Privacy News Update, 12-12-17

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12/12: Netflix tweet prompts questions over data collection

12/12: China Now Has Robo-Surveillance That Can Track Nearly 2 Billion People

12/12: Netflix reminds everyone it’s creeping on them

12/11: Uber’s Massive Scraping Program Collected Data About Competitors Around The World

12/11: Is Alexa Really Eavesdropping on You?

12/11: Voice-Activated Assistants Raise Privacy Concerns

12/11: How Email Open Tracking Quietly Took Over the Web

12/11: HP laptops found to have hidden keylogger

12/9: Spread of DNA testing kits prompts privacy concerns

12/8: Amazon bringing Echo and Alexa to 80 additional countries in major global expansion

12/8: 3 essential privacy settings for your Amazon Echo

12/8: How to Track a Cellphone Without GPS—or Consent

12/6: Americans don’t want phones searched without a warrant

12/5: Company with no privacy policy to collect brainwave data on 1.2 million students

12/4: Facebook targets young children with Messenger Kids

12/4: How to wipe your phone or tablet before you sell it

12/4: Google to crack down on apps that snoop

12/4: People Keep Finding Hidden Cameras In Their Airbnbs And There’s Only So Much The Company Can Do

12/2: US politicos wake up to danger of black-box algorithms shaping all corners of American life

12/1: Volunteers Around the World Build Surveillance-Free Cellular Network Called ‘Sopranica’

12/1: House Panel Advances Bill on Key Surveillance Measure

12/1: House intel panel advances NSA spying bill despite privacy objections

12/1: Opinion | From net neutrality to digital privacy, Congress does diddly

12/1: Senator Wyden Asks DHS To Look Into Cell Tower Spoofer Use By Foreign Entities In Washington DC

11/30: Australian Man Uses Snack Bags As Faraday Cage To Block Tracking By Employer

11/30: Alexa Roundup: Amazon Improves Its Wish Fulfillment Device

11/30: HP Says Its Windows “Spyware” Only Collects Data Anonymously with User Consent

11/30: Google Sued Over Illegally Harvesting Personal Data from iPhones

11/29: Microsoft Might Have Helped HP Install Spyware on Users’ Windows Computers

11/29: The six simple questions Facebook refused to answer about its creepy suicide-detection AI

11/29: iPhone X: Absolutely everything you need to know

11/28: Facebook to demand “clear photo of your face”

11/28: Surprise: Android apps are riddled with trackers

11/28: HP Quietly Installs System-Slowing Spyware On Its PCs, Users Say

11/28: Three quarters of Android apps track users with third party tools – study

11/27: Alphabet’s DeepMind Is Trying to Transform Health Care — But Should an AI Company Have Your Health Records?

11/27: Amazon Is Asking Indians To Hand Over Their Aadhaar, India’s Controversial Biometric ID, To Track Lost Packages

11/27: Governing in the Age of Surveillance Capitalism

11/27: Justices ponder need for warrant for cellphone tower data

11/26: How office snooping boosts the bottom line

11/26: Reverse-engineering a connected Furby toy, revealing its disturbing security defects

11/25: Coalition could allow firms to buy access to facial recognition data

11/22: Google stops secretly tracking cellular location info

11/22: Google Knows Where You Are with GPS Turned Off and There’s Nothing You Can Do

11/21: Google Collects Android Users’ Locations Even When Location Services Are Disabled

11/20: No, you’re not being paranoid. Sites really are watching your every move

11/20: We Can’t Trust Facebook To Regulate Itself, Says Former Operations Manager

11/20: User experience test tools: A privacy accident waiting to happen

11/18: Tech giants face tough curbs to protect teenagers’ privacy

11/17: Wireless Industry Lobbies To Ban States From Protecting Your Privacy, Net Neutrality

11/17: Why is this Company Tracking Where You Are on Thanksgiving?

11/17: Anonymized location-tracking data proves anything but: Apps squeal on you like crazy

11/16: Hackers can freeze the camera that lets you know whether your “Amazon Key” equipped door is locked and who is using it

11/16: Web analytics companies offer “replay sessions” that let corporations watch every click and keystroke for individual users

11/16: Consumers Are Holding Off On Buying Smart-Home Gadgets Due To Security, Privacy Fears

11/16: The Dark Side of ‘Replay Sessions’ That Record Your Every Move Online

11/16: The Brutal Fight To Mine Your Data and Sell It To Your Boss

11/16: Amazon Key Flaw Could Let Rogue Deliverymen Disable Your Camera

11/16: Web analytics companies offer “replay sessions” that let corporations watch every click and keystroke for individual users

11/15: Motherboard’s excellent, accessible guide to internet security

11/14: How to Lock Down Your Facebook Privacy Settings

11/10: Facebook’s Not Listening Through Your Phone. It Doesn’t Have To

11/9: Boffins: We can identify you by your typing, and we’re gonna sell the tech to biz, govt – yay!

11/8: Does employee surveillance improve or impair performance?

11/7: How Facebook Figures Out Everyone You’ve Ever Met

11/6: Big Brother isn’t just watching: workplace surveillance can track your every move

11/2: Apple Plans to Share Some Data That the iPhone X Collects About Your Face. That’s a Huge Worry.

10/28: Rumors That Facebook Is Secretly Recording You Refuse to Die

10/26: Google Engineer Reveals How the iPhone Camera Can Be Used to Spy on Users

10/25: Kiosks are Looking at You, Too

10/25: Kaspersky Confirms It Downloaded Classified Docs, Blames NSA Contractor’s Dumb Mistake

10/23: Librem 5 Privacy-Focused Linux Phone Crowdfunding Campaign Ends with $2 Million

10/21: Study says body cameras don’t always change police behavior

10/21: Kids’ smart watches are a security/privacy dumpster-fire

10/20: Facebook’s security is like a “college campus,” but they face threats like a “defense contractor”

10/6: US Intelligence Unit Accused Of Illegally Spying On Americans’ Financial Records

10/5: 21 Things That May Actually Give You Some Damn Privacy

Local (PNW):

12/8: Amazon wants a key to your house. I did it. I regretted it.

12/7: How smart should your kitchen be?

11/30: Seattle Newspaper Files Petition To Peel Back Layers Of Court-Aided Surveillance Secrecy

11/29: Let’s hear the case for secrecy

11/29: Supreme Court Justices Hint at More Digital-Privacy Protections

11/27: Meet the Uber guy in Seattle who helps fight crime with data

11/23: What you need to know about the new ID law and travel

10/19: Here’s when you’ll need a passport with a Wash. ID to fly

10/18: Washington state gets REAL ID extension through October 2018

Govt (Fed):

12/6: Things The Intelligence Community Is Cool With: Backdoor Searches, Skirting Reporting Requirements, Parallel Construction

12/1: NSA staffer pleads guilty to taking home top secret files

12/1: Opinion: Like Scalia, Gorsuch seems willing to protect privacy – if you call it property

11/30: Democrat Senators Introduce National Data Breach Notification Law

11/30: Facebook Judge Frowns on Bid To Toss Biometric Face Print Suit

11/28: NSA breach spills over 100GB of top secret data

11/27: Judge Tosses Long-Running Section 215 Surveillance Lawsuit

11/22: DHS Deploying Stingrays Hundreds Of Times A Year

11/21: NSA Section 702 Q&A Glosses Over Incidental Collection Problems, Domestic Surveillance

11/21: FCC Will Also Order States To Scrap Plans For Their Own Net Neutrality Laws

11/18: Then there were four: Another draft US law on ‘foreign’ (aka domestic) mass spying emerges

11/17: Pentagon mass surveillance slurped up the world’s social media traffic; then they dumped it on a publicly accessible Amazon cloud server

11/17: Massive US Military Social Media Spying Archive Left Wide Open In AWS S3 Buckets

11/17: Most Senate Intelligence Committee Members Are Fine With Domestic Surveillance By The NSA

11/16: US govt to use software to finger immigrants as potential crims? That’s really dumb – boffins

11/16: Federal Extreme Vetting Plan Castigated By Tech Experts

11/15: US govt’s ‘foreign’ spy program that can snoop on Americans at home. Sure, let’s reauth that…

11/14: FDA Approves Digital Pill That Tracks If Patients Have Ingested Their Medication

11/9: Al Franken Just Gave the Speech Big Tech Has Been Dreading

11/8: US domestic, er, foreign spying bill progresses through Congress

11/3: Dianne Feinstein Wants Twitter To Just Hand Her A Bunch Of Private Communications

10/20: The Fourth Amendment and querying the 702 database for evidence of crimes

10/5: Lawmakers Propose Bipartisan Changes to Controversial Surveillance Program

Govt (States & Cities):

12/11: Lawsuits claim employers illegally require biometric data for employment

12/11: Mass. court rules police records are public information

12/7: Missouri governor’s penchant for secrecy goes digital with messaging app that leaves no trace

11/30: Facebook Judge Frowns on Bid to Toss Biometric Face Print Suit

11/21: New York Court Says NYPD Must Get Warrants To Deploy Stingrays

11/20: Cops jam a warrant into Apple to make it cough up Texas mass killer’s iPhone, iCloud files

11/17: Hey, cop! You need a warrant to stalk a phone with a Stingray – judge

11/14: Texas National Guard Latest Agency To Be Discovered Operating Flying Cell Tower Spoofers

11/14: Why Google Should Be Afraid of a Missouri Republican’s Google Probe

11/13: Google Subpoenaed Over Data Privacy, Antitrust in Missouri

Policy & Opinion:

12/12: Mobile app trackers can lead to significant data loss

12/11: Personal Information and Privacy – Wayne MacKay

12/11: The concerns related to offshoring PHI

12/11: Police Body Cameras: Indispensable Accountability Tool or Surveillance Nightmare?

12/10: The Supreme Court’s privacy case shows Congress needs to draw new lines

12/4: Facebook launches Messenger for kids under 13 — let’s chat about how unnecessary that is

12/4: ‘Microsoft Challenged the Wrong Law. Now What?’

12/4: Should Apple Share iPhone X Face Data With App Developers?

12/3: A tech nerd falls out of love with technology

11/30: The future of American privacy rights will be defined this year

11/29: Supreme Court Must Understand: Cell Phones Aren’t Optional

11/28: Surveillance Capitalism thinks it won, but there’s still time to unplug it

11/28: Supreme Court Must Understand: Cell Phones Aren’t Optional

11/28: Decentralized biometric authentication reshapes mobile payments

11/27: Supreme court cellphone case puts free speech – not just privacy – at risk

11/27: How the Supreme Court could keep police from using your cellphone to spy on you

11/24: Against the positive law model in the Carpenter cell-site case

11/23: Lessons from the Bushmen: How this tech-free society could foreshadow our technological future

11/22: Permissionless data slurping: Why Google’s latest bombshell matters

11/21: Could the smart city mean the death of privacy?

10/22: Is Trump doing enough to keep this major privacy agreement alive?

10/20: Preserving the Right to Obscurity in the Age of Facial Recognition


12/12: Welcome To The Surveillance State: China’s AI Cameras See All

12/12: Council of the EU weighs in on ePrivacy processing

12/11: Canada’s Supreme Court rules some text messages considered private

12/11: Canada’s privacy watchdog launches probe into Uber hack

12/8: Canada’s U.S. ambassador downplays border pre-clearance bill privacy concerns

12/5: Bell’s Latest Privacy Solution: Enhance Internet Privacy By Blocking Access to It (Canada)

12/4: Top EU Privacy Campaigner Says He Wants Lots Of Money For ‘None Of Your Business’

12/4: German government wants backdoors for spying added to cars, computers, IoT devices

12/8: Therrien calls for stronger measures on destroying surveillance data(Canada)

12/4: Creepy Cayla doll violates liberté publique, screams French data protection agency

12/1: Brit cyber-spies: Fancy meeting outside court to talk about evidence?

12/1: Homeland Security Claims DJI Drones Are Spying For China

11/30: UK police to lose phone and web data search authorisation powers

11/30: admits Investigatory Powers Act illegal under EU law

11/30: Google Faces Lawsuit For Gathering Personal Data From Millions of iPhone Users (UK)

11/30: UK consumer group sues Google over personal data collection

11/29: Canadian court gives limited OK to warrantless Stingrays

11/29: Max Schrems launches privacy NGO, wins €60k within first 24 hours (Austria)

11/27: Australians will trade privacy for security if you frame it right

11/27: Yet Another Legal Action By Dogged Privacy Activist Brings Good News And Bad News For Facebook In EU’s Highest Court

11/27: Despite Google ties, Sidewalk Labs CEO says there’s no intent to sell data from Toronto smart city project

11/26: Investigators claim that Oxbridge and other top UK universities are operating a massive, illegal surveillance dragnet aimed at students/alumni and their friends and families

11/24: Uber Faces EU-Wide Privacy Probes Into Hidden Hacking Attack

11/24: Regulators Question Google Over Location Data (South Korea)

11/24: EU Lawmakers Back Exports Control on Spying Technology

11/24: UK spy court ruled immune from judicial review – for now

11/17: Germany Bans Children’s Smartwatches

11/17: Privacy commissioner raises concerns over proposed provincial prescription monitoring plan (Canada)

11/16: Google says broader right to be forgotten is ‘serious assault’ on freedom

11/14: Facebook safe from massive privacy lawsuit for now (EU)

11/7: UK’s surveillance regime challenged in landmark European court hearing

11/7: Commuters’ phone data could be tracked to save megabucks on census (UK)

10/25: EU regulators slam WhatsApp for continuing user data policy concerns

10/13: Dutch Privacy Watchdog Accuses Microsoft of Violating Windows 10 Users’ Privacy

10/10: Most Australians Aren’t Concerned About The Government’s Facial Recognition System


12/8: Privacy tech products continue to hit the market ahead of GDPR

12/7: Startup Nomad’s ‘human billboard’ marketing blends digital technology with a personal touch

12/6: Learning with Privacy at Scale

12/5: Review: Amazon Cloud Cam is a solid security camera, but clearly just a start for the tech giant

12/4: Tenta browser for Android adds feature to keep ISPs and others from seeing which sites users visit

12/4: Facebook wants your child on its new Messenger Kids app

11/22: Wait, did Oracle tip off world to Google’s creepy always-on location tracking in Android?

11/21: Tricking voice recognition on Amazon Echo and Google Home

11/20: Another Tor Browser Feature Makes It Into Firefox: First-Party Isolation

11/16: Firefox Will Block Navigational Data URIs as Part of an Anti-Phishing Feature

11/16: Amazon Key hack could make you clueless in a home invasion

11/15: Lock it down: The macOS security guide (updated)

11/14: FDA approves first digital pill

11/14: Privacy Pass protocol promises private perusing

11/14: Smart toys play with security fire, consumer group finds

11/5: Ditch All Those Other Messaging Apps: Here’s Why You Should Use Signal

11/3: Biggest Tor overhaul in a decade adds layers of security improvements

10/25: New service gives Amazon a Key to your house for deliveries

10/17: Amazon and Garmin team up to bring Alexa into the car with $150 Speak device

10/12: Startup Spotlight: Tinitell helps parents keep track of their kids with wearable mobile phones

10/12: iPhone X Will Hide Notifications When Someone Else Is Looking at the Screen

7/6: 5 Privacy Worries on 4 Wheels: Staying Safe in the Connected Car Era


From God to the Stasi, how we respond to being watched

11/17: Privacy concerns and digital snooping by police

10/30: This film is made entirely with surveillance footage

10/8: Is Privacy Dead? (video)

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