long After Bombing

4-16: Hackers Could Commandeer New Planes Through Passenger Wi-Fi

4-14: Police officers have no constitutional ‘right of privacy’ in records of their official misconduct

4-13: Even if the Patriot Act expires, the worst surveillance will carry on

4-9: How can I protect my passwords and personal data without TrueCrypt?

4-9: Has Google Indexed Your Backup Drive?

4-9: Securing the web once and for all: The Let’s Encrypt Project

4-9: Lobbyists for Spies Appointed To Oversee Spying

4-8: Greenwald Criticizes Universities’ Funding-Driven Collaboration With NSA

4-8: Phone App That Watches Your Driving Habits Leads To Privacy Concerns

4-8: How to manage your online reputation for free

4-6: HBO’s John Oliver hits Snowden hard on NSA leaks

4-3: Feds won’t build license plate database—they just want access to one

3-30: No drone surveillance of crime scene (even from 150 feet above), police say

3-30: Why the House information-sharing bill could actually deter information sharing



4-22: Cops hire pesky programmer who bugged Seattle for more transparency

4-20: Oregon bill would prohibit charges for filming police

4-15: Seattle Police Body Camera Program Highlights Unexpected Issues

4-14: Jared Friend’s cool job as director of technology and liberty

4-14: Oregon House unanimously passes bill to protect confidentiality of sexual-assault survivors

4-8: UO quietly diminishes privacy protections at student counseling center, despite promises

4-3: Supreme Court rules against Spokane teachers on records requests

3-15: Data privacy: Does anyone know where this train’s heading?



4-24: The DHS brings its infantile, cyber-fantasy world to RSA 2015

4-24: Florida could soon limit access to police camera videos

4-23: Republican Lawmakers Are Coming Around to the Idea of Police Body Cameras

4-23: Surveillance reform bill returns with concessions to NSA on data collection

4-23: Rand Paul Is Suddenly Quiet About His Favorite Topics

4-23: Congressional Battle Brews Over Bill To Extend NSA Data Collection

4-23: House Lawmakers Float Bill to End NSA Mass Surveillance

4-22: How to Detect Sneaky NSA ‘Quantum Insert’ Attacks

4-22: San Francisco County jail deputies to be fitted with body cameras

4-22: Companies Sharing Hacking Data Get Legal Shield in U.S. Bill

4-22: House Passes Major Cybersecurity Bill Despite Fears It Will Bolster NSA Spying

4-22: McConnell’s Patriot Act Bill Unleashes Long-Simmering Debate Over NSA Spying

4-22: Some officers looking to body cameras on their own

4-22: Department of Homeland Security opening Silicon Valley office

4-21: Homeland Security Secretary Begs Silicon Valley to Stop the Encryption

4-21: White House Seeks Silicon Valley Help on Strong Yet Breakable Encryption

4-21: Lawyers’ Group Seeks Overhaul of a Postal Service Surveillance Program

4-21: Key Republican Is Not on Board With NSA Reform

4-21: Texas aims to limit controversial “stingray” phone-tracking tech

4-21: ‘Aaron’s Law’ Reintroduced as Lawmakers Wrestle Over Hacking Penalties

4-21: Senate intelligence chief defends his plan to curb cyberattacks

4-21: Jeb Bush: Best part of Obama administration is NSA

4-21: Lawyer: Cops dropped robbery case rather than detail FBI’s StingRay phone snoop gizmo

4-20: Anonymous unleashes online petition against US info-sharing bills

4-20: Baltimore judge allows police use of Stingray phone tracking in murder case

4-19: Twitter-joking security expert barred from another United flight, lawyer says

4-19: Lawmaker wants to restrict access to birth certificate data

4-18: Twitter Moves Non-US Accounts To Ireland, and Away From the NSA

4-18: A push to shield body cam footage

4-17: Weakened surveillance reform bill is ‘yesterday’s news’, civil libertarians say

4-17: Congress to Introduce Last-Ditch Bill to Reform NSA Spying

4-17: Security experts urge Congress to reject cyber-threat sharing bills

4-16: TSA Trained Disney, SeaWorld to SPOT Terrorists

4-16: Booz Allen Wolves Offer Advice on Protecting NSA Henhouse

4-16: California bill aims to protect ride-sharing passengers’ privacy

4-16: SEC Reveals It Doesn’t Use Email Snooping Power It Defends

4-16: New California bill would require local approval for stingray use

4-15: The DEA Is Buying Off-the-Shelf Spyware From a Sketchy Company

4-15: Election 2016: The big data trail to our next president

4-15: How Your Future Leader Is Tracking You – Ranking Presidential Candidate Website Privacy

4-14: US to tell certain travelers if on no-fly list

4-13: For art’s sake! Photoing neighbors with zoom lens not a privacy invasion

4-13: Yee speaks on plan to put GPS in SF city vehicles

4-12: Law enforcement worries over beefed-up phone encryption

4-11: Deleted forever? Government text messages vanish within days

4-10: Microsoft: Feds Are ‘Rewriting’ the Law To Obtain Emails Overseas

4-9: Portola Valley: Town Council says no to license-plate readers

4-9: Civilians Can Record Police Encounters, But When Is It Interference?

4-9: Could the South Carolina Police Shooting Be the Last Push for Body Cameras?

4-9: Baltimore Police used secret technology to track cellphones in thousands of cases

4-8: US Started Keeping Secret Records of International Telephone Calls In 1992

4-8: Chicago man sues Facebook over facial recognition use in “Tag Suggestions”

4-8: The FBI Lets Criminals Walk in Order to Keep This Device a Secret

4-8: How Edward Snowden Unwittingly Killed a Mass-Surveillance Program

4-7: Rand Paul Pledges to ‘Immediately’ End NSA Mass Surveillance If Elected President

4-6: White House Privacy Protection Proposal Sets An Ominous Tone For Future Action

4-6: The NSA may not be listening to your private phone calls, but it has been watching your private parts

3-28: As Santa Clara County procures ‘stingray’ cell tracker, increased scrutiny surrounds potentially invasive device



4-24: Cameras are everywhere, and they’re changing our lives

4-24: Op-Ed: In defense of Tor routers

4-21: Millennials’ view of Snowden could spur surveillance relief, ACLU says

4-19: The Upsides of a Surveillance Society

4-18: Op-ed: Why the entire premise of Tor-enabled routers is ridiculous

4-15: When Keeping A Secret Trumps The Need For Care

4-15: To dream the impossible dream: Privacy on the net

4-14: How to protect privacy in the digital age: a constitutional amendment
4-14: Police body cams and the lost language of privacy

4-14: In the future, your insurance company will know when you’re having sex

4-9: Weighing Privacy Vs. Rewards Of Letting Insurers Track Your Fitness

4-9: Edward Snowden’s impact

4-8: With Discounts For Healthy Behavior, John Hancock Courts Privacy Concerns

4-7: How can privacy survive in the era of the internet of things?

4-3: Study: Millennials indifferent about about digital privacy



4-22: UK Police Chief: Some Tech Companies Are ‘Friendly To Terrorists’

4-19: Gandhi Returns to India to Lead Fight Against Modi Land Bill

4-18: New Zealand Plotted Hack on China With NSA

4-15: Vidal-Hall v Google: A new dawn for data protection claims

4-14: Back to the Drawing Board: Bell Drops Opt-Out Targeted Ad Program

4-13: France’s govt wants emergency surveillance powers

4-13: Lib Dems wheel out Digital Rights Bill pledge as election sweetener

4-12: Tech firms threaten exodus over French mass surveillance plans

4-10: Mass surveillance case against UK government heads to Europe’s highest court

4-9: Data protection concerns 72% of Britons in post-Snowden world, research shows

4-8: Facebook and privacy: On the defensive against class-action suit, research report in Europe

4-8: Google Loses Most of Challenge to German Data-Privacy Order

4-7: France accused of tabling ‘Patriot Act’ style surveillance law

4-6: Data privacy: the tide is turning in Europe – but is it too little, too late?

3-29: You can hide an awful lot behind a curtain of privacy

3-25: Malcolm Turnbull explains how people can avoid having metadata collected



4-2015: How to Buy Things in the Future

4-25: As Health Apps Hop On The Apple Watch, Privacy Will Be Key

4-24: New version of Google Glass coming soon, says Luxottica CEO

4-24: Good: Companies Care About Data Privacy Bad: No Idea How To Protect It

4-24: Apple security features can be easily bypassed, says researcher

4-24: Is That an FM Radio In Your Pocket

4-23: Facebook says it doesn’t save your unpublished posts

4-23: Biometrics May Ditch The Password, But Not The Hackers

4-22: Microsoft unveils plans for stronger encryption and tighter controls over Office 365 data

4-22: Pro/Con: Why Google’s Fi Could Be Awesome and Terrible

4-22: Homes Try to Reach Smart Switch

4-21: Uncovering sexual preferences by data-mining sex-toy sales [NSFW]

4-21: Google engineers on Android ecosystem facts and myths

4-20: Encryption: More and more companies use it, despite nasty tech headaches

4-16: The $25 Million Fine Isn’t The Real AT&T-FCC Story

4-16: GE Spotlights New Smart Street Lamps

4-14: ​Want fancy Firefox features? Secure your website

4-9: Amazon listens to MORE of your private stuff

4-8: AT&T to Pay $25 Million for Failing to Stop Theft of Personal Information

4-7: Find Out Who An Email Address Belongs To With Clearbit

4-8: Disclosing Companies’ Algorithms Does Not Increase Privacy

4-5: Popular Android Package Uses Just XOR — and That’s Not the Worst Part

3-30: Watch this drone shepherd round up its flock on an Irish farm



4-23: New interactive NFB documentary watches the watchers online

4-21: The Conversation looked ahead to a world without privacy

4-15: The FBI Informant Who Mounted a Sting Operation Against the FBI

4-14: Do not Track: an online, interactive documentary about who’s watching you