Privacy News Update, 12-7-14

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Dec 5-7, London UK
The Logan Symposium
Building an alliance against Secrecy, Surveillance and Censorship

Dec 5: Panel discussion on the future of the Fourth Amendment
Video highlight – Cole v. Posner on cell phone and privacy generally
Entire discussion video here.

Dec 4: Operation Auroragold: How the NSA Hacks Cellphone Networks Worldwide

Dec 2: Car insurers promise discounts if Big Brother watches you

Nov 26: Make yourself doxx-resistant by opting out of data-brokers



Dec 7: Maine chiefs weigh police body cameras

Dec 5: Senator Ron Wyden introduces a bill banning FBI backdoors

Dec 5: Drones could soon be a common site over Alabama

Dec 5: White House Getting Cold Feet Over Exposing CIA’s Torture Secrets

Dec 5: Richmond (California, Bay Area) police receive body cameras, will be on every officer in 2015

Dec 5: San Jose police take careful approach to body-worn cameras for officers

Dec 5: Citywise: Drones over Oakland sideshows? Sheriff says no

Dec 5: Cameras worn by police are no panacea, experts say

Dec 4: Ill. lawmakers approve eavesdropping legislation

Dec 4: Court strikes California law requiring DNA collection for felony arrestees

Dec 4: NSA leak reveal plans to subvert mobile network security around the world

Dec 4: NSA accused of intercepting emails sent by mobile phone firm employees

Dec 4: Recovered IRS Emails Can’t Be Revealed Because Of Privacy…That Was Already Breached

Dec 3: County sheriff finally gets the drone he wanted, ignores privacy concerns

Dec 2: Bill would require troopers to wear body cameras

Dec 2: Baltimore mayor vetoes police body camera bill

Dec 2: Are You There, CIA? It’s Me, Siobhan.

Dec 2: Sen. Al Franken Questions Lyft On Its Privacy Practices

Dec 1: Delaware State Police mulling body cameras

Dec 1: Obama to hold White House meetings on Ferguson

Dec 1: Obama’s Cautious First Step Toward Demilitarizing the Police

Dec 1: Feds want Apple’s help to defeat encrypted phones, new legal case shows

Dec 1: Feds dig up law from 1789 to demand Apple, Google decrypt smartphones, slabs

Nov 26: Oops: After Threatening Hacker With 440 Years, Prosecutors Settle for a Misdemeanor

Nov 25: Washington state AG: Body-worn cameras don’t require consent

Nov 24: DHS Set To Destroy “Einstein” Surveillance Records

Nov 24: FAA’s proposed drone rules could hinder Amazon’s aerial delivery plans

Nov 19: NSA Reform Is Blocked by Constitutionally Disinclined Senate Republicans



Dec 6: The System Isn’t Going to Fix Itself—It’s Time for Us to Police the Police

Dec 5: Seymour Hersh attacks ‘useless’ NSA over surveillance

Dec 5: Seen It All Before: 10 Predictions About Police Body Cameras

Dec 5: Alameda County sheriff should ground his drones

Dec 5: Police body cams: Will they really help?

Dec 5: When data gets creepy: the secrets we don’t realise we’re giving away

Dec 4: Why Uber’s ‘god view’ is creepy

Dec 4: After Brown and Garner, limiting the downside of police body cameras

Dec 3: Do Police Body Cameras Actually Work?

Dec 3: Video of police brutality can only do so much: NYPD chokehold cop not indicted

Dec 2: Protecting Data Privacy at School and at Play

Dec 2: At Global Climate Conferences, Spying Is Just Part of the Woodwork

Dec 2: How We Are Clicking Away Our Constitutional Rights

Dec 2: Hacked vs. Hackers: Game On

Dec 1: Snowden calls on UN to protect privacy, rights

Dec 1: Let’s Face It, We Don’t Really Care About Privacy

Nov 28: Shawn Vestal: Body camera policy evolving in positive directions

Nov 28: Edward Snowden: best … security … educator … EVER!

Nov 27: GCHQ’s ‘jihad on tech firms’ can only fail

Nov 26: Why Venture Capitalist Investors Should Care More About Human Rights Values

Nov 26: Privacy bods Detekt FinFisher dressed as bookmark manager

Nov 26: Five-eyes partners dilute UN resolution criticising metadata collection

Nov 26: The Snowden Effect, Quantified

Nov 26: United Nations human rights committee resolves to protect privacy

Nov 25: Edward Snowden revelations have had limited effect on privacy – Open thread

Nov 25: U.N. Urges Protection of Privacy in Digital Era

Nov 21: Glenn Greenwald: NSA-proofing your product is good for business



Dec 6: Irish government retroactively legalizes GCHQ surveillance revealed in Snowden docs

Dec 5: UK mass surveillance laws do not breach human rights, tribunal rules

Dec 2: Device fingerprinting tech: It’s not a cookie, but ‘cookie’ rules apply

Dec 2: Australian Government funds effort to secure wearable data pulses

Dec 5: UK privacy watchdog intervenes in hearing over Google’s use of web data

Dec 1: Probe Into NSA Activity Reveals Germany Spying On Germans

Nov 30: European Commission Finds Existing Technology Neutral Regulations Adequate For Drone Privacy

Nov 29: German loophole allows BND spy agency to snoop on own people

Nov 28: Britain’s MPs ask Twitter, Facebook to keep Ts&Cs simple

Nov 28: We should be able to see George Brandis’ metadata

Nov 28: Europe’s next privacy war is with websites silently tracking users

Nov 26: Look out: That data protection watchdog can bite

Nov 26: New Snowden Docs Show GCHQ Paid Telcos For Cable Taps

Nov 26: Five-eyes partners dilute UN resolution criticising metadata collection

Nov 25: EU-Canada airline passenger data-sharing is not a done deal

Nov 24: Researchers Uncover Government Spy Tool Used to Hack Telecoms and Belgian Cryptographer



Dec 3: New Bluetooth 4.2 spec brings IPv6, better privacy, and increased speed

Dec 3: Facebook forges partnership with IT security vendor ESET

Dec 1: Uber Plays Defense Against Privacy Invasion Claims

Dec 1: And now for some good news… Facebook sets up hidden service in privacy push

Dec 1: Intel buys PasswordBox to bolster security tools

Nov 30: Be your own Big Brother: With the help of Apple, Facebook … oh, HANG ON

Nov 29: Hacker Mitnick has a plan to help you stay safe online (Q&A)

Nov 29: Uber Disciplines N.Y. Manager Who Tracked Reporter’s Travel Data

Nov 29: Facebook’s Privacy Basics Illustrate Opportunity For Two-Way Conversations

Nov 27: Uber’s Android App Caught Reporting Data Back Without Permission

Nov 26: Bitcoin Is Not Anonymous After All

Nov 25: Slack Now Letting Employers Tap Workers’ Private Chats

Nov 24: How to protect your credit card online

Nov 17: Telegram Provides A Secure & Fast-Growing Alternative To WhatsApp

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