Seattle-area TECC Volunteer Opportunity!

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as sent to the Seattle Privacy list today – Thanks to the TECC Clinic for doing this work and good luck in your efforts! #6

Hello all!

I’ve been working with a volunteer committee that includes a mixture of city and nonprofit representatives who share the common goal of reducing technology enabled coercive control (TECC) in Seattle. TECC can be defined as an abusive situation where technology is being used by the abuser to enable their abuse of the victim. These cases usually look like domestic violence cases with a cyber stalking component. For example, an estranged spouse may lock you out of your gmail account and delete evidence such as email histories. Victims may be repeatedly hacked by their spouses or relatives who know their security question answers and backup email addresses. This account compromise often prevents private communication between the victim and their legal representation.

The TECC Committee includes Natalie Dolci from the Seattle Police Department Domestic Violence Unit, Candace Faber from Seattle Information Technology, the nonprofit New Beginnings and others. I’m the CEO of a privacy startup and I participate on the committee as a tech volunteer.

We are looking for additional technology volunteers who are willing to donate their time to the TECC Volunteer Clinic by either 1) helping to develop curriculum for both the volunteers and the victims or 2) working one on one with victims to help them reclaim and secure their accounts, help them set up two factor authentication, etc.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, feel free to reach out. I’ve also attached a document with more information about the TECC Volunteer Clinic.



Amy Eskridge Pettigrew
CEO, Arkham Storage

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