Privacy News Update, 3-28-15



3/20: The Google backlash is growing

3/20: A Clever Way to Tell Which of Your Emails Are Being Tracked

3/20: Q&A: Cindy Cohn, EFF’s new executive director

3/19: Bills that would restrict access to body camera footage

3/18: Court: NSA Spying May Continue Even If Congress Lets Authority Expire

3/18: Internet of things: Sillier and scarier and coming your way

3/17: Bipartisan Drone Privacy Bill Back on the Table

3/16: Princeton boffins sniff Tor users’ IDs from TCP ACKs and server sweat

3/16: How Police Body Cameras Were Designed to Get Cops Off the Hook

3/16: Virginia nears passing shortest limit in US on keeping license plate data

3/16: Don’t want NSA to spy on your email? 5 things you can do

3/15: An ‘Upstream’ Battle As Wikimedia Challenges NSA Surveillance

3/14: Anti-terror law approaches expiration date in shadow of Snowden

3/13: Here’s The Digital Privacy Battle At The Center Of Obama’s Big Trade Deal

3/13: Freedom of information issues in all 50 states

3/13: Mass Surveillance: Can We Blame It All On the Government?

3/13: Angry Austrian could turn Europe against the US – thanks to data

3/12: Epic Google snafu leaks hidden whois data for 280,000 domains

3/11: ACLU files new lawsuits in hunt for police ‘Stingray’ mobe-trackers



3/20: Body cam compromise acceptable for short term

3/15: Seattle channel for police body-cam videos draws attention

3/14: Bill would give stiffer penalties to criminals using drones

3/12: Wyden, UO Senate cite college medical privacy concerns



3/21: Is a lifetime of involuntary GPS monitoring constitutional?

3/21: Nevada Legislature Week 8: Drone law and union fights

3/20: Leaked Document Reveals Upcoming Biometric Experiments At US Customs

3/20: Despite A Wave Of Data Breaches, Fed Says Patient Privacy Isn’t Dead

3/20: CISA Security Bill: An F for Security But an A+ for Spying

3/20: CISA Bill Promises Safety, But Actually Expands Government Surveillance

3/20: Issues at the heart of the debate over body camera videos

3/20: State bills would limit access to officer body camera videos

3/19: The DOJ Is Sneaking in a Policy That’d Crap All Over the 4th Amendment

3/19: The Government Is Testing Myriad Invasive Biometric Surveillance Methods

3/19: SF zookeepers say officials ‘bugged’ radio conversations

3/19: 15 Years of FTC Failure to Factor Privacy Into Merger Reviews

3/19: Outgoing NSA lawyer helped preserve controversial programs

3/19: Political Pressure To Pass CISA Quickly Could Pose ‘Big Problem’ For Civil Liberties

3/19: To protect our privacy, make the FISA court act like a real court

3/18: San Diego police body camera report: Fewer complaints, less use of force

3/18: ‘All browsing activity should be considered private and sensitive’ says US CIO

3/17: Is your DMV data safeguarded properly?

3/17: Judge orders sheriff to disclose cellphone surveillance info (Buffalo, NY)

3/16: Pentagon seeking ways to protect personal data online

3/16: Snowden leaks lead Americans to scale back online activity, survey finds

3/16: Snowden tells tech bigwigs: It’s up to you to thwart mass surveillance

3/16: Competing bills aim to regulate Michigan police body cameras

3/16: Facebook: Governments still clamoring for user data

3/16: How Police Fight To Keep Use of Stingrays Secret

3/16: FBI’s Plan to Expand Hacking Power Advances Despite Privacy Fears

3/16: Republicans Have Less Faith in the NSA than Democrats

3/16: TSA Screening Enters the Spotlight

3/16: Memo: San Jose police aim to have officer-worn cameras by next year, working drone by 2017

3/14: How one agency redacts the public’s right to know

3/13: Feds, Google at odds over computer search-warrant proposal

3/13: Psssst: Wanna Buy a Used Spy Website?

3/12: Senate panel approves controversial cybersecurity bill

3/12: Sacramento sheriff: Documents given on phone-tracking tech

3/10: Report: CIA Has Tried for Years to Break Into Apple Gear

3/9 – Net Neutrality Has Sparked an Interagency Squabble Over Internet Privacy

3/8: Use of license-plate scanner technology, data stirs controversy

2/25: The Government Refuses to Prove Snowden Damaged National Security



3/21: It’s a Whole New Paranoid World

3/20: Apple Watch: Science fiction nightmare or a digital dream come true?

3/19: Questions To Ask About Ed-Tech At Your Kids’ School

3/18: The Privacy Revolt: The Growing Demand for Privacy as a Service

3/18: Debate: Should The U.S. Adopt The ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Online?

3/13: Hey Twitter, Killing Anonymity’s a Dumb Way to Fight Trolls

3/11: We are citizens, not mere physical masses of data for harvesting

3/9: Privacy for Personalization: Is It a Fair Trade-Off?

3/4: Why Watching the Watchers Isn’t Enough: My Talk on Privacy, Snowden & Bill C-51

1/28: Happy Data Privacy Day. Legally speaking, you’re mostly on your own.



3/20: Defending Privacy Doesn’t Pay: Canadian Court Lets Copyright Troll Off the Hook

3/20: UK Police Deem Snowden Leak Investigation a State Secret

3/20: Team Australia, your surveillance is ready

3/19: Location data to be stored under Australian data-retention regime

3/19: US Threatened Germany Over Snowden, Vice Chancellor Says

3/19: PM Dismisses ‘French Patriot Act’ Fears as Spies Get More Powers

3/19: UK’s GCHQ Admits To Using Vulnerabilities To Hack Target Systems

3/19: Australia’s new ‘improved’ data retention laws: how will they work?

3/18: Australia’s data-retention debate hits Derpcon Zero

3/18: Tony Abbott signals he is unlikely to let journalists fight metadata warrants

3/17: Respect mah privacy! EU delegation begs US to play nice with data

3/15: How Two Obscure Court Verdicts In Europe Could Impact Americans’ Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Taxes

3/14: New Zealand Used NSA System to Target Officials, Anti-Corruption Campaigner

3/13: Bulgaria nixes ‘metadata’ law, Paraguay delays

3/12: Why The Anti-Terrorism Bill is Really an Anti-Privacy Bill: Bill C-51′s Evisceration of Privacy Protection

3/12: David Cameron to close gap in oversight of mass surveillance

3/12: Bulk interception is NOT mass surveillance, says parliamentary committee

3/12: UK says comms metadata can kill personal privacy

3/12: Court Overturns Dutch Data Retention Law, Privacy More Important

3/12: 104 Australian orgs report breaches to privacy commissioner

3/12: Bill C-51: Privacy watchdog Daniel Therrien blocked from committee witness list

3/12: Internet carriers may be breaching Canadian privacy laws

3/12: What’s at stake in Spain’s controversial security law

3/11: Going on holiday? Mexico wants your personal data

3/11: Australians! Let us all rise up against data retention

3/10: New Zealand Targets Trade Partners, Hacks Computers in Spy Operations

3/9: Hammond Says U.K. Must ‘Draw a Line’ Under Net Spying Debate

3/9: BACK OFF, spooks: UK legal hacking code should be ‘resisted at all costs’ says lawyer

3/9: Scotland to get National ID system ‘by the backdoor’, campaigners mull challenge



3/20: How ‘The Cloud’ Eats Away at Your Online Privacy (Video)

3/20: After 350,000+ Beta Sign-Ups, ProtonMail Takes $2M To Scale Its Encrypted Email

3/20: Smart Home Guide: What to Know Before You Buy

3/19: Video Feature: Inside the F 015, Mercedes’s Self-Driving Car

3/19: Security Essentials for the Internet of Things

3/18: Apple Safari update BORKED private browsing

3/18: Tutanota, An Open Source Encrypted Gmail Alternative, Heads Out Of Beta

3/17: SAP admits – shock! – it sells to governments, denies that means backdoors

3/16: BlackBerry Spy-Proofs Samsung Tablets With IBM Software

3/13: Hertz puts cameras in its rental cars, says it has no plans to use them

3/12: Companies Are Tracking Employees to Nab Traitors

3/12: OpenSSL To Undergo Massive Security Audit

3/12: Mattel urged to scrap Wi-Fi mic Barbie after Register investigation

3/12: German Startup Campaigns For Personal Data API Law

3/11: The Guardian Publishes A Pretty Amazing Whisper “Clarification”

3/11: Ars tests ExoNet, the personal VPN that takes you home

3/9: The privacy and security questions we must ask about the Apple Watch

3/5: Windows 10 Settings menu: The Privacy tab


3/18: ‘The Age of Cryptocurrency,’ by Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey