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Privacy News update, 3-4-17

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Special focus: How to protect your digital data when coming into the US

The Register’s guide to protecting your data when visiting the US

A Guide to Getting Past Customs With Your Digital Privacy Intact (WIRED)

‘If a border agent asks you to unlock your phone, do you have to comply?’

Federal agents can search your phone at the US border — here’s how to protect your personal information



3/2: US Congress to NSA: How many Americans do you illegally spy on?

3/1: Who will banish spy-cam drones from US skies? The FAA doesn’t want to do it. EPIC disagrees

2/24: Pai, Pai, Mr American spy: FCC supremo rips up privacy protections for broadband punters

2/23: Amazon goes to court to stop US murder cops turning Echoes into Big Brother house spies

2/21: ‘Hey, Homeland Security. Don’t you dare demand Twitter, Facebook passwords at the border’

2/19: Used Cars Can Still Be Controlled By Their Previous Owners’ Apps

2/19: Old-Guard Archivists Keep Federal Data Safer Than You Think

2/18: Electronic media searches at border crossings raise worry

2/17: US visitors must hand over Twitter, Facebook handles by law – newbie Rep starts ball rolling

2/16: Corpse of US anti-spying law unearthed, reanimated, pushed blinking into the sunlight

2/15: OK, it’s time to talk mass spying again: America’s Section 702 powers are up for renewal

2/15: Bipartisan bill seeks warrants for police use of ‘stingray’ cell trackers

2/12: US-Born NASA Scientist Detained At The Border Until He Unlocked His Phone

2/12: Three Privacy Groups Challenge The FBI’s Malware-Obtained Evidence

2/11: Russia Considers Returning Snowden to U.S. to ‘Curry Favor’ With Trump: Official

2/10: Judge green lights Microsoft vs Uncle Sam gag order case

2/9: Surveillance in Silicon Valley is hard to avoid

2/9: Facebook takes search warrant challenge to NY’s top court

2/4: The FBI Is Building a National Watchlist That Gives Companies Real-Time Updates on Employees

2/3: Mesh networking: Why it’s coming to a home or office near you

2/3: Privacy 101: How to encrypt your iPhone in one minute

2/2: Google Adds New Protections to G Suite

2/2: Best Google Chrome productivity, privacy and security extensions (February 2017)

2/1: 6 Apps to Secure Your Smartphone Better

2/1: The Cyborg Bill of Rights v1.0

1/31: Firefox Focus: The privacy browser

1/30: Privacy worries are on the rise, new poll of U.S. consumers shows

1/26: BRIEF-Facebook Inc says introducing new privacy basics

1/26: 14 ways to keep your data safe on Data Privacy Day

1/24: New Mexico Legislators Looking To Add Warrants To The Stingray Mix, Curb Electronic Surveillance

1/24: Lavabit Launches New Encrypted Email System

1/24: Firefox Starts Marking Insecure Pages That Send Sensitive Data

1/23: The Demon Voice That Can Control Your Smartphone

1/23: CIA Slightly Scales Back Its Domestic Surveillance Powers In First Major Policy Update In Over 30 Years

1/20: Here’s How To Protect Your Privacy In Trump’s America

1/19: You still can’t turn off Windows 10’s built-in spyware

1/19: Encrypted email service ProtonMail is now accessible over Tor

1/18: Obama’s most enduring legacy may be the establishment of the modern US surveillance state

1/18: Drone photography company to pay $200,000 fine

1/17: Law Enforcement Has Been Using OnStar, SiriusXM, To Eavesdrop, Track Car Locations For More Than 15 Years

1/13: Obama’s Parting Blow Against Privacy

1/13: WhatsApp Encryption Has a “Backdoor”, Facebook Says It’s “Expected Behavior”

1/12: Just in Time for Trump, the NSA Loosens Its Privacy Rules

1/12: Clip Amazon Echo’s ears with a home-brewed ‘kill switch’

1/11: The Higher Ed Learning Revolution: Tracking Each Student’s Every Move

1/11: Germany, France and the UK are moving the EU to continuous, unaccountable, warrantless mass surveillance

1/10: Uber to share data to help ease city congestion

1/9: George Washington University Law School launches the Cybersecurity Law Initiative

1/6: Why Bosses Can Track Their Employees 24/7

1/4: Cable companies are pushing to repeal Obama-era Internet privacy rules

1/4: 5 shocking new threats to your personal data

1/3: Amazon Echo search warrant could spur new prosecution methods, expert says

1/3: Facebook just got a lot better at knowing exactly what is in your photos

1/3: Tor Browser Adds Sandbox

12/31: Your smart meter is very secure (against you) and very insecure (against hackers)

12/27: A Murder Case Highlights The Amazon Echo’s Big Privacy Concerns

12/21: Uber’s Latest Update Is Even Creepier Than Its Last One

12/20: What every website knows about you

12/20: James Clapper’s Office To Finally Reveal NSA’s ‘Incidental Collection’ Numbers

12/20: How to Safely Delete Private Data Forever

12/20: Where Trump stands on the surveillance state

12/12: Uber said it protects you from spying. Security sources say otherwise



2/22: Blundering Boeing bod blabbed spreadsheet of 36,000 coworkers’ personal details in email

2/10: New bill would allow Idahoans choices on Real ID compliance

12/28: Seattle police officers to start wearing body cameras



2/16: Oklahoma House passes measure to comply with REAL ID Act

2/14: Nevada lawmaker seeks precautionary ban on human microchips

2/11: NYPD planning 23,000 body cameras

2/10: Senators Push Trump Administration for Clarity on Privacy Act

2/9: Trump’s Cybersecurity Chief Could Be a ‘Voice of Reason’

2/8: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids police body cameras policies differ

2/6: House passes bill updating email privacy protections

2/6: Passing the Email Privacy Act Has Never Been More Urgent

2/5: Google, unlike Microsoft, must turn over foreign emails: U.S. judge

2/3: If Donald Trump still uses a Galaxy S3, that’s a big problem

2/2: Goodlatte: Updates needed to ECPA, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

1/31: Secret Docs Reveal: President Trump Has Inherited an FBI With Vast Hidden Powers

1/31: Gorsuch Might Play Key Role In Cell Phone Privacy Issues If Confirmed To The Supreme Court

1/31: With net neutrality pretty much dead in the US, your privacy is next

1/31: Bill mandates Baltimore police report surveillance tactics

1/30: Former NSA lawyer says US border plans to demand tourists’ browser history, phone data would be unlawful

1/30: Ransomware Took Down Washington DC CCTV Days Before Trump’s Inauguration

1/30: Twitter releases FBI data requests amid court battle over constitutional rights

1/28: FBI request for Twitter account data may have overstepped legal guidelines

1/27; Montana senators seek REAL ID waiver

1/27: Want to track cellphones? Get a warrant, lawmakers say

1/27: Intelligence agency opens $325,000 advanced, automated fingerprint gathering competition

1/26: Expect renewed push for encryption backdoors from Trump administration

1/26: The NSA Has Found a New Way to Categorically Deny FOIA Requests

1/26: Executive Order Excludes Non-US Persons From Privacy Act Protections

1/25: Lawmakers Push Bill to Study Vehicle Software Security

1/24: Trump’s Attorney General Pick Wants to Give Cops Encryption Backdoors

1/24: Pompeo sworn in as CIA chief amid opposition from surveillance critics

1/24: Microsoft victory in overseas email seizure case is upheld

1/23: New York bill aims to limit police use of ‘stingray’ phone surveillance

1/18: Scientists Needn’t Get A Patient’s Consent To Study Blood Or DNA

1/18: Minnesota court on the Fifth Amendment and compelling fingerprints to unlock a phone

1/17: Expansion of National Security Letter Use Dropped From Intelligence Bill

1/13: Why Is Obama Expanding Surveillance Powers Right Before He Leaves Office?

1/13: Rules for body cameras are left to local police departments as lawmakers struggle to pass statewide regulations (California)

1/10: Privacy legislation reintroduced for email older than 180 days

1/7: FBI Refuses to Say Who Hacked San Bernardino Terrorist’s iPhone

1/7: Trump Picks Surveillance Advocate & Google Lobbyist As Intelligence Czar

12/29: FDA Sets Guidance on Medical Device Security

12/23: City Passes Ordinance Mandating CCTV Surveillance By Businesses, Including Doctors And Lawyers Offices

12/22: US Government Alleges Edward Snowden Is Talking With Russian Spy Agencies

11/25: Fremont police bought software to monitor social media posts, users



3/1: US-Europe Privacy Shield not worth the paper it’s printed on – civil liberties groups

2/5: Why the ‘smart’ employee trend should worry us

1/31: If you want privacy you need to run Linux

1/26: Data Privacy Day: Will you ever have control of your personal info?

1/26: Americans “divided” on giving feds access to encrypted messages

1/22: Surveillance has gone too far. The jig is up

1/19: The open internet is under threat, according to a new report — and it needs your help

1/17: Amazon Echo Murder Case Is No Apple-FBI Encryption Battle

1/13: The Guardian view on internet privacy: technology can’t fix it

1/12: How Encrypted Chat Apps Like Signal Risk Ratting Out Whistleblowers

1/11: The Geek Squad and the Fourth Amendment

11/11: Wolverton: Google Home, Amazon Echo mix convenience with creepiness

1/10: Is it time to hold police officers accountable for constitutional violations?

1/10: Strengthening Protection of Patient Medical Data

1/5: Let’s not stack the deck against consumers and innovators by rolling back the Open Internet Order

12/30: Would you wear a Fitbit for work?

12/22: Looking back at privacy in 2016

11/16: Edward Snowden Is a Fucking Idiot

11/7: Smart Cities Require Smart Policy



2/28: Revealed: UK councils shrug at privacy worries, strap on body cams

2/28: Privacy watchdog to probe Oz gov’s right to release personal info ‘to correct the record’ (Australia)

2/25: Brit cops can keep millions of mugshots of innocent folks on file

2/18: Should International Travelers Leave Their Phones At Home?

2/17: German watchdog tells parents to destroy Wi-Fi-connected doll over surveillance fears

2/17: Smash up your kid’s Bluetooth-connected Cayla ‘surveillance’ doll, Germany urges parents

2/14: India’s Aadhaar with biometric details of its billion citizens is making experts uncomfortable

2/10: Get orf the air over moi land Irish farmer roars at drones

2/10: Planned Espionage Act could jail journos and whistleblowers as spies

2/10: Scottish court issues damages to couple over distress caused by neighbour’s use of CCTV

2/7: British Rail Companies Plan Iris Scan And Fingerprint Biometric Ticketing

2/3: Ontario’s privacy commissioner says big data needs new privacy legislation (Canada)

2/3: Federal contractors required to submit fingerprints to RCMP (Canada)

2/3: Pay system problems force public servants to use Privacy Act (Canada)

2/3: Canada pushing back against Trump’s biometric screening plan

2/2: May’s Home Office put former NHS head ‘under immense pressure’ to share health data (UK)

2/1: Japanese court rejects demand to remove web search result – media

1/30: German consumer groups sue WhatsApp over privacy policy changes

1/30: Amidst Increased Government Surveillance, Chinese Internet Users Finally Gain Important Online Privacy Protections

1/26: Trump signs ‘no privacy for non-Americans’ order – what does that mean for rest of us?

1/25: UK Government Refuses To Impose Privacy Rules On Surveillance Cameras In Hospitals

1/24: French internet censorship rose sharply in 2016

1/24: Australia plans biometric border control

1/18: Russia extends Edward Snowden’s asylum, giving him a path to citizenship

1/17: Indian privacy case against WhatsApp gains momentum

1/9: Liberty Human Rights wants to raise £10,000 to help it derail the government’s mass surveillance plans (UK)

1/12: Police should need warrants to search mobile phones, say campaigners (UK)

1/6: Belgium Wants EU Nations To Collect And Store Personal Data Of Train, Bus And Boat Passengers

1/2: France gives workers ‘right to disconnect’ from office email

1/2017: Pakistan Online Privacy (video)

12/29: UK Councils Used Massive Surveillance Powers To Spy On… Excessively Barking Dogs & Illegal Pigeon Feeding

12/21: European Court Of Justice Rules Against UK’s Mass Surveillance Program

11/30: U.S. border agents stopped journalist from entry and took his phones (Canada)



3/1: Polls? How very 2016. Now Google Street View AI scanner can predict how people will vote

3/1: CloudPets’ woes worsen: Webpages can turn kids’ stuffed toys into creepy audio bugs

2/27: Autonomous cars are about to do to transport what the internet did to information

2/22: Privacy concerns over gaps in eBay crypto

2/17: Researchers discover security problems under the hood of automobile apps

2/16: Former NSA techies raise $8m for their data governance startup

2/16: Android Phone Hacks Could Unlock Millions of Cars

2/15: Privacy browser Cliqz has acquired the ad and tracking blocker Ghostery

2/13: Encrypted Email Is Still a Pain in 2017

2/10: Mission possible: Self-destructing phones are now a reality

2/6: Vizio to Pay $2.2 Million for Collecting Smart TV User Data Without Consent

2/6: Millions of smart TVs were apparently spying on their owners

2/5: Chrome 56 quietly added Bluetooth snitch API

1/30: Silent Circle Rolls Out Update to Brick Non-Genuine Blackphone Units

1/27: Apple’s Siri chief joins Partnership on A.I. board

1/20: Security experts fear Meitu, the hugely popular anime-makeover app

1/18: Alexa revisited: Reflections on living with Amazon’s assistant

1/16: 4 Computer Security Threats You Might Not Be Protecting Against

1/12: THE IoT 101 REPORT: Your essential guide to the Internet of Things

1/11: Microsoft makes minor concessions on Windows 10 data collection

1/6: Alexa Just Conquered CES. The World Is Next

1/5: Sandpoint’s Qkey, which puts online security in a user’s hands, shown at CES

12/26: Car Hacking Is a Thing, but Are You Really in Danger?

12/15: For privacy and security, change these iOS 10 settings right now

12/13: Why Google, Microsoft and Amazon Love the Sound of Your Voice

12/8: Maker of Internet of Things-connected vibrator will settle privacy suit

12/5: The flowering of voice control leads to a crop of security holes

11/16: Just-Outed NSA Surveillance Site Is Also A SimCity Mod



1/30: Privacy Paradox: What You Can Do About Your Data Right Now (podcast)

1/23: Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen talk about the ‘scary’ side of social media that inspired their new movie

1/20: 7 (more) security TED Talks you can’t miss

1/7: State of surveillance: privacy in Donald Trump’s America – tech podcast

When Number Six Failed….

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Sounds about right….

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Privacy News update, 12-23-16

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VERY SPECIAL: Journal of Intellectual Freedom and Privacy’s first issue available for download

Site: Journal of Intellectual Freedom and Privacy

Direct link to PDF: Here.



12/24: Cell-Tracking Case Appealed to Full US 7th Circuit Court

12/22: Daily Report: WhatsApp Is Embraced by World’s Immigrants

12/19: House report urges clearer guidance on cellphone technology

12/16: U.S. to disclose estimate of number of Americans under surveillance

12/16: Take control of your privacy in Windows 10

12/16: Study: Privacy safeguards for wearable devices are insufficient

12/16: Marketers, Here’s How Your Customers Feel About Privacy

12/16: 2016’s biggest privacy threat: Your phone

12/15: Find out if your Yahoo account was hacked (and what to do next)

12/15: Tor Browser 6.0.8 Lands with Important Security Updates, Tor Support

12/15: Homeland Security fusion centers cut off from Dataminr, a social network monitoring tool

12/15: 14 eyebrow-raising things Google knows about you

12/15: Gmail scanning case reaches settlement

12/15: Protecting more than privacy in K-12 sector

12/15: Photographers And Filmmakers Call For Encryption To Be Built Into Cameras As Standard

12/15: Bruce Schneier’s four-year plan for the Trump years

12/14: Google just dodged a privacy lawsuit by scanning your emails a tiny bit slower

12/14: U.S. proposes requiring vehicles to ‘talk’ to each other to avoid crashes

12/14: The Wynn Las Vegas is putting an Amazon Echo in every hotel room

12/14: 200 imprisoned based on illegal cellphone tracking, review finds

12/14: James Clapper Has a Classified Blog. It’s Called “Intercept.”

12/13: When apps collect more data, outrage is powerful — sometimes

12/13: Snowden offers some tweaks to improve Twitter

12/13: Citi App users get more biometric authentication options

12/13: Ex-employees claim Uber continues unauthorized surveillance

12/13: Why Google, Microsoft and Amazon Love the Sound of Your Voice

12/12: This small Pennsylvania city packed with hundreds of cameras is like a mini-surveillance state

12/12: I took a tour of the popup store that shows how little privacy you actually have

12/12: Singapore’s ‘city brain’ project raises concerns about privacy?

12/10: Edward Snowden backers beam calls for pardon on Washington news museum

12/9: Wikipedia Lawsuit Against NSA Moves Forward With Judges Struggling to Understand Official Line

12/9: Twitter cuts off third surveillance firm for encouraging police to spy on activists

12/9: Kim, Soghoian sign on as TechCongress’ 2017 Congressional Innovation Fellows

12/8: Police Spy Tools Evolve Faster Than Lawmakers Can Keep Up

12/7: How to see all the personal information your browser is tracking

12/7: Drowning in Information: NSA Revelations From 262 Spy Documents

12/7: Blippar introduces facial recognition smartphone app

12/6: The Russian App That Has Destroyed Privacy Forever

12/5: Google Trusted Contacts Allows Users to Share Location in Real Time

12/5: Privacy Advocates Ask Uber To Reverse Decision To Track Users After Rides End

12/4: Snowden says Petraeus shared ‘far more highly classified material than I ever did’

12/2: Researchers figure out how to trick facial recognition systems

12/2: Cough syrup with GPS tracker helps police nab suspected pharmacy burglars

12/1: A beginner’s guide to beefing up your privacy and security online

12/1: How to See Everything Your Browser Knows About You

12/1: Uber Now Tracks Passengers’ Locations Even After They’re Dropped Off

11/30: Appeals Court Says Warrantless Use Of Stingray Devices Probably OK

11/29: Something Happened to Activist Email Provider Riseup, but It Hasn’t Been Compromised

11/29: The Internet Archive is headed to Canada to escape Trump

11/22: Twitter tells developers to stop making police surveillance tools that use its data

11/16: How to defend your digital rights: street protest edition

11/5: How to pick the right secure messaging app for you

11/3: How to keep your iPhone from tracking your location in iOS 10

10/17: How the feds justify collecting fingerprints to unlock everyone’s phones



12/16: As cars get more fuel-efficient, Washington state to test ‘road usage charge’ as alternative to gas tax

12/13: Pullman police want to go airborne with drone

12/12: State to test-drive charging drivers by the mile

12/8: New Head of Seattle FBI Office Believes We Still Live in a “Safe and Open Society”

12/7: Convicted FBI Sting Target Challenges Investigation, Domestic Surveillance; Ends Up With Nothing

12/7: Ready to be tracked at the grocery store? Amazon’s mini-mart raises new questions for digital privacy

12/1: Washington state lawmakers grapple with coming wave of self-driving vehicles

11/7: Seattle Police Department chooses Axon for body-worn cameras and digital evidence technology

10/25: Justice Department investigator fired over Black Lives Matter profiling scandal



12/21: New York City Should Keep ID Data for Now, Judge Rules

12/21: Ohio to Mine Government Data for Answers to Tough Issues

12/16: House Intel committee chair: if top spies won’t come to us, we’ll visit them

12/16: Official seeks driver’s license list in voting rights case

12/16: FTC organizing privacy researcher meet up in January

12/15: Surveillance Oversight Board Was Fun While It Lasted, But That’s Pretty Much Over For Now

12/14: National Security Letters now accessible to public, Google announces

12/14: Florida court rules Americans must turn over passwords to the cops

12/14: Ex-CIA Director Says Snowden Shouldn’t Fear Trump

12/12: Groman: Still privacy work to be done under Obama

12/9: Snowden Leak Reveals NSA Spied on Air Passengers’ Phones, Internet Downloads

12/8: US government seeks more data on Apple customers

12/8: Prosecutor: Some Encryption a ‘Threat to Our Ability to Protect’ Americans

12/8: FTC holds seminar on smart TV privacy issues

12/7: USPS could help development of smart cities

12/7: Newly passed 2017 intelligence policy ‘muzzles’ privacy board

12/6: Ohio’s top court says police dashcam video is public record

12/6: Obama makes a push for transparency before handing over executive power to Trump

12/5: 9th Circuit upholds warrantless email surveillance of person in the U.S. communicating with foreigners abroad when the foreigners are the ‘targets’

12/2: Encryption app use rises 400 percent after Trump win

12/2: Librarians, digital archivers prepare for Trump-era surveillance

12/1: Internet Archive Successfully Fends Off Secret FBI Order

12/1: Gap Between Wiretaps Reported By US Courts And Recipient Service Providers Continues To Grow

12/1: A year after terrorist attacks, phone privacy laws unchanged – but watch out for Trump

12/1: New bill prevents companies from punishing users for negative online reviews

12/1: FBI Can Now Hack Computer Virus Victims, Suspects Located Anywhere With 1 Warrant

12/1: FBI to gain expanded hacking powers as Senate effort to block fails

11/30: DEA Paid Millions To Volunteers Searching Americans’ Luggage, Mail

11/30: Curbs on extremist online content threaten free speech: report

11/29: Government Officials Can’t Stop Spying on Their Crushes

11/27: Donald Trump’s surveillance state: All the tools to suppress dissent and kill free speech are already in place

11/17: America’s top spy, James Clapper, resigns ahead of Trump administration

11/17: America’s Top Intelligence Official Has Submitted His Resignation



12/16: The Future of Privacy

12/14: iPhone user can be forced to produce the passcode to his phone, court rules

12/7: Tell Us: Have You Ever Been Hacked?

12/7: Op-Ed Trump will have wider spying powers than anything J. Edgar Hoover ever imagined

12/5: The flowering of voice control leads to a crop of security holes

12/4: Electric cars as part of the surveillance state

11/15: It’s Time to Move the Encryption Discussion Forward

11/2: Talking about mental health and data privacy

10/25: Does privacy exist anymore? Just barely.

10/11: There is more behind the story of Yahoo searching its customers’ email



12/16: Thailand passes amendment to cyber law despite opposition

12/15: Digital rights group in Mexico releases telecom privacy report

12/15: Documents reveal how St-Laurent government extended secret Cold War wiretapping (Canada)

12/13: WhatsApp, Skype face tighter constraints under new EU privacy rules – draft

12/12: Roundup: Canada, Spain, Tunisia, US and more

12/9: Rio Tinto rules out drone surveillance of workers on Pilbara FIFO camps (Oz)

12/9: Google says it won’t give in to French demands on privacy rights

12/8: Extensive British Spying Throughout Africa Revealed in Le Monde

12/7: Revealed: Rio Tinto’s plan to use drones to monitor workers’ private lives (Oz)

12/6: Dutch police get OK to exploit zero-days: So will that just mean more surveillance?

12/6: Do Turkey’s police use social media monitoring to crack down on dissent?

12/6: Canada’s privacy commissioners urge more privacy in national security policy

12/2: RCMP want new powers to bypass digital roadblocks in terrorism, major crime cases (Canada)

12/2: Interior minister urges joining of national biometric database with ID cards (Israel)

12/1: Steep rise in police requests for Opal data to track people on NSW public transport (Oz)

11/8: French privacy row over mass ID database

11/3: Privacy complaint for fitness wristband makers

10/21: GCHQ tech leader’s plan to secure an entire country (UK)



12/16: Health Wearable Devices and Apps Pose Consumer Privacy Risks

12/16: NIST seeks tech collaborators for privacy-enhanced ID project

12/15: Using big data, and privacy, to fight Zika

12/15: Evernote CEO downplays app’s privacy concerns

12/15: Are Santa cams the creepiest trend in holiday surveillance?

12/15: Self-driving cars are prone to hacks — and automakers are barely talking about it

12/14: The Great A.I. Awakening

12/14: New internet outrage: ‘Smart’ sex toy sent company details of its use

12/12: Ford’s recently published patent should freak you out a bit

12/9: The state of Michigan just made self-driving-car history

12/9: A ‘mystery device’ is letting thieves break into cars and drive off with them, insurance group says

12/7: Apple pushes further in mapping and location technology

12/6: Call for privacy probes over Cayla doll and i-Que toys

12/3: Apple shows ambition to get into self-driving car race

12/2: How Windows 10 data collection trades privacy for security

12/1: helps users delete online presence

12/1: Implantable medical devices can be hacked to harm patients

11/28: Teeny sensor system lets you effectively monitor electricity usage

11/23: Facebook is mailing $15 checks for using your photos without asking

11/17: Mozilla’s Firefox Focus wants to alleviate your mobile privacy concerns

11/16: The best web browsers for privacy, speed, and battery life



12/2016: The most shocking internet privacy laws (video)

12/23: The Privacy Advisor Podcast: 2016, a recap

12/22: Codebreaker podcast: Signal

12/16: The Glass Room shows how little privacy we really have

12/7: Film adaption of ‘The Circle’ has its first trailer

12/5: Despite Its Promise, The Internet Of Things Remains Vulnerable (NPR)

12/5: The Glass Room exhibit places emphasis on surveillance

12/2: Privacy Advisor Podcast: Amie Stepanovich talks fighting government surveillance

11/23: On the Wire Podcast: Jessy Irwin

11/22: BBC World Service – Click: Pakistan Online Privacy

11/17: I Will Invade Your Privacy (In Ethical Ways) For Stories

10/15: BBC4 – Moral Maze podcast: Privacy

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No Thanks….!

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Number Six

Privacy News Update: Nov 2016

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11/25: The Strange Case of Tennie White: Did the EPA Prosecute and Jail a Mississippi Lab Owner Because of Her Activism?

11/22: Passengers can track luggage to the carousel with smartphone

11/21: Court ruling means Snowden may testify in Germany

11/18: How Light Bulbs Watch You Buy Groceries

11/17: America’s Top Spy Talks Snowden Leaks and Our Ominous Future

11/16: Chicago puts sensors to work taking its vitals

11/15: Facebook’s WhatsApp adds secure video calling amid privacy concerns

11/15: EPIC Sues FBI Over Biometric Database Records

11/14: Internet Freedom Wanes As Governments Target Messaging, Social Apps

11/14: When selling a smart home, follow these security tips

11/12: A 10-Digit Key Code to Your Private Life: Your Cellphone Number

11/12: State to test taxing drivers per mile (CO)

11/12: Security News This Week: What Trump’s Win Means for Cybersecurity

11/11: Do Your Parents Spy on You?

11/11: Privacy experts fear Donald Trump running global surveillance network

11/9: A madman has been given the keys to the surveillance state

11/8: Audit of Signal Protocol Finds it Secure and Trustworthy

11/7: Hackers and Law Enforcement Could Hijack Wi-Fi Connections to Track Cellphones

11/4: Three New Scandals Show How Pervasive and Dangerous Mass Surveillance Is in the West, Vindicating Snowden

11/3: The surveillance economy has 67 days to disarm before Trump is sworn in

11/3: How to keep your iPhone from tracking your location in iOS 10

11/3: A fake HP printer that’s actual an office-camouflaged cellular eavesdropping device

11/3: Google’s Chrome Hackers Are About to Upend Your Idea of Web Security

11/2: Drones, So Useful in War, May Be Too Costly for Border Duty

11/2: Facebook stymies Admiral’s plans to use social media data to price insurance premiums



11/7: Seattle Police Department chooses Axon for body-worn cameras and digital evidence technology

11/2: King County uses marketing data to send pet reminders



11/19: Top Obama officials want Rogers removed as NSA chief

11/18: Ron Wyden on Trump’s agenda: ‘a wake-up call for potential abuse of power’

11/18: Trump’s CIA Director Wants to Return to a Pre-Snowden World

11/18: Without tech industry guidance, U.S. may resort to weakening encryption

11/18: US lawmakers introduce bill to delay enhanced government hacking powers

11/15: Google, Facebook, Twitter Ask Trump to Protect Strong Crypto

11/15: Judge orders FBI, CIA to disclose Occupy surveillance

11/14: Facebook Says Illinois Biometrics Law Unconstitutional

11/12: Surveillance Self-Defense Against the Trump Administration

11/11: Commander-In-Chief Donald Trump Will Have Terrifying Powers. Thanks, Obama.

11/10: Worries and uncertainty cloud outlook for digital privacy under President Trump

11/10: Terror-funding conviction in San Diego under fire over NSA phone data collection

11/7: Judge Who Approved Expanding NYPD Surveillance of Muslims Now Wants More Oversight

11/7: Amid Clinton Controversy, FBI Documents Show Why Americans Should Worry About Intelligence Gathering

11/7: State Bar does not have to disclose racial data, judge rules

11/5: Judge has ‘ethical and legal’ concerns over FBI’s massive child-porn sting

11/1: Pipeline protesters demonstrate through Facebook check-ins

11/1: Stamford police union seeks clarity on body camera use



11/18: The unlimited potential of IoT and security challenges

11/18: The Internet Of Things Is Still Hackable as Hell

11/17: Turnkey Tyranny: Jamming the Lock on the Way Out

11/12: Shaken and stirred (from The Apologist)

11/10: Why we should worry about WhatsApp accessing our personal information

11/6: The Risk to Civil Liberties of Fighting Crime With Big Data

11/2: Facebook isn’t looking out for your privacy. It wants your data for itself



11/24: Privacy Commissioner says doctors faxing referrals is a problem (Canada)

11/23: Senator tables private member’s bill to protect journalists and their sources

11/23: Irish data regulator steps up Yahoo hack probe, waits on email scanning

11/22: German intel to monitor anti-government ‘Reich citizens’

11/22: Interpol: Use biometric data to find extremist fighters

11/20: Opinion – Canada’s national security oversight is among the weakest in the world: former human rights advocate

11/19: CBC Investigates – Taxpayers would have to foot bill for new high-tech police powers, wireless industry says (Canada)

11/19: ‘Extreme surveillance’ becomes UK law with barely a whimper (UK)

11/18: U.K. introduces most intrusive spying law in the ‘history of Western democracy’

11/16: CCTV cameras being switched off to save money, watchdog warns (UK)

11/16: CBC Investigates – RCMP boss Bob Paulson says force needs warrantless access to ISP user data (Canada)

11/15: RCMP want new powers to bypass digital roadblocks in terrorism, major crime cases (Canada)

11/11: UK privacy watchdog sends poison pen letter to Zuckerberg et al

11/11: The Risks of France’s Big New Database

11/9: Telefonica Deutschland CEO calls for debate on data privacy in Germany

11/8: French plan for biometric database of 60 million people sparks outcry

11/8: China’s new cybersecurity bill alarms human rights experts

11/5: Spy agency broke the law, so who should be held accountable? (Canada)

11/4: Lost Confidence: Why Trust in Canadian Surveillance Agencies Has Been Irreparably Harmed

11/3: Canadian judge blasts spy agency for illegally hoarding private data

11/2: Productivity Commission wants Australians to be given right to opt out of data collection

11/2: Privacy Commission wants new rights for personal data control (Oz)



11/21: Why fingers make handy, if not foolproof, digital keys

11/17: Sea Hero Quest is of huge benefit to medical researchers. So what’s the catch

11/16: Do you need insurance for your drone?

11/11: Erasing the Past From Google Search

11/11: LeVar Burton on “Smart House” and the rise of AI

11/10: Internet-connected devices will always pose a risk, experts say

11/8: Facebook ‘pauses’ WhatsApp data sharing after ICO intervention

11/7: Boffins turn phone into tracker by abusing pairing with – that’s right – IoT kit

11/3: Mobile subscriber identity numbers can be exposed over Wi-Fi



11/2016: Samsung highlights iris-scanning tech in new Galaxy Note 7 CNET News Video

Privacy News Update: Oct 2016

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10/31: Silently Tracking Users With Ultrasonic Beacons

10/31: The paranoid user’s guide to Windows 10 privacy

10/31: 17 essential tools to protect your online identity, privacy

10/30: Sneaky ultrasonic adware makes homes vulnerable to ultrasonic hacking

10/29: License plate readers a great tool for cops; concern for privacy advocates

10/28: Security apps you need on your new Pixel

10/28: The limits of encryption

10/27: How hackable are your smart home gadgets?

10/25: Does privacy exist anymore? Just barely.

10/25: ‘AT&T is Spying’ report gets social media up in arms

10/24: Cell-site simulator policy approved by Oakland Privacy Commission

10/24: 5 apps for encrypting and shredding files

10/21: Anonymous’ Most Notorious Hacker Is Back, and He’s Gone Legit

10/20: NSA, GCHQ and even Donald Trump are all after your data

10/20: 6 ways to delete yourself from the internet

10/19: ACLU takes on Fisa court over secret decisions on surveillance laws

10/19: Digital Defenders: a free open-licensed booklet for kids about privacy and crypto

10/19: Imagine if Donald Trump Controlled the NSA

10/15: Police Searches Of Social Media Face Privacy Pushback

10/15: Eye in the sky: the billionaires funding a surveillance project above Baltimore

10/15: The best privacy and security iPhone apps

10/13: Top Verizon lawyer says it’s too easy to give your location information to cops

10/12: Amazon Wants to Scan Your License Plate

10/12: Signal Adds Expiring Messages to Encrypted Chats

10/11: Encrypted communications could have an undetectable backdoor

10/11: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram sent feeds that helped police track minority protesters, report says

10/11: Twitter yanks data feeding tube out of police surveillance biz

10/10: Massive report details the surveillance powers of 12 Central and South American nations

10/7: Yahoo didn’t install an NSA email scanner, it was a “buggy” NSA “rootkit”

10/6: Former NSA employee: This hack gains access to your Mac’s webcam

10/4: Open Whisper Systems Makes the Case Against Data Retention

10/4: Google’s AI Plans Are A Privacy Nightmare

10/4: Signal chat app’s creator: US government demanded our user data

10/4: FBI demands Signal user data, but there’s not much to hand over

10/4: You Can All Finally Encrypt Facebook Messenger, So Do It



10/20: Lawyers concerned about collection of mental health data

10/20: Portland police collection of mental health data raises privacy concerns, lawyers say

10/12: Defense rights trump privacy rights in rape case, appeals court rules

10/6: Police pulling packages from mail fails ‘sniff test’ of Oregon Supreme Court



10/31: The FCC’s new privacy rules are toothless

10/27: Internet providers must now get your OK to share your personal data

10/26: La Cañada considers advanced licence plate cameras but question of privacy arises

10/25: US transport agency guidance on vehicle cybersecurity irks lawmakers

10/25: Say goodbye to the fingerprint. It’s your digital footprint the FBI wants.

10/20: Incessant Consumer Surveillance Is Leaking Into Physical Stores

10/19: Yahoo to US government: Clarify email surveillance reports

10/19: Half of American Adults Are in Police Facial-Recognition Databases

10/17: The FBI demands a key to your backdoor

10/16: Feds Claim They Can Enter a House and Demand Fingerprints to Unlock Everyone’s Phones

10/14: US lawmakers want answers on Yahoo email surveillance

10/6: FCC’s internet privacy proposal just got a little weaker

10/4: Yahoo scanned all of its users’ incoming emails on behalf of US Intelligence officials



10/30: The IoT security doomsday is lurking, but we cannot talk about it properly

10/28: Do Parents Invade Children’s Privacy When They Post Photos Online?

10/28: Amy Goodman: AT&T/Time Warner merger means death of privacy

10/26: Data ethics in IoT? Pff, you and your silly notions of privacy

10/26: Cyber after Snowden

10/25: Can anyone keep us safe from a weaponized ‘Internet of Things?’

10/24: The Short Dumb Life Of the Internet of Things

10/24: Op-Ed Lawmakers need to curb face recognition searches by police

10/23: Privacy is creating a new digital divide between the rich and poor

10/23: THOMAS TASCHINGER: WikiLeaks smashes concept of email privacy

10/21: Duck Google’s data grab

10/18: There’s still time to stop the surveillance society

10/18: Personal data, privacy and the totalitarian state

10/16: The Guardian view on data sharing: the privacy of citizens is being eroded

10/13: Are you worried about your online privacy?

10/11: The privacy perils of rocks and hard places

10/6: Security vs. privacy: The endless fiery debate continues

10/5: Editorial Make a deal to bring Edward Snowden home

10/5: Money, Safety and Privacy Keep Us Awake at Night

10/3: Don’t Pardon Snowden



10/27: Privacy group shoots legal arrow at Privacy Shield (Ireland)

10/25: Surveillance by consent: Commissioner launches CCTV strategy for England and Wales

10/24: French surveillance law is unconstitutional after all, highest court says

10/20: Greens are fighting for civil liberties too (UK)

10/18: Labour peers under fire for backing expansion of surveillance powers (UK)

10/17: London cops strap on new body cams

10/17: UK’s Investigatory Powers Tribunal says GHCQ illegally spied for 17 years

10/14: US renews fight for the right to seize content from the world’s servers

10/13: Euro politicians are hyping the terror threat to steal your privacy

10/13: Oz gummint’s de-anonymisation crime is as mind-bendingly stupid as we feared

10/10: Massive report details the surveillance powers of 12 Central and South American nations

10/10: Confirmed: UK police forces own IMSI grabbers, but keeping schtum on use

10/10: Controversial snooping technology ‘used by at least seven police forces’ (UK)

10/7: Facebook wins ‘Big Brother’ award in Belgium

10/6: Canada’s Privacy Failure: My Appearance Before the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy & Ethics

10/5: Lawful Access is Back: How the Government Quietly Revived Canada’s Most Controversial Privacy Issue



10/27: No need to shoot down drones! Many of them can now be hijacked

10/26: ACLU takes social giants to task over Geofeedia privacy gaffe

10/26: Rise of the photon clones: New method could lead to ‘impenetrable’ comms

10/25: BlackBerry DTEK60: An elegant flagship for grown-ups

10/25: It Ain’t Me, Babe: Researchers Find Flaws In Police Facial Recognition Technology

10/19: Your robot doctor overlords will see you now

10/17: Yelp reviews, privacy laws hamstring doctors

10/13: On the Wire Podcast: Cindy Cohn

10/13: 5 privacy settings to change in Windows 10

10/12: The internet of insecure things: Thousands of internet-connected devices are a security disaster in the making

10/3: Medical scribes track doctors’ examinations from thousands of miles away